Bone Marrow Recipient Meets Donor

NYC firefighter gives Iowa girl with genetic disorder a second chance at life.
1:49 | 01/25/12

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Transcript for Bone Marrow Recipient Meets Donor
And emotional reunion today between an FDNY firefighter. And a six year old little girl he donated bone marrow to save her life and today they met for the first time. Eyewitness News reporter Michelle -- -- was. This is the embraced the to thank you for saving my daughters when the first time ever meeting between Williams and their six year old police and firefighters who donated his own. -- ones. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- mother growth die twice. Once for this man right here she wouldn't be good fit that's when everyone lost even little -- -- tear them. Wilds is himself a family man with two young children of his own three years ago he was notified that he was a perfect blood match for -- At that time she was a three year old toddler unknown to him in Iowa. Suffering a very rare genetic disorder. And run out of options she's done wonderful. We've found James and brought Romero I mean we just couldn't ask for a better miracle. Firefighters sign -- to save lives to save strangers lives but he says once he learned. About a leases particular situation about how young she wasn't how vulnerable. This is a little bit different. Having two kids in my own. You know knowing that I would do anything for them and when the call came -- to donate. Is absolutely and they said it was. A little girls -- topical right now if you need me. Understandably. Overwhelmed by the twenty cameras in her face six year old -- was quiet full time. And answered only one of a zillion questions. Your favorite princess joining out. One of the firefighters looking on -- -- appears to more normal childhood moments but that little program. And downtown Brooklyn himself -- channel seven eyewitness them.

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{"id":15443305,"title":"Bone Marrow Recipient Meets Donor","duration":"1:49","description":"NYC firefighter gives Iowa girl with genetic disorder a second chance at life.","url":"/US/video/bone-marrow-recipient-meets-firefighter-donor-15443305","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}