Weeping Choir Member Moves Web During Boston Memorial Service

Social media lights up after live video of a young woman crying streams across news sites.
3:00 | 04/18/13

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Transcript for Weeping Choir Member Moves Web During Boston Memorial Service
Primary how Mario. Tanya Ariel thanks so much Mary -- it was at a very very emotional ceremony President Obama bringing the crowd to their feet. Can you give us some more collar. Of course you know you mentioned some of those in the audience in the congregation that -- openly weeping and crying this was an incredibly emotional speech in an emotional setting. Members of the congregation were standing weeping openly crying when the president was speaking about the victims about. That three members the three runners and members of the audience. Bystanders who were killed during during this tragedy. It really the president was was on the role of -- -- in chief today -- -- very personal speech from him. He talked about offered his prayers and support for the people of Boston. Speaking -- you know about resolved that -- to certain commonality. That all Americans feel for Boston right now. He said every American stands with you that the Boston is all of our city and -- also -- -- Victims in the first responders that he talked about he's going to be meeting with some of them today this is something that he -- often when he visits a community after a tragedy. He likes to deliver personal public remarks but also to meet one on one with those who have been most impacted and affected by the tragedy. And finally we did the president talk about bringing to justice those people that were. Behind this and we just got that update from him on about the progress there but this manhunt very much continues. And he vowed once again we will -- this nation will bring to justice those who perpetrated this attack. But this it doesn't about the investigation -- this is -- speech about him offering his personal support for the people of Boston and and talking. About how we will continue and as he said that we will once again run again and on him. An -- obviously married talking to a crowd where emotions are still very raw we saw one of the choir singers we just had her -- her picture up there again actually. Weeping openly crying at the ceremony clearly this is a city still healing is still in a lot of pain. -- absolutely this is very -- this -- you know as you mentioned I think. We're just over two days and this is only Thursday that happened on Monday this is a community that is very much coming to terms with this. And that's why was I think particularly important to the president and this administration that they go. And that he can speak directly. To the city of Boston to those -- but also to all Americans. And that we understand that the president and the First Lady will now go on to meet with the families of the victims from here. Yes that's right he's gonna go and spend some time I think he has about two more hours in the city we don't know exactly where and when these meetings are happening that he's going to spend some time. Meeting one on one with them talking with those victims the runners those first responders -- other runners who rushed to aid their fellow runners just moments after after these attacks he wants to. To talk personally with them as well and it seems that just crystal Campbell's family was present at the ceremony -- none of the other victims' relatives. That is that is correct but several several of those were also injured as well not just. Not just crystal Campbell's family but also some of the others were injured and there were believed many -- honors and were visible in their jackets as well in the crowd. That's right as we saw a lot of it sort and I sign of solidarity really from a lot of these runners showing up where wearing -- they're running you're ready to show their support. But as you mention this is obviously very very fresh and very -- for all of them as well. And obviously security very very tight and this is a city that has as we understand it. One possibly two suspects on the loose still and the president is in town so obviously everyone is still very much on edge. Absolutely I think you know this city obviously has has heightened security as as -- many cities I'm standing just. Steps away from Pennsylvania -- -- -- shut -- of one of the White House there's certain amount of heightened security just in the aftermath of these blasts but also with the president their horse that adds an extra additional layer. Of security for his -- it's absolutely all right ABC's Mary Bruce at the White House thank you so much.

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{"id":18989604,"title":"Weeping Choir Member Moves Web During Boston Memorial Service","duration":"3:00","description":"Social media lights up after live video of a young woman crying streams across news sites.","url":"/US/video/boston-marathon-bombing-memorial-service-crying-girl-choir-18989604","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}