Bomb Threat Against Carmike Theaters in Newnan, Georgia

Officials say the threat had some connection to the movie, "Expendables 2."
3:00 | 08/18/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bomb Threat Against Carmike Theaters in Newnan, Georgia
This -- a nonspecific threat that -- that's all carmike theaters across the country but theater officials say did have to do with the movie -- venables to. They say every one of their theaters showing that movie. Had to be searched -- -- and police moved in on the Carmike Cinemas on Union Station drive at 10:30 this morning. After receiving a broad threat that a bomb may -- inside. The call went to carmike corporate offices and the response came before this -- even open. But moviegoers like Barbara Hayden were -- nonetheless it's outrageous. Add it all things -- I don't think anybody has any right. To give -- talk to police chief Douglas meadows before he gave the all clear he says every theater in the building was flatly. Church upstairs downstairs we found nothing suspicious. Manager at home and -- -- -- -- did not -- -- -- ordinary. And but actually it was turned back over to him. The chief says the threat that affected several theaters in metro Atlanta was not taken lightly. Especially after the massacre and Aurora Colorado movie theater and -- issue propulsion was. Situations happen in the past according to Carmike Cinemas the callers who calls the trouble. Identified themselves as employees of a vendor that carmike has used in the past the threat led to seats across multiple states in each of carmike theaters. Showing the movie the expendable to. The reasoning there has not been explain how people are intimidated. Not going to. When -- this problem. Police cleared the area but told all employees to keep their eyes out and give them a call -- they see anything suspicious in -- and Carl Willis channel two. Action news.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Officials say the threat had some connection to the movie, \"Expendables 2.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"17034177","title":"Bomb Threat Against Carmike Theaters in Newnan, Georgia","url":"/US/video/bomb-threat-carmike-theaters-newnan-georgia-17034177"}