Body Parts Found in Michigan Sewer

Two pieces of human flesh are being tested for possible match to body parts found in August.
1:35 | 12/21/12

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Transcript for Body Parts Found in Michigan Sewer
It would be more likely than that it. This was from a homicide and these contractors working on a large sewer line with -- ones who found the 2 body -- this morning and called 911. Here workers went -- little Colonia. Repair project that we. I didn't like what -- -- body parts human remains. -- -- -- I warned police Sargent and it EMT went down into the sewer line this morning to recover what they say -- -- -- like parts of human flesh. With very little decomposition. They appear to -- body was meticulously. This is what the thirteenth but -- -- line looks like below. And body parts have been found down in here before just four months ago you may remember -- tattooed body parts. Belong to a woman were found in Sterling Heights found by the same contractor. And in the same sewer line about five miles north. Today's discovery. They don't know where the body pressured offensive but you know eventually they -- down it's all gravity flow sewer and and I was about six foot water -- by -- Which all -- body our style of all the sewage. Police will now be trying to find out if they are the body parts of two different people or the same person whose body parts were caught my killer and then frozen. That would be a theory that there -- getting rid of body parts slowly. As opposed to -- the entire body at the same time what kind of evil particularly there's. You know it's a lot of evil and you don't even know -- a person.

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{"id":18036207,"title":"Body Parts Found in Michigan Sewer","duration":"1:35","description":"Two pieces of human flesh are being tested for possible match to body parts found in August.","url":"/US/video/body-parts-found-michigan-sewer-18036207","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}