Mechanic '150 Percent Sure' Suspect Was in Shop After Bombing

Mechanic says he's "frustrated" and "angry" he hesitated to act when he believed man could be suspect.
3:00 | 04/19/13

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Transcript for Mechanic '150 Percent Sure' Suspect Was in Shop After Bombing
We talked to my college producers hear from ABC news have talked to a gentleman who is a mechanic who all works in -- shot in the neighborhood -- making his way over to was now. And we'll talk some now. -- -- -- Feyerick has the morning -- every second place. So what you're telling my colleagues now that that you you believe he saw one of the gunmen. No less I don't believe us so much -- our -- and -- -- thirty. This this past is that yesterday after the -- one. And what and what he -- No idea how to cut that he -- Marshall whom you know in two weeks ago and -- -- political -- -- his -- -- -- -- on Tuesday he came. And his age and I gotta get up my -- -- -- friend months ago. -- Dominica has Obama but you know -- remove the rear -- and remove that don't like. And -- -- I don't care I don't care and I noticed he was very nervous to -- fighting you know his opinion it was individuals. You know shaking his legs and a communal mud like I knew him you know I knew him for -- like two years. And this is a different kind of kid he was agitated as senators as a very agitated you know before -- it was very polite you know is on a million years. -- you couldn't do know that you couldn't you know. Notice. Addicted to is valuable person in -- you please -- via a description of the vehicle and no as a white Mercedes you know which I think it's probably 07. You know wagon you know -- refused immortal. In the head you know agreeable and image and it like I don't we have every -- what I do it removes -- Obama to make sure there is no damage you know undercarriage Massachusetts. Places great idea but what I do and it was my mistake vehicles like you know -- political in the parking lot. And you know before -- Gonzales -- -- wore them down. An enemy until people look to what will become just that in addition to -- pay by credit card -- always -- me guess you always come to the sharply to try and you know a lot of friends -- -- -- that -- and it comes from -- some of Russia and they are identical to be used to go to MIT and they'll drive -- does it mean -- is a brand new -- In Ireland all dressed nice like you know any -- -- -- didn't you know like to address any indication where how there can access these -- and I mean you know I'd been dealing with -- penalties wouldn't boy you know do we know I don't -- -- fifty years and I know a lot of reach you come to Boston which you know is normal. Quoted -- it is only got money from their parents. He -- -- shop a number of times but I'm conversation to have with them motivated we always I talked to him before the bulls are good you know -- -- -- Oaxaca. -- -- candlelight you know clubs and a daily telling me you know I wanna buy this Scotto -- -- -- agreeing. You know one you don't do this type of paint jobs and you know -- you know like it's a terrific. You know other cars and we someone -- he was insisted he wanted his guard one civilian and yet our news Ottawa and the guy was -- settle -- Wednesday. And laser light one of these guys in on my friend wants to come back my thing was a guy Beckham taking -- -- right now. Listen I'm -- -- -- so he lives right across street -- -- -- you know which is struggling 200 yards from a ship. Janelle horseless of the house not know I knew his brother you know knowledge that I knew him you know and impersonal but the ongoing business and they always. -- might show -- in the and you know and we transcendent and how would you describe his brother -- kind of personalities and you know a normal person saying simple life. Good to talk to me though always nicely you know dressed nice all the time -- spending cuts and a Buena. I didn't you know England and realized you this morning them. Good when you saw the pictures all the television yesterday I saw that -- -- FBI victors. And I noticed you know a new one picture of Padilla and here and I noticed is no because he's got a -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know little to show it but -- this morning I saw that picture that can have eleven political and you must not we did good on our new. And -- it was and that it was it was sent -- new vehicle that you are picked up from her shop Tuesday afternoon was a Mercedes there's ordinances. -- -- and that's why it's so frustrating undergoes -- was next to him like. I'm next to you right now and I could do nothing I wish I -- at a time. You know. And you know. But it was him -- you know that's -- -- fighting with myself knowing you know only through -- You know -- should you know as soon and a you can -- but we -- it is what it is always a new day. -- -- -- -- Well today you're not a that name again please Eminem's new -- -- joining. Thank you so much -- -- bush and president George heard the information that the gentleman this mechanic up. From the popular auto shop just across the street from. The young man's house says he brought in this on the city's -- he says it was his girlfriend's vehicle. He brought in for repair work the work wasn't done on Tuesday but he -- -- and panic mode. Agitated it was where I think we used earlier. Insisting that he get his car back right now.

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{"id":18999267,"title":"Mechanic '150 Percent Sure' Suspect Was in Shop After Bombing","duration":"3:00","description":"Mechanic says he's \"frustrated\" and \"angry\" he hesitated to act when he believed man could be suspect.","url":"/US/video/boston-marathon-bombing-suspect-mechanic-suspect-shop-bombing-18999267","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}