Booker, Buttigieg hit Iowa campaign trail

With 70 days until the first Democratic primary debate, Sen. Cory Booker and Mayor Pete Buttigieg hit the campaign trail in Iowa hoping to win over voters.
26:36 | 04/16/19

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Transcript for Booker, Buttigieg hit Iowa campaign trail
And yeah. Everybody welcome to the briefing or mine ABC's Devin Dwyer Washington great to have you with us on this Tuesday. Mary Alice parks a deputy political director is here believe it or not we are seventy days from the first democratic primary debate Mary Alice how many days into the first votes are cast. And Panama could NN medical director I get a map 293. Days we are just over a year away from those Iowa Caucuses so very just under a year away from me. Iowa Caucuses a very exciting eighteen candidates in the field. Setting hearing to look like that first Democrat to because we have to get back how they're all out there are barnstorming the early states but that first debate it's gonna be a major reset and you can feel to campaigns ticking down towards that. So the presidential moment it went out there behind a podium next to their combat. And we're just about done with the announcement season of just and we're waiting for Joseph Biden maybe a couple others but the field this pretty much said. You can feel the excitement out in Iowa our team is there we want to start today here in invasion room. I by checking in from our road warriors are new team of road warriors want to bring into the conversation Justin Gomez who covers. Cory Booker he's out in Iowa today Kristin Otto you see him there he's on the road as well on our tracking. Booted judges on a bit of a I'm writing a bit of a wave headed into the Easter weekend what CST today out in Iowa. Man. Who. We lost Chris who looks likes let's start with Justin. Again making eggs out of our war warrior team here Justin now Cory Booker out there he's no drawings are pretty big crowds for some town halls today tells about it. He knew that shouldn't second town hall the day right now we're in Carol off a earlier this morning fewer than sergeant bluff where he spoke to some teachers and staff. That conversation really focused mainly here on education. One teacher asked how she would deal in marijuana did become legal across the US how it would affect maybe some of her students may be that are seniors in high school. So huge so that he was forced states. Making that legal at the at their level not necessarily federal that maybe beach state that. I'm but he really also crisper universal pre K. And paid paid family key also is getting very personal with these voters he's saying that he. Is it is just kind of really becoming the Cory Booker that the people that I spoke into. So that they known to be very personable and you can talk to him so he's really connecting here with the voters are. And how much crap how much Justin ends the conversation that about what's going on here in Washington have there been any questions about his tax returns which Cory Booker has not released yet her problem that Mueller report that were expecting. Yet yesterday he was asked about his tax returns and if you will release some dancers still very soon he's not giving a definitive time line. Or a date as to windows a come I asked him this morning what he's expecting out of them over report out of William Barr's redacted version of the report. And you said that he still want to see the 400 active version. That there are redacted version will not Ian upper. Time and before we let you go just in this is your briefing room debut a BC and much more of you throughout this campaign season great dad and what's your favorite thing about Iowa so far. I was actually driving years about an hour and a half to Carol and that is the biblical thing the size of the hill that you drive through. You can go up and down those things then you are almost at eye level with the Windmills. That are here are some of the wind turbine so that was really cool. All right our newly minted political reporter Justin Gomez forced out in Iowa on the trail of Cory Booker Justin thanks so much and. I'm Mary Alice says the unit sits at the season for these guys getting their ways we just you just helped launch. This large team of editors we'll get to Chris in just a second tracking people who judgment so much energy out there from these new reporters. And so much data had just this week we see in all these candidates release their tax returns. Bernie Sanders sat craziness surrounding that doesn't it Faber is standard and that'll work and public affairs all dumping euros worth of tax returns but in addition to that here that they right. The first quarter fundraising numbers now out and that's just a treasure trove of information about these campaigns. Who are their donors. How much of their donors giving. And where they spending the money a lot of political analysis will go into Canada price expense for a dollar brought in. Basically who asked to work really hard to raise money. And one thing that is really interesting to see is that Bernie Sanders not only raise. The most money but also have the highest percentage of small dollar donors meaning that those people can give again and again and again. Yes so much we can learn from these campaigns from their fundraising totals also sort of. Our our ranking obviously who's drawing in the most cast but sort of practically speaking won't way to look at the numbers as you see them coming and is that it's sort of a longevity marker how much money campaigns have in the bank can tell you how long they can last my pain staff. Paying for travel things like. Senator John rarely drop out because they wanted it pragmatic and on our economy and. So as you see seventies big totals it's an indication of who might have staying power of course very early as well. Our Chris Kristin Otto is finally with his series on people get booted judges trailer I want Chris we finally got your back. What's the mayor RT today. Well you know here and started its campaign just on Sunday denim and very explicitly for hours later he was fundraising in New York the grassroots campaign. Events and he woke up early too do a couple interviews and flew out to Iowa since he's about to make his first. Campaign. Stop here in Iowa since announcing becoming an official. I'm presidential candidate on Sunday we'll do a town hall here in Fort Dodge, Iowa. Make a stop along the way that's point to say hello to. All local Democratic Party and then have another. A town hall image Des Moines. And and he starts that he's going on tomorrow's company wants stops in Iowa. When talking to voters and keeping abreast from Tennessee life access. And Chris there's been listening new round of headlines around the idea of a possible BD. He but it just talking about wanting to have a child's talents. What is even batting about it. Yes and also the last night Mary Alice theater was questioned. He took questions by people in the audience last night. His husband was onstage reading the questions aloud to him and want to question certainly on senator around. What his plan is for child. Maternity leave and paid family leave and you know he made a little headline there by saying yeah. We're hoping to have a little one soon. And that has just. Cap going snowballing about two hours later knew that he was asked about it on cable news. Fast are you thinking of having a child and he said yes you know I think my husband would be an amazing father. I think I might be too. Hands and let you know there my presidential campaign he said has kind of slow that process down and that again this morning he woke up. And one of the first things he disaster cameras are you thinking of having a child and it's absolutely. But again he said his presidential campaign has kind of slowed that effort down again. If he was asked you know what kind of method he was thinking was he thinking going through surrogate soliciting and adopting he didn't answer that but then you know the conversation kind of then turned into. How in parts of the country to illegal for gay couples who adopt a child but he says they perhaps being a father and making about a person and perhaps even by the president. So there are real and they chasing a baby stroller down the campaign trail just have to wait climate him. I like to see that happen Chris and I don't think he's so lucky out lot of fascination. Our people each edges the first openly gay candidates. On the democratic side thinks so much Kristin Otto force on the true what mayor Pete down a lot of talk about those two candidates Mary Alice but also Bernie Sanders. Who who used to cover and are Adam Kelsey is are new reporter on the scene understanding. A lot to talk about this tax returns can you break down forests Bernie didn't release his tax returns. Complete tax returns and 2016 he just did. Overnight Adam we have some graphics humor pricked up for people what's in Sanders returns yet the Bernie Sanders. Of 2019 is very different in the Bernie Sanders and Mary Alice covered during the last presidential cycle but that top line the big news out of this tax return released a something that he actually told us a few weeks back which is that he's now a millionaire he's written a couple books since just when he sixteen presidential campaign. IC meat or million dollars and 2016 over one point one million dollars and 2017. And when you look at his effective tax rate the average that he peed into his two years it is actually pretty high 35% 201630%. And 2017. Top 1% of N comers absolutely and and the kinds of rates that. Yes he wants the millionaires and billionaires of this country to be paying I think that what went a little bit under the radar yesterday where the way lower rates that he was be paying when he was still doing very well when she was making his senate salary oh upwards of 200000 dollars but he was paying. Fourteen point 9% thirteen point 4% in the reaction that we were seeing. Up from the American voting public yesterday was saying things like I'm a nurse I work part time humble blue collar worker and this is still a lower rate. Then I'm heading so Bernie Sanders making some more money now starting to I guess kind of walk the walk at this point now that he's a millionaire but those low rates that he was paying a few years ago drawing some attention as. That he made that money from his book sales defending the money and also giving a defense of socialism on the channel paperless. Democratic socialism to me. Is creating a government. And an economy in a society which works full all. Rather than just the top 1%. It means ending the absurd. Inequalities that existed it. That hot topic this campaign merry house. Where you stand on socialism a lot of progressives asking the democratic field if they consider themselves socialists and interest in answers Bernie. Probably the most aggressive in defending Munich embracing though. And regardless of what you think it and he can be credited with changing a lot of that national merit at there are a lot of young voters that are more comfortable with those labels. That it might have been ten or fifteen years ago because he is. Put it into the mainstream and some of these issues that he describes as at a metal to his platform. A fifteen dollar minimum wage. A debt free college and Medicare for all. There's a lot of voter as we know in those those college age young voters especially if they're saying Adam Carriker label that socialist but it does sound like good ideas and. Adam not seen it as a liability in fact if they need socialism on Fox News of all places trying to go after some of those trump voters from torn sixteen. Who he thinks into people you've been talking to and his campaign think. They can pick off. 12020 race against strong. And and I think the thing that he's doing and that's weed seeds from some other Democrats were talking a PP digits before he's described it this way. The idea of socialism as Republicans are using it as as an attack is is just a labeled they're not talking about re distributing. Wealth here they're talking about social programs to lift people up who could use government assistance when it comes to things like health care like education. They're not necessarily you know playing Robin had gained here and taking from the rich and giving to the ports. I don't know I think because I don't know exactly exciting and insanity and fundamentally things like Medicare for Ali cost. A whole lot of money she and the only way hit that figure added if you significantly increase taxes media corporations that also on the highest earners. But the part of that socialism label that he is always pushes back on. Is the idea that government would take over means of production. That's often utterly negative connotation of socialism that we've seen played out in central and east have been touting the very capitalist idea reading a book committee on him I was. Yeah it's like apple is what is that he's not gonna apologize for having written a best seller who. Born while we do have to talk what are not a capitalists are actually got in the race yesterday prop also below the radar this guiding do well again heard from the actually ran for president. For vice president rather 2016 on the ticket with Gary Johnson. Up her cause Al outlets this and get to know bill weld this is somebody be first and only guy we see a picture mere. To get in this race to challenge Donald Trump on the Republican side. And that's why it matters he might not be a household name but just by entering this primary he has fundamentally shifted. This conversation going forward the president will not be able to say that he ran unopposed for the Republican nomination. Now of course we know the national Republican Party is sitting firmly behind the president is good looks more like a Democrat on paper and many in a lot of ways and he's right with libertarian that he's changed a lot of his. It's her party affiliation over the past. But eaten but it is still going to technically be a primary challenge for this president and it in just in listening to bill weld talk. About I'm a conviction to run. He describes an Al win for him. Would be if other Republicans and Republican leaning independents are willing to reject the status quo in a way out and it just started a conversation will be a win. Some Republicans now at least have an option we'll keep an eye on bill weld and Kelsey keep an eye on Bernie Sanders a see much more of you Adam thank you so much you're familiar face in the briefing room moving on now though to the president the United States in a feud. I that he is continuing today with beef when the first women Muslim women elected to congress just in this past mid term elections. Our congresswoman you on Omar Minnesota the president now. It embroiled in a multi days feud Mary Alison the president just last night in an interview with our affiliate KE STP Minneapolis. Double down on those attacks Nicholas. No matter look he's been very disrespectful to this country she's been very disrespectful. Frankly to Israel she is somebody that. Doesn't really understand I think life real life what it's all about it's unfortunate she's got any. A way about her that's very very bad I think for our country I think he's a extremely unpatriotic and extremely disrespectful to our country. Disrespectful from our to our country in the eyes of president from. For these comments she said about a week ago that have gotten so much attention in the conservative media conservative Blogosphere. Partly because they've been taken out of context where a play for you now that it in the comments. From the congresswoman about 9/11 that it stirred up so much debate in the past week take a listen to the full minute here. Far too long we have lived them with the discomfort of being a second class citizen. And frankly I'm tired of that at every single Muslim in this country should be tired of that. Care was found dead after 9/11. Because Dave recognize that saw people did some. And that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties. So you can just say. That today's someone is looking at knees range. That I am going to try to make myself look plant that. You have to say this person is looking at these streets. I am not comfortable with that I am going to go talk to them and ask them why. Because that isn't right you half. So congress from an Omar there are making a case Mary Alice about discrimination that Muslims in this country have faced since 9/11. But getting tripped up. Even number according to some Democrats. For CNET reference to 9/11 as some people did some things. Let me a lot of folks uncomfortable all adding that Schmidt seemed an out moment like she was downplaying. A terrorist attack I think your right though to point out a larger. Conversation that she was trying to engage and where there is entire generation of Muslim Americans who feel like they hide. Civil liberty is in Pakistan in this country. And that that that needs to be addressed and I and I think it's important to remember that. She is one of only two of Muslim American women in the United States congress and that on multiple occasions Republicans a single her out because of that. And she certainly been used as a political tool in this debate ahead in the campaign nor the president stands on this about what impact is all this having an on the Muslim community in this country and how are they responding for more and I want to bring in now. Mohamad on that he is the founder and executive director. Of a cartoon series called average Mohammed he is are also a Republican in a bush. A foundation fellow lives in Minnesota in a congresswoman Omar's district crossed the line to vote for her and 2018. On the hot I think he's so much for joining us by Skype it's great to see you. I'd start with asking you to respond to the president's criticism of your congress from and that she is on Americans. For her recent comments were you following that. Well plus Muslims Islam Claudette racing has been a reality. Our targets the congresswoman nationality. Or being I'm Joseph took this to be almost an old woman also. Is something we used to Muslims it's our it is something that. Mixes futile it can target. I'm not people or even as Muslims and mixes baby video constable. Are not enough rice as a matter. But that's exactly the president does seem to be proving her point here by doubling down on these attacks has announced. Well unless it is book respond and the president be callous. We go public memorials Camilla amid Monday when evil Gene Lamont a 2000 reluctant citizens. But awful bowl champs. To use it as a way to get votes or two G-8 outreach is just under cold or public memory it is secret is indeed America came together. I was the one it respectable he released culture all he had I didn't. This is very important Ricci to dust cleared it on Donald it is just becoming global. It see you think you just use the words callous he thinks congress from Omar was callous and her referenced an analog. Seed. Something some people vehicles diesels an act of terrorism. This closely follows the lives not dating. Of course under 100 lives off an update I'm on the beach is closed and appealed the real the people. Well there are a symptom eleven look hobby opted states this is what we thought our congresswoman to do agree it is very important. Duct. She sticks to bit about the issues. On you know real high and employment we issues will toxicity LK the fifth district Reno must literally issues of the U busted Minnesota students will index in the fifth district these issues which accompanying note which may just some of us across political megabyte get a more clock plus she's a single. The finger at hot and America RSCG. How and so on that very point and Mohammed how damaging is it to your community how frustrating is it's your community. To hear the president. Go after her this symbol in this way. Reid is facing about social ritual or not just thought I'm not be so has been tormented by media were additional social media pilot looks. I'm basically what does the stimulus wasn't used to running. What it does Donny is a basic and she's an original money goes most of all across the country out raising money thought it was we can. Most multi billion us attrition well but it does the most question with a question whether real Americans whether we get a lot of light. Being put. On the last passage of the last made it until you get. I don't someone else legal mobile for the bodies of thi ha I mean we saw hustled slight indeed just under this issue. Galvanizes work too runny. Take it and before we let you go Mohammed 88 everyone should by the way should check how your series average Mohammed it it is terrific and then you can Google it. And find it it's great insight into the Muslim community in this Heather what's one thing. That both sides can do that we all can do. 22. To stem this tide of Islamic phobia that you say is rising as. It is highly charged toxic political climate. On both sides Democrats and Republicans we are posh and people but lost the race. We need fresh data. We need restraining of conscience unlocking to look a more unified America. It is plausible it's homophobia racism and drove us is and does locate your bottom. All others Mohammed is to immigrate. The fight to Muslims the liberties of Muslims the Eagles we share in America unreal until extremists now not mixed general enemies but. What dump logged in this country lucky in this country is that when people chronic tribute on the support. I'm really need the support we need done and a stunning that removes it was brutal and we need honest I'm not. These parcels which have toxic right now within the Democrats and the Republicans. Need to blow it just needs to go it's just not far country. I think we can all agree on that Mohamed Ahmed thank you so much for joining us here on ABC news live appreciate your perspective. And the work you're doing in your community thank you sir. Shifting gears now Mary Alice two sort of a different topic here in town at that time of year when. Wounded warriors from all across the country converge on Washington DC just run Easter time. I for the annual celebration of the wounded warrior bride it's a great event and are bringing together a service members we both have them in our family and know them. It's great to see those tributes pouring in. On and they will get to meet president trump a little later this week ordering and our Erica Kane. Our reporter here and ABC news live who spent the day out with some of the organizers in meeting with some of those folks air promoted to meet after. So I meant two great men one. Who's a service member of the Mimi and Langer with me an eleven year. Are better and Aaron. They both. Started recycling. Wind joining loan he it was his first time doing this event. Basically they're eating city today. For this site cycling event called the salute your right. The soldier ride is an annual earnings posted by indeed wounded warriors project as a Linda warriors project in Disney organization. That can halts military members chains dishing into everyday life. They've raised one point three billion dollars. For service members. Veterans and their families. So they're doing or it's. Both from physical wounds and emotional yemen's capital caught up with some of them put together a nice Jesus meet some of these. Fell as participating in the right. Was introduced a soldier ride and 2011. And it quite literally saved my life. The army for eleven years and and wounded and I racket 2006. And because of those injuries I was medically it's. Retired and that's really win the mental and emotional trauma from were really sad and that was really under the impression that I couldn't do things because of my injury. But it was really my mind in my emotional mindset that was that was holding me back. And soldier ride has helped me realize my potential justice. My first time I'm very excited very excited. Hillary or for a long time every day's he script could be alive and view. He had the opportunity award for what I love closeness of this country. And you know events that he's gay service members hope will have a very common ground and standing robberies view. She recover. Emotionally and mixes spiritually I believed that. When he channeled the Howard you're here in yourself if spirit. You can really overcome what ever prognosis is deemed by professional medical doctors. And if you have that hope that Anderson here through work and get better you can never committee. Related to see that earnestly don't think so where are they writing. And they are in carrying up to rank tomorrow. And they're doing a fifteen to twenty mile experience and yes eight overheating faded today to find you know equipment and suitable to make them feel comfortable for this journey. And that you characters we met in your piece was so fascinated a reminder Graham also is that they are our veterans the wounded veterans physically wounded but also so many of them. Also have. Unseen invisible wounds. Exactly invisible and ending that's so important to remember it's hard sometimes heard referred those veterans who talk about it. And so we get to keep talking about to make sure people don't feel alone. And one of the veterans in the vet yeah and our friends that I spoke to today hands peppered with PT SD and depression. Important reminder thank you somewhere Jerker for bringing us that story is terrific and of course we'll keep and I and then when they go to meet. The trumps at the white house on Thursday. Another individual who will be meeting and the trumps in short order tigar words. You're golfer we've Chavous got here on the show before if you missed the masters on Sunday I'm crying out you have no doubt seen this clip of Tiger Woods winning his fifth masters fifteenth major. Huge comeback great story with the president tweeted late yesterday may have missed it. That he is now wording Tiger Woods the presidential medal of freedom that's the highest civilian honor in this country so he will be. At the White House in short order of course we know where else he golf's we've presidential I had morrow Largo from different this time. Also this feels really fitting handled lizards and Meehan Loveland has just changed the entire game that is inspired generations and I mean a life. Time and her ready a career that spanned nearly a decade more than a decade now feels like. Daughter Weldon Arabs exactly. I will be back here tomorrow degree from route 3:30 eastern time great to have Mary Alice as always in the entire team out on the road thanks for bearing with us today and Devin Dwyer Washington. We'll see next time.

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{"duration":"26:36","description":"With 70 days until the first Democratic primary debate, Sen. Cory Booker and Mayor Pete Buttigieg hit the campaign trail in Iowa hoping to win over voters.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"62439195","title":"Booker, Buttigieg hit Iowa campaign trail","url":"/US/video/booker-buttigieg-hit-iowa-campaign-trail-62439195"}