Southern border braces for shutdown

Towns near the U.S.-Mexico border could feel a significant impact.
3:32 | 04/02/19

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Transcript for Southern border braces for shutdown
All right guys so presidents trumps threat to shut down the southern border is looming large but now Morrissey Republicans are hesitant in saying hold on a second so I wanna go to Karen Travers is at the White House. And we have Matt Gutman who joins us live from the border in El Paso. Matt let's start with you. The difference in opinion may just boiled down to money there's a huge financial impacts a walk the walk us through that. There is an enormous financial impact in. Actually they're already starting to feel it here Kimberly elections take a look at this line we're seeing some cars coming through its. Most of these guards have had to wait for about two hours to get through the line the normal weight is half an hour and now by a man. Cameraman one win over those people the pedestrian cross serves it's taken them three hours across. That means that goods and services and people who work. It El Paso who live in sued out of Juarez are late for jobs at stake and produce longer to get in so. Just this city of El Paso accounts for a 103 billion dollars every year. In commerce crossing those bridges and there's this other cottage industry that sprung up. In El Paso to service all the people coming from Mexico and the way the mayor here Dee Margo. Described it as this flew waited inter border area there's ever really been as hard border there's always been this intermingling between El Paso. And Stew duck Juarez. And I asked him a couple of questions about how he viewed. President trumps threat to shut down the border and I think it's mild to say that he was not at all pleased. What happened to the city of El Paso if that border just such critical to the city of El Paso is critical to Texas and is critical of the nation. It would be harmful all the way around we have a 103 billion dollars of annualized trade to go through we have six bridges here we have six of the twenty bridges that cross to Mexico from Texas a 103 billion dollars just in El Paso just through our porch here on an annualized basis. Did president trump or anybody from has his administration consult you. About this possible. No. There's a smirk there in and that's because. Nobody contacted us. Largest city on the US Mexico border know what to ask for impact on the. Not happen. It's clearly not a happy camper about what might happen here and again that still might but we do go. At this point that. DHS officials are going to meet with White House officials. At some point this week to discuss some part some kind of a plan. But I am told by pretty senior officials that they don't even have a timeframe of when they might start this and when this might happen so. A lot is still in the air the impact is already being felt and not only is it just in El Paso the 2000 mile long border between US and Mexico accounts for. Over 550 billion dollars worth of commerce that's an enormous chunk of the economy. Many hundreds of thousands of people rely on the ability. To go between these border is and jobs depend on it one more thing. We're gonna feel it's you in the supermarkets because 40% of all fruits and vegetables so much pro Duce comes from Mexico. To the United States every single day you shut that down or gonna. Not be able to halve the avocados in the lions in the throat in the Barry's that we have become so accustomed. To getting at very low prices at our supermarkets so it'll be a pretty nationally Y felt the impact. If this actually does happen Kimberly. I write Matt thank you so much.

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{"duration":"3:32","description":"Towns near the U.S.-Mexico border could feel a significant impact. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"62116871","title":"Southern border braces for shutdown ","url":"/US/video/border-braces-trump-shutdown-62116871"}