Border apprehension numbers spike

More than nine times the number of people were arrested on the border in May 2019 than were in May 2017, according to CBP.
6:24 | 06/06/19

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Transcript for Border apprehension numbers spike
Is impacting not just the communities on the border but those trying to. Contain the situation help those migrants who are coming across also enforce the law and we're joined now. From Texas where about buying our raw wound or tease he's the chief Border Patrol agent in the Del Rio sector. And Texas joins us now via Skype sir thank you so much. For joining us wanted to get your perspective on the ground and understand that your region has seen more than a 1000%. Increase. In and in families coming across. Yes that's correct then as you know the may numbers came out. A religion it yeah 132000. Etched across our upwards or. We have night were patrol sectors that make up from San Diego all the way to the career grand rally every single. Specter's best seen any increase in apprehensions. And what makes it as even war. Trying it and typical for us to manage his organization is affected quite opt in those groups are made up of children or friendly units at a art. Now I 86. I out as soon as Haiti with them whether there to kill the children or family units and control facilities were talking certainly weren't built or children or PME unit typically in the past we've held. Adults. Pails of the else in most of whom were from Mexico to repatriation happened role be quickly. Now we're experiencing along the sale was order is this mass migration of family unit it's not just from Central America from all over Urquhart. Yeah and some lady's parents putting their children a dangerous situation sir I was struck by these this report of from the Border Patrol that just this week. Some of your colleagues rescued a six month old when his family attempted to cross. A river federal authorities say had to go into the river we see some pictures here put out bombarded of that as CBP. All of that rescue the infant and his mother. Found a lot of a raft coming across the border there I guess it begs the question. I'm with so many of these dangerous conditions. Along the remote parts of the border do you think that CBP needs to start taking more people. At the legal entry points do you think that this in about a valve needs to give various is that more people can come into those points. Though it's a difficult balance between Lou there's legitimate trade travel. Certainly what happens with the retreat act you be doing its job for 28 years I spent the last five and half years in orgy ran rallies out. Had been a market for bishop of the last several months ended regardless I think that pres Nat reported that he. App on an awful lot to do with where these folks are actually like crossed we're fighting netease groups are being tracked. Tactics and bird remote areas in simple are altered hamper rescue. The water up in the east not ranch lands it your third leading. These individuals to took it for themselves we've had a significant increase over 3000 rescues. So for the beer in in particular sector here we've headstone and water rest ease. That I'm bird concern not just for the folks at werder happening throughout their response team but even my own officers know I won't tell you that. You know it certainly is balancing act between our army and legitimate rebel reports have been trees but also trying to manage the traffic in between. What's new and cheaper teases that this is when Owen who we know that the company ministry and is in talks with Mexican authorities about stepping up enforcement efforts. On their side of the border. Is there anything that you can see from from your perspective that you would like Mexican authorities to start doing differently as far as border enforcement goes from there and. Yes certainly cracking down on the trans and it blew the music we all know. It's about everybody who crosses the river that. Or the border is. Out to our last I have to pay the current bills. A piece or bribe to get across that river speak instill in our. Indian officials to crack down on the criminal organizations the cartels are making an awful lot of money. Both off the rack equal as well as a narcotics user using. He's large groups diversion we'd experience the more large groups. He cheers and I've ever seen in my career we've had been group in El Paso that was over a thousand people. It takes us several hours to process transport them in the cartels know that while we're busy with this variable traffic narcotics in between those ports of entry so this is will speed maneuver since who are our governor we're Rupert who do are great it's not. I think tactically record as into an effort we're really in their Gorton who. What do you think is to rioting this influx in border crossing in Kimball don't normally risked their lives and less. Their desperate. Yes so most of their boats so we interviewed these are economic migrants and certainly I think erect. It we have yet. Let's just been bored person briefed. ERE ruling that forces us not be able to paint in the units who weren't immigration Eric and we did we get keeper dusty V Lawrence forty gays. In so. They. The message has got now be as social media even so media outlets. Didn't you didn't prompt. It stick with the top. There are going to be process in sip free it's that we really need some adjustments there certainly the Border Patrol CD PD. Aren't equipped to handle the types of numbers were deeper now all our facilities or built to capacity. And we certainly have to have some remedy we certainly beats a congressional how we don't have enough money to support. The mounted this. Ice needs to have could be put it. Hold these people in custody who for the ASEAN immigration and we do think that there's a process that needs to be followed and we certainly aren't courage in net. Chief roar teases that the Del Rio sector of the Border Patrol hats off to you and your colleagues for the service that you're doing down their difficult conditions. Regardless of where you stand in your politics on this issue and we really appreciate your time in coming on sharing your perspective she for teams think you sir.

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{"duration":"6:24","description":"More than nine times the number of people were arrested on the border in May 2019 than were in May 2017, according to CBP. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63540506","title":"Border apprehension numbers spike ","url":"/US/video/border-apprehension-numbers-spike-63540506"}