Airplane Stowaway Boy's Dad Pleads for Help in Press Conference

Father, who wants to remain anonymous, says he has had trouble keeping his son in line.
22:13 | 10/09/13

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Transcript for Airplane Stowaway Boy's Dad Pleads for Help in Press Conference
-- this special group. Hello everyone I'm tired Hernandez in New York with -- -- seeking his digital special report about learn more about that nine year old runaway boy. Who somehow snuck onboard a plane from Minneapolis to Las Vegas his family is holding a press conference in Minneapolis. A father there is completely hidden behind -- -- And -- because he doesn't want to review his identity she -- -- lot. -- To help -- with some services. And programs just talk to. And be counted so called social services today in the offer to give some help to defend. At this time she would like the -- and all the news people. -- just let her work on getting her son home but this time. And she's just off -- -- working part of the so far this sort of -- akin to provide for the family and and it just was too. Will be anonymous. Is simply because they're just normal people are working people. -- so far this year. He's just a lot to be anonymous -- who he is just simply because he doesn't want. His face out. Doesn't want do what you -- want to come and answer some questions. Because he feels his father he needs to be president. So. Thank you for honoring his wishes to be anonymous we appreciate that. So he will answer any questions you have. Last the eastern. He boarded -- -- now in and might be. You. -- We do know he'd get -- okay. And two. -- My fiance. Called folders. As -- may due to report it did. Event is meant. And it came very good he was in Las Vegas. Hope you turn against your son. Social services viewed -- the -- even by doctor. What we're sort of invented. -- they they had reached quote. This is offering because. This is tall -- going -- a lot. And they have reached out for help with a few -- questions. What they were told. Was he do no wrong yet. -- today here but in order for -- to taking more action has to do something a little more serious. I think this happens to. We won't say -- city was a minor. Very good -- -- posing with the mind. -- actions were heroes. -- -- -- -- So when there that you can go to the airport -- Decision made on itself and he means you won't it won't. It was -- -- -- house who would watch. He he would -- to take attrition. And you come back. And correct. You to curiouser. I was very world. His -- at a doctor's form. I was there when most. She came home. So we came in the dual I went out to do more hands. He's serious dignitaries from our understanding if -- dignitaries. And just live. It's yogurt instead of random Windsor mayor. Newell you're on -- parent I'm not perfect. We assume that he would Bennett Reuters. We had no -- do what he willows. So she took the day off. When she took the day off work because she figured out -- if you didn't come home let me call around -- the friends they begin to do that that was the day. Bit he got on the airplane associates -- the deal to try to find out where -- was that next. -- Harrison's. And I hear me -- You through those the next -- It's. I haven't been today it will. And here atom or ham manuals. There have been accidents -- -- No one's -- do. -- -- -- -- Through -- he'd been riding the train engine on the training camp rolls around and doing you know run off a little bit and that's what they were asking for -- So they don't know they don't know how many times -- out there. He evidently been out of the water park and have been out there and you know can be just -- He was going on his own and so that's -- trying to reach for -- -- ago look there's something wrong. No -- -- was supposed to. Well you know that the incident with me -- very -- -- behavior in the incident within the vehicle that was one of the things and you. We talk about his behavior. I'm sure there was he wasn't listen. Went -- you wouldn't want to -- Figures assume we can react we're here. And I think once he talked to police officer and officer told him. You know what he should do physically -- -- We do that he didn't trouble. And so he couldn't do that those kind of comments -- rocket or please. -- -- It. He's not would go to our must do. Here he had his ups -- you have his battles. And plus move -- -- -- won't post. Must has gone -- is known there. I won't -- this school in the sit down with the principle which are. And here we -- -- to -- -- demand services or did he needed. -- Holman has that two -- from please do. And -- and here's -- business has been found it. When he said yeah. No one just communicating -- me. -- -- -- -- -- Hearsay you. Go to Las Vegas -- indicate to you where it is that he not a single life. -- He seems somewhat. Streets were -- on this is extremely unusual for a we're going broke describe him horsepower. -- -- -- -- and producer. Very soon. -- -- -- Hornaday AC -- family. Knew what were found at the airport obviously -- period. Here it was smarter and to immediate area. And say he had -- bedroom and disappear. Okay he did it -- they have four. When all this note says some kids who don't get do women -- remove. Our world miscues he used but -- book the misplaced some. Angry. Bears down mayors -- headed to Syria. -- -- -- -- Dole was cut. I didn't know -- more than -- you. I just hope and Torre. Did you know bed again -- Okay do you could've been worse in the dignity of us -- pluralism. And we talked about video games and sometimes -- -- video game. One we -- the car accident to close and he doesn't. Consumers for incentive. Plan and maybe it's. You -- -- Taken truck can run into one to stop. You know we're hoping that when he gets -- we can really count chat with them and I think I'm with you definitely won't get some reports. From what what they came when -- conduct an account where this is. What we can -- -- in the right direction doesn't mean we can just channel all that energy. In my view and experience we congestion on -- right direction. We we presume talk to John services today and we're looking Friday right now. We're looking for a list it. I think it's the interstate. Red -- You know and so -- and -- -- they have to it's that interstate. Communication has to be done. From my understanding and that's where it's I think we're at a good place where you become you know Friday they -- conversation -- -- Can protect service. -- from my understanding you become home to his finances -- -- go read some services. Around -- -- this is what -- mr. There. -- -- -- -- -- -- So there's -- energy resources. You instead of people are saying -- -- -- there's nothing we can do. His sentence -- it can do. I don't -- -- sue -- her. -- -- almost home. What else. Doesn't bode well should. The united won't. -- -- -- -- -- You have. And then ascending get suspended -- was he was into acquired access group. Very. That's what goes jones' suspension. And when he took time he was suspended from school. He was -- -- bats -- me. So we will soon -- home word. -- And goes to work toward. We will tell -- issues -- who. So yeah. Newser. Well. Really he was suspended whom we've been they have suspended his suspension. -- -- -- It's good news center -- birds. What's going to reform groups and people -- Us. The Pedro -- read to me actually all of -- please sir. Can you wolves -- -- mean -- actually will his book to Alston told me if I've seen you -- curious. -- -- gonna have to correct you. -- -- -- what can I do have been accidents -- groups there's no one's Hilton. -- -- what Chicago does would do. If our will must. -- -- active if must people doing what he's doing I'd get -- so. Some very pleased. Three. So clues as emotional he's. Getting help and -- hopefully some of the home. And we. -- mad -- group which remembers him as a father. Children's health and support. Not only in partnership choose -- -- to bush but also news. Possibly mentions him. Some. We're we're marching group -- so. Thank you very much -- complete -- comes -- people alone some and in any news story can. Him keep his own identity and can continue to go back to work and do everybody. The rest of. It's unbelievable send this news. With a -- Did he understands seriously. And the bullies and animals and excuse. Me -- -- also owned and I don't know that -- had -- conversation with phones. They hadn't been excellent. When he took home university will do well he communicated back -- I gave all of them are ward. It was a gun formation -- So what did you have series of autism I've been hit him in -- -- millions. What you. Do you understand what do you do we still to be understood what do you do. You -- from the students and. He told fully resolve -- he thought he was playing -- fifth. There's been new game and his game couple -- to. Time yesterday. A lot of things but what about the I don't mean conveniently -- -- It's yet they as well I felt that there sort of oversight here. I would assume that Emanuel. -- Go through. Security to windows up and and Boston and -- -- can -- the season attitude ever receive Emanuel -- He went do screwing their. He boarded the terrain how is that possible. That your those. He. Knows -- he didn't. Watching a news conference with the spokesperson and a father of that nine year old stowaway who managed to get from his home in Chicago. The airport and on to a plane headed for Las Vegas joining us now. New York is -- -- nine and it ABC news has been covering the story -- we have. Some answers to some important questions namely we know that the boy was on suspension from school when he disappeared on his great journey and that. He left the house take out some trash and never came back -- tell us what the father said. You -- what struck me the most is that you see this father who went to great lengths to mask his identity but also to make the point point that several times he reached out for help. He said I don't know what's going through my son's brain. But I asked for help and nobody stepped up. He explained how police officers actually came to his door and one police officer he said suggested that he should -- his son to kind of get it through him that he needs to stop doing this. And eat their father said he look at the police officers says if I beat my son -- -- -- -- gonna arrest me. And if I don't do something about it I'm gonna get in trouble and as we now see this has become such a national. Story -- clearly this is -- parent is very frustrated and very afraid. For his family's future for his son's future. At the same time. We hear from the father the boy went out to take the trash hop on -- Wednesday night -- didn't come home apparently didn't contact police the mother looked for him the following day but. You know we -- What sense to me yet about what's going on here. You know you're right -- there were a lot of questions about how these parents could have let. A day go by without knowing where they're nine year old boy was and the father said that. There were many instances where they just know or they assume that he's with a friend and -- didn't bother checking up. The mother was away he said a doctor's appointment it wasn't until she returned. That they realized something was -- so the next day he says she took the whole day off on Thursday and that's when the search began. It's also interesting to note that he said that the son had been suspended in September. For some sort of violent activities said he was never violent in the home. But he was suspended for about a week and then they had released that suspension but you're right I mean there were cars that were stolen he ended up hitting a police car with when the vehicles. There's a lot. Beyond the story of just getting on the flight in fact we also know. That the day before he was casing the area and the father said this interview that he wasn't aware that he even gone to the airport. He didn't know that his son was riding the train and doing all of -- so. Some of these revelations he said are new to him and his wife. What are investigators looking at right now that -- clear he has not had contact with his son and they're really not sure. What the resolution would be fathers -- best case scenario he can come back home and somebody will help us deal with these issues. What is happening now investigation -- what and we expect you know local newspaper had reported that there have been four visits to child services to this home but. None of those visits led to the child being removed from the home edit it sounds like. That and we spokesman that was sitting next the father seemed to indicate that. As their belief is that the sun will go back to the home so we we do know that Child Protective Services will be involved to some extent. But it's the family's -- right now that -- the boy will be allowed to return home when he is expected to Britain be released on Friday. Out obviously he's a very young child he's only nine years old so no criminal charges in this case. That's right and and it's part of the problem but the father sat with every time he reached out for help people that while he's still a minor what he's done so far doesn't -- -- and -- type of help. And you did hear him break down and get emotional saying I'm hoping. That this will lead to some help and that -- -- spokesman sitting next to the father said they are getting some sort of extra services and you can be. But rest -- that they will be. Top tech users as of Minnesota. Keeping an eye on the Stanley in this young boy. Interesting you talked about his suspension at school for a violent incident for getting into a fight but it didn't seem based on the father's -- -- that the boy had much of the history of violence and and there are still. A lot we don't now which is based on his response. You know this is somebody who's running away who's seeking adventure and you know one of the reporters -- -- street Smart -- -- interesting. The types of hijinks the sport has gotten it yet and you know what my favorite quotes was when -- spokesman of the family had said. You know if we can channel his energy he might be the next president and a lot of people are looking at this kid -- -- -- -- He really outsmarted the entire airport security system. And they're hoping to get him on the right path but there's been a lot in his history that we have come to learn in the past couple of days. Clearly -- a lot of help will be needed. To help him out. And sport we know about his home situation I think we assume for awhile that this was a two parent family yet the father mentioned it beyoncé. Doing up there other kids in the home yet you know it is actually a fiance that he -- At but he did speak about the mother of the child and that she was on -- you know was. To the day off of work we also know that the mother. We believe worked in the airport but we have no way of indicating or anything -- concrete that -- anyway. Helped him get on that flight. We we don't terribly that's the case and that brings us to the second part of this story the TSA. -- -- What's going on right now in terms -- -- -- questioning because. Clearly this was made possible. Because it was allowed to happen now and he said he has questions for -- he said my son is not a terrorist. How can you allow him to get on that -- -- get past security so. He had a lot of questions for delta and it was delta that he flew over tells us as they are. Looking into exactly what happened in examining the tape to see what the security -- war. TSA did come out pretty quickly when all this you know broke had to say that he did go through airport security they looked at the tape and he did in fact go through airport security. All right -- nine and thank you so much for joining us and staying on top of this story sure. We'll be learning more about this case as the team's cap annual boy just get on a plane to Las Vegas by himself. Ticket you've been watching ABC news digital special report of --

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