Break in Missing Michigan Teens Case

Police believe they have found the bodies of Jacob and Jourdan.
0:54 | 07/28/12

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Transcript for Break in Missing Michigan Teens Case
The only members of both Jacob -- bush in Jordan Bob -- staying silent night huddled with family and friends at -- Wesley and homes. Which are around the corner from each other. Countless visitors have been stopping by. Two -- and an uncle of Jacobs spoke very briefly earlier in the day after hearing the grim news that two bodies had been found in a field in Detroit. I don't know what that right now -- yeah. Off camera -- -- member tells action news they've been asked to obtain dental records to help the medical Examiner's office in identifying the bodies. We -- also told that because of the condition of the victims the parents were not allowed to -- the bodies. Flyers still plastered the neighborhood but so far there is no indication of any more searches -- night. Assigned -- members may already hear the words. And left Michael Rosenfield seven action.

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{"id":16877598,"title":"Break in Missing Michigan Teens Case","duration":"0:54","description":"Police believe they have found the bodies of Jacob and Jourdan.","url":"/US/video/break-missing-michigan-teens-case-16877598","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}