Slain MIT Officer's Brother Delivers Touching Tribute

Sean Collier, killed in a shootout with alleged Boston Marathon bombers, is honored by his brother.
4:07 | 04/24/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Slain MIT Officer's Brother Delivers Touching Tribute
I'm Rob Rogers this is. Any call they were Johns Brothers. -- -- -- asked me if -- we're here what would think. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- sirens. -- alliance formations. People saluting. Bag -- Taps the American flag he would be -- -- loved and he was. He was born to be a police officer. He lived out his dreams. As Jim we -- want to thank everyone for their overwhelming. Support friends. Neighbors officers. -- students. Strangers. All space is a new. Does everyone has been showing our family. So much love and respect and has been much appreciated. Look at -- into the crowd. Chief. Sargent he has been top notch MIT campus police all you guys officer west. Davidson. Just outstanding. Some of -- Boston PD. Cambridge. Wilmington. Stoneham and Woburn. All over the place out of country -- seeing New Hampshire. Or -- aren't Canada. Ireland. South Carolina her reserve Florida people from all over have just. Have been outstanding neighboring towns. I mean everyone just -- truly speaks to the respect. And bond that you all have. In the club -- shown as a part of for all eternity. -- deserving that we can learn from this. Is the morals. And beliefs that Sean. Exemplified during his time -- and service. Respects. Support. And care. This taught me that smile to a stranger. A simple low. And I'll -- stand. Can ultimately change. How people treat each other. Based on -- will be more like him. Comfort -- when they're having a bad day. Offer -- to help someone -- Tell your parents -- you love them for no other reason than -- do. -- to -- remembers. All of us. Try something new open up. Square dance and -- -- to left field so I was -- short but I want. Just for the chance he might have -- and it might need some new friends. Have lifelong memories. Shaw is truly change the way I wanna live. As a police officer he would be proud. If -- usual personally. You -- know how much she loved country music. Warmest favorites Zack brown band. Could always be her pompano from a -- going down the street. Than just the thought that makes -- smile. -- songs goes. I got my toes in the water. Sincere and not a war in the world a cold beer in my hand. Life is good today. Life is -- What is good because we are fairly persuasive -- years of memories -- -- -- He will live and our family and hopefully yours forever. So whether you call them hard call. Bag of donuts. -- -- Boston GG co wrote called them. But our -- he was Shawnee. Live long what you would. Big smiles. Big heart. Big service all love. We know that we'll see him again. And all of the big grin. And a hug for all of us. Officer -- -- We love you.

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{"id":19032308,"title":"Slain MIT Officer's Brother Delivers Touching Tribute","duration":"4:07","description":"Sean Collier, killed in a shootout with alleged Boston Marathon bombers, is honored by his brother.","url":"/US/video/boston-marathon-bombing-update-slain-mit-officer-sean-19032308","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}