The Breakdown: Biden marks 50 million vaccinations under his administration

Plus, Johnson & Johnson vaccine is set to be approved this week and the MLB recognizes the Negro League Baseball players’ statistics.
49:00 | 02/25/21

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Transcript for The Breakdown: Biden marks 50 million vaccinations under his administration
Hi everyone welcome to the breakdown I'm Diana stayed. And I'm Terry Moran the House of Representatives is set to vote on president Biden's caught literally planned tomorrow. The bill expected to cast their etc. but critical vote in the senate and 730000. Americans filed for unemployment last week which is better than expected. But still far higher than at any point before the pandemic. So will Democrats be able to get to relieve guilt to the president's desk before unemployment benefits run out for millions of Americans next month. We've got the latest. Also ahead Major League Baseball has finally recognized statistics from players in the negro leagues meaning some longstanding records had changed hands. Coming up of former Major League player joins us and what does recognition means to you. And why now was the time for change and. We begin with president Biden commemorating the fifty millions Kobe nineteen vaccine shot administered since inauguration day. We're gonna bring you that event live when it happens in the meantime White House correspondent Karen Travers joins us now for the latest in Washington Karen Biden initially set a goal. C at 100 million vaccines administered in his first 100 days in office so how that's going so far. And and a patting themselves in the back today saying that they are halfway to that goal and getting 100 million shots into americans' arms. By the first 100 days fifty million shines that's what the president is going to town today and the administration says that every week for the last five weeks may have increased the supply that the federal government is giving out to states. This most recent weeks fourteen and a half million vaccine shots went on to aids tribes and local communities the administration's as the goal is to keep increasing that each week so it's more than doubled they say from when president Biden took office just five weeks ago. An encore says state Texas still recovering from that catastrophic power failure in the deep cold and snow. Last week you have president Biden issuing a major disaster declaration check in Britain Oklahoma's of them don't realize that was that was a regional disaster after last week's storms are how is that in the declaration gonna help shore what are we expect him to the president's visit to Texas tomorrow. Am more federal money now can get to Oklahoma to get to people who needed and the ongoing recovery efforts there and it injured right there are so much attention focused on Texas last week it's easy to forget that this was a regional in the event that was happening and there were people in several states that we're dealing with severe weather but -- power outages and water issues were of course very very heavy and concentrated in Texas the governor of Oklahoma asked for that emergency disaster declaration in the White House then this morning responded with that but Texas will meet on the president's mind tomorrow when he heads down there to meet with state and local officials to get firsthand look at the recovery efforts to hear what they need in how they're doing down there the White House says this is not a trip that's meant to place blame on anybody this isn't about politics but about. Getting people who still need help. The help that they are looking for Terry this first trip like this that president Biden and will do the first trip after me and natural disaster of sorts where he'll go down and I think we'll expect him to play that traditional comforter in chief role that presidents play when they get on the ground after an event like this talking people who were impacted and possibly giving out a lot of hugs from a distance navies and at this sponsor album behind. And Karen house is set to vote on Biden's endemic relief plan tomorrow setting up a critical load in the senate how likely is it to pass and will any Republicans support it. Yeah that's the big question house Republican leaders say they're trying to keep their caucus together in opposition to this bill and their message this sends talk about the extreme spending in the things that are in there that are not related to -- nineteen the price tag is very high one point nine trillion dollars but as the president's and last week it to my critics or what would you cut what would you get out of there so we'll see that first vote likely tomorrow in the house the question is any Republicans joining Democrats. And this is popular or at least the concept of the bill polls consistently showing about two thirds of Americans say they back the president's push for a lot of Kobe relief right now and the White House is banking on the fact that this is gonna backfire on Republicans is none of them join in with house Democrats to vote for this they stated this isn't easy messaging for then to say you didn't help Americans when they needed him. And Karen one of the key issues in the plan is that fifteen dollar national minimum waged a fight for fifteen going on for years now looks like finish lines inside. Now hearing that provision could be dropped altogether from this. Yet sorted close to the finish line but not yet there are so its in house bill led an already gone through the committees. But the question then is what happens and heads over to the senate because remember we talked about that long to process called reconciliation. Where they lowered the magic number to get a bill like this past they don't need sixty votes normally need it they only need a simple majority so they can do it without Republicans. But there's a long key parliamentary question about whether or not you can pass the minimum wage increase through reconciliation. Sucks. Most popular person today in Washington in the senate parliamentarian he's gonna issue a ruling on this and the question would be do they triangle around that does the White House trying to overrule that and keep Indiana. Order because they're concerned about losing some boats like Democrats and Joseph Manchin of West Virginia interest and cinnamon Arizona's and they cannot support this increase may be they're relieved to get it out of there in the senate version will have to say well we got to work together now at the house to move forward and something we can all get behind. All right Karen Travers in Washington thanks very much for that. And that is an asset to vote on president buy it by nearly two trillion dollar co would relieve package the plan includes a third round of stimulus checks this time went up to 14100 dollars. Each millions of Americans have used it to payments to buy daily essentials and pay bills during the pandemic but some are saving those checks. Instead of spending them. For more on that. Here's ABC's limit Elizabeth shoals. For 27 year old and Vontae complained this 600 dollars stimulus check came just in time our Bruce Fisher charters Frederick's. A special education assistant an assistant athletic director at a high school in Minneapolis Copeland to work became unpredictable. Has classrooms when virtual so he relied on his stimulus money to help pay the bills the grand. True home. Mark car payment how many ups and downs had their being over the past year financially and and with your top committing more balanced and oops this year. Or not working I am not do anything you. But you're still compared. Census Bureau data shows 80% of households earning less than 75000. Dollars per year. Initially use their stimulus checks to pay for expenses. With food utilities household supplies and rent. At the top of the list Copeland says for Americans like him struggling to make ends meet the direct payments are a lifeline. They're they're working out a small needs are and all of their money goes to fu K yeah that's and we. Household appliances there you're left with literally chart changed. The federal government has sent two rounds of tax exempt checks to Americans in the past year. 12100 dollars last spring and another 600 dollars at the end of the year for individuals making up to 75000. Dollars. Our couples earning up to 150000. New data from the Commerce Department showed the most recent checks contributed to a spike in retail sales in January in categories from furniture to appliances to close and now president Biden promises additional 14100. Dollar payments. As part of his one point nine trillion dollar covad relief package. We'll finish the job of getting a total of 2000 dollars. In cash relief to people who needed them most. The 600 dollars already appropriated is simply not enough. It would be difficult to find a worse use of money did an economic relief and stimulus plan. Michael strain is the director of economic policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute a conservative think tank. He says the next round of checks will cost an additional half a trillion dollars. IEM concerned about what might happen when. The government spends another one point nine trillion dollars of borrowed deficit finance money. He makes a case for more targeted stimulus pointing to data showing that while lower income households spend their stimulus Jack's. Higher income families were more likely to save or invest then says but the White House says it's not just low income households in need of help. I think what's important too to the president is that we don't lose sight of people in the middle of the income scale who continue to struggle. With both the health and economic fallout from this crisis and these checks target them effectively and efficiently. Some Americans are also using the money to pay off debts. Despite the economic downturn experience says US credit card debt actually. They're dream about commended. Topping our knowledge and arraf thank you could pay off my loan because. That her tackled. Alina pan yard used her stimulus checks toward her credit card bills and more than 25000. Dollars in student loans. She says she would've preferred to spend them entirely on local businesses. But couldn't pass up a chance to chip away at the pile of debt. I think a lot of people wanted to help center and the economy about it. It's really difficult when her mother that Wayne and you strain says paying off debt isn't the main purpose of the checks. They're not good at gotten spend money so that defeats the stimulus. Goal. What we say to critics who say he's checks or waste on we should be giving out this money right now. I would say. Start volunteered here are for two weeks. Throw in a ticket of senators who. 50%. The household appliances. About accord obtained. Jesse your car for about two weeks can still Chattanooga. And see if you can quote. Only an issue that some Murray whose members were cheers you through just about. Children weeks and then tell me if that's the recipients me. For ABC news live final as officials lease in Washington. And our thanks to Elizabeth shows you for that report and now let's turn of the corona virus itself. Respect you president Biden at the White House marking the fifty millions corona virus faxing shot since inauguration dish at a milestone in the history this pandemic and for his. Political promised that he'd deliver hundred million and a hundred days. There's more hope on the horizon now with US protests and just one day away now from getting a third vaccine Johnson & Johnson. Is on track today. Possibly be authorized emergency used by the FDA this is a White House tries to ramp up the vaccination effort ms. concern over new code would nineteen variant so here's ABC's Reno Roy with the latest. Just as things seemed to be looking up with covad nineteen cases and hospitalizations. Going down. Worries about another variant this time in New York City. We're very concerned about the variants of the best. Defense is good offense the offense is. Vaccination. Researchers argue this could be a variant of concern like the UK south African and Brazilian ones. But experts say for now the vaccines do seem to be working. Vaccines seemed to still work pretty well. But we may need to at some point down the road update arising. Guys are now testing out a third booster shot on clinical trial participants to help protect against variance if necessary majority taking similar action in sending modified vaccines for the south African variant to the National Institutes of Health for testing. And now we may soon see a third of vaccine here in the US Johnson and Johnson's one shot vaccine could be authorized for emergency use as early as Friday. New data showing it may be a 100% effective at preventing hospitalizations. And deaths. Vaccine provides very robust protection. Throughout the world including against the worrisome viral variants we hear so much bound. The White House trying to ramp up vaccinations. Thursday vice president pummel a Harris visiting a local pharmacy in Washington DC. Federal officials delivering two million doses to 7000 pharmacies across America's hardest hit communities. Meantime in the capital today DC mayor burial bows are saying high demand first shots is causing delays as they expand eligibility to those with preexisting conditions. Now early analysis has hinted Johnson and Johnson's vaccine could offer protection against asymptomatic. Infections. Which could make those vaccinated less likely to spread the disease. Read our wryly ABC news New York. All right our thanks Serena for that report and again we are awaiting president Biden. An event there at the White House where he will be marking the fifty million co in nineteen vaccine shot given since he took office. In the meantime though look at the latest on Kobe. The vaccine and the new strains from just infectious disease specialist an ABC news medical contributor. Doctor China learn doctor Eller and good afternoon let's pick up where we in laughed off the Johnson Johnson vaccine. They said to have an efficacy rate of 74%. Against asymptomatic. Infection showing that may prevent. Infection itself not just disease how she would that happy. Diana so important because it you can decrease transmission. And you really can potentially get to herd immunity I remember when herd immunity that doesn't mean the virus is eradicated it will never come action that means you get so any person who's infected which is transmitted to less than one person should ultimately. Will mean -- virus will die out over time again in May come as parents we're looking for that herd immunity he's so it's very good news that is not just preventing severe infection but also potentially preventing transmission. And this is meant to be a single dose vaccine that are there any groups that should get. More than one dose of the Johnson Johnson vaccine if it's approached. Rice when the FDA advisory group is gonna look at tomorrow we analyze is the single dose but and they're gonna tell us as well as the CDC. As to whether the single dose works for all the groups or ultimately whether there are certain groups that are vulnerable perhaps elderly school ultimately need to. Booster dose of Johnson got to remember there's a phase three trial going on why change it seemed gas looking 22 doses so you know will will learn that soon. All right doctor our way to go to the White House has president Biden. He's about to speak at an event commemorating the fifty millions Coleman nineteen back scene shot even since he took office let's go live to Washington. Okay. Not so they aren't about to administer this vaccine you can see the president share walking up to the patients. And it and that's a big fifteen million. Kobe in nineteen vaccine administered. Since president Biden took office he promised. 100 million in his first 100 days in office. So this for sure a milestone. Not only for the president's administration. The for the country as well let's listen. Or. Who doesn't. Yeah. Are. What should. They. I. Hold it often. That's all. 200 nothing. We just that fifty million mid nineteen vaccine administered. Since the button administration took office now vaccinations have been one of the major goals on the administration's. Before taking office president Biden laid out his plan promising 100 million vaccines. In the first 100 days in office and now he's marking this milestone a fifty million. I want to bring back doctor Scott Pellerin to comment on this. John how significant. Is this accomplishment at first when president Biden announcer the administration announced this goal some people thought it was to lost he should reach 100 million and then a little bit later some thought it didn't go far enough so what does it mean now to be about fifty million mark. This is such an important time to be ramping up. Vaccinations. You know Diane we the number one we're number one in the world with chase hospitalizations and we need more even more than any other country sits around destinations this year you know under president Biden's administration. We've had our fifteen million cases of vaccination is just a tremendous accomplishment but we have to keep calling and actually we got to do more remember it is a race between vaccination and these parents. So is 100 million in the first 100 days enough progress you think. There is important. If we resembles I do we. We will reach their goal until it. Might be even better we keep pushing ourselves number we got to do better than the other countries because we were under control. You know it. We just have to push ourselves as much such. Now everyone's all smiles in the room right now you have already received in your vaccine what's process light truck has thorough the first person. So personally just seeing. Vaccines that from me went very easily there weren't any side skirts but I say that I was just in our intensive care unit rounding Iranian uncle you know before you can doubt she and while we're doing much better. Patients were critically ills fighting for their lives and and while I was examining some of them I was thinking I was actually getting what I would call vaccination guilt thinking that these were vulnerable people haven't been able to. Get vaccinated and where I'm you don't more healthy person and I didn't and it is so you know. I think the vaccine brings so much hope but at the same time as you know we're we're in this waiting room where 2021. For most people around the world is about where is my death scene I don't. And so instead of cults and no. Now we are awaiting a Johnson and Johnson's emergency use authorization approval that could come. As early as tomorrow. How much can that changed and kind of advance the progress that we've been seen vaccinations in this country. Well this is a big deal I mean J&J is his first single dose vaccine was tested as a single those in the phase three trial we know that this is going to. Yet emergency use authorization. But we do want the authorities the FDA advisory committee and then the CDC. Advisory committee to figure out who in the right groups to get this team we need this single dose does require freezing on the can really scalable because this is a viral vector vaccine when you when you hear things can go viral. Gary they're going to be able to scale this up their goal is one billion doses manufactured in 2021. I don't know local reached exactly what is being number I think is. Possible. And and doctor Eller and for so many you're watching it looks like it actually sounds like the president about to be called on let's listen. Thank you all are. Doctor proxy. Thanks for your leadership thanks you mean here. Two weeks ago. I spend some time review and doctor Francis Collins. Excuse me the director and essence to hell and NIH. He gave me a tour in the vaccine research center in Bethesda Maryland. And done this a place for our top scientists spend years. Researching and developing vaccines and treatments of all kinds of withdrawal kinds of martians. Brilliant team there are made possible rapid deployment development of the -- in nineteen vaccines. And they're truly remarkable law. And this administration. Or follow the science and deliver more printers. You know. We are doing that to beat cotton code nineteen other diseases like cancer. Which is something that so crucial so many traumas including. Meander in common in many viewers. We've asked doctor Eric Lander renowned Harvard MIT scientists service my cash science advisor in the office of science and technology policy and co lead. The president's calendar presidential council on advisory science technology. These are the White House offices and bring together country's top scientists. To address our most pressing needs. And they'll be hard to work to develop. Dark alike advanced research efforts aren't cancer and other diseases just like we do darker and the Defense Department which develops breakthrough projects to secure our national. Security. And relayed to me I'm delighted to see tribal nation is leading cancer centers. Are joining forces need to build on the work of the cancer moon shot I was able to do during the Obama Biden administration don't creep through silos and barriers. And cancer research remain can progress. Through so much we can do. So much progress. Within our reach. And that's why I'm thankful of folks here today are getting their vaccine shots. Jerrold while new. Who and in Korea gamble tuna boat TC fires are you I said there Couri you know. I don't freshen. God made man and a main issue firefighters. Thank god we have. And Linda. An and an endless season manager Safeway grocery Sharma says that Pretoria. Like your wouldn't or. Rivera who is suing a local school counselor. And Elizabeth Callaway whose registered owners should administer the shots. And the more people get vaccinated the faster religious pandemic. That's why I wanna march 1 goals and office. And I rose for just before us foreign and I indicated. My goal was to get a hundred million co would vaccine shots. In people's arms and march 1 hundred days as president. And today I'm here to report were halfway there. Fifty million shots in just 37 days since he become president. That's so weeks ahead of schedule. Even Winston setbacks trichet eastern recent winter storms speech which devastated millions of midwest shouldn't what you mean question should these towns and also the same in the sounds. We're moving in the right direction despite the mess retired from the previous administration. Which left us with no real plan to vaccinated all Americans. And every time we administer another fifty million shots. I'm gonna use that milestone to report to the American people on our vaccination program on our overall fight against this pandemic. Green the bad I'll tell the success of the failures. And here's the deal. Here's the deal the story this vaccination campaign works to river everything hard and new American ducks. Some confusion said actually the star. And then if we do the right things we have or plan to get things moving. That's what were seen right now. Weeks before we came present the previous administration source excellent shots administered ask. This coming week. We will minister over twelve million shots double a pace. In just six weeks we've been in office. Other milestones. We've increased vaccination distribution to states by 70%. Nearly 60%. People over the age of 75. Have now received at least one shot. His 14% six reaching. Close of 50%. People over the age of 65 have at least one shot now. Rose 8% six weeks. It's important because people over 65 accounts for each eighty pursue animal or Kobe dust. Additionally. But 75%. Of the people. Live a long term facilities. And gotten their first shot. And those cases are the lowest level since reporting began Mac. Here's how we've been doing. Is start to increasing the supply. My team is working very hard route vaccine manufacturers try to Sherman turn. To ensure we have enough supply for all adult Americans by the end of July. While we and discovered the vaccine manufacturers want you prioritize from McCain to securing supplies they needed to make the vaccine. We fixed the problem. Use a defense production act to speed up to supply. Chain for key equipment which is already helped increase vaccine production. Last week I toured the Pfizer facility kind of traction facility age you know planned Kalamazoo Michigan. This increase its incredible. Precision the safety cry. The sense of purpose everyone involvement process project hats. We've all seen the news about Johnson and Johnson's exit. The idea on a third safe and effective vaccines very promising. The Food and Drug Administration the FDA. NG viewing the death. A review recommendations from outside committee of experts. That will be meeting tomorrow. No let me be clear. We are going to do this right. The FDA will decide on emergency use authorization. Of a vaccine based on science not to to any political pressure from me or anyone else. No outside factors. What I will say to the American people is this if if the FDA approves the use of this new vaccine. We have a plan to roll out as quickly as Johnson Johnson can make. Will use every conceivable way to expand attraction Maxine. And will make even more rapid progress on overall vaccines in March. -- more to say about his student days after the FDA review. We were women laser focused. On the greatest operational challenge this country's ever undertaken. It ministry shots in the arms of hundreds of millions of Americans. Increasing number of vaccinated Norwich and teach one was from what she may in the vaccine amount of people put them vaccinated and vaccine is someone's arm like you just saw. We brought back retired doctors inertia which are already deployed more than 1500. Minute medical personnel. UC during national disasters. From the federal emergency and the federal emergency management as she she. Are we commissioned to our commissioned corps. From a department of health and human services and Defense Department. So new National Guard supply and accident which were lining up thousands more to do their vaccinations. We're also setting up more places for people to get traction. As of today. We provided. Three point eight billion dollars to states territories and try action to create hundreds of new vaccination senators. And ramp up the existing ones and they're already. Working with governors across the country in red and Blue States to bolster their efforts to stand up hundreds of vaccination centers from stadiums. To community sentenced house's abortion. Large parking lots. From writing personal equipment. And covering the cost from the states including. The use of their National Guard regiment earn credible. Today. July and Russia she should tomorrow Joel Myer will travel to Houston Texas to tour one of the first federal mass vaccination centers. And to thank everyone in law. This an example a kind of partnership. Between federal state and local governments and public and private partners it's going to get this job done. We also sent millions of the vaccines. To thousands of local pharmacies all across contracts. To make it easy controls to get the vaccine shot like they would their flu shots. Going to familiar face from earlier. Folks that they can trust you know. To get the shot. For folks who didn't live near don't Miramax nations senator or pharmacy. Weird deploying mobile units. These are special vehicles on top of clinics at meet folks where they live it. And where they don't have transportation to get shots to get some places to get to shots. We've also started send vaccines direct any community health centers. Sell hard. No the hard to reach folks. In cities and small towns and rural communities and black Latino native American communities. That have higher rates of cove and infections and deaths than any other groups. As resolve these round the clock efforts. In five weeks America's administered the most shots in any country in the world. Any country in the world but among the highest percentage of population fully vaccinated. That's progress and progress. It's also true to all over nineteen vaccinations era. Covert cases and hospitalizations. Are coming now. But I need to be honest she. Chases and hospitalizations. Could go back up with new variants hasn't in church. So I want to make something really very clear catch this is not time to relax. You must keep portion our hand news stay socially distance. For god sake. For God's sake Wear a mask. Some of our progress in this fight is because so many Americans are stepping up and doing knows thanks. The worst thing we could do not. Let our guard down. Course. My hopes come back in the next. Next show them report. That we've after refer to another fifteen million. Another fifty million shots before the end of march 1 100 day race. Here's a critical point. As hard it is not a belief we're gonna hit Faison discretion. May be innocent laid it is April or may. Where many predicts then settled long lines of people waiting to get a shot. Will face a very different scenario. And the vaccine weighty. We'll have a ramp to a vaccine supplies. Have administrators should enjoy folks to administer the shots. To the most of the people who aren't eager to get to shots. Recess for the prediction I don't see I think is our biggest and I have ranked or people see other people getting his shots is gonna build confidence. But you know at the same time there people who live and hard to reach areas. Who can't get. And there are folks were hesitant to take shot in the first place. We all know there's a history in this country a of subject to certain communities to Terrmel medical and scientific induce. What if there is one message. Needs to cut through sticks the vaccines are safe and effective. And I believe you she your neighbor or your husband your waitress on her daughter getting it that you will be much more inclined to get it. As the doctor found she listened to the scientists who develop these actions. And the extensive and rigorous you you know Richard. I did. I took my shots publicly to demonstrate American people and safe and effective. At the time is coming and maybe six to ninety days and so when the supply. He's had a creek but not enough people can access shots and don't want to. To address that challenged. Rule launch a massive campaign to educate people about vaccines. That they are safe and effective. And where to go to gets two shots whose first X. We're gonna bring together leaders from all segments of our society to educate and encourage all American confectionery. So I hope to send an. We'll soon confirm. A key leader that captured my nominee for the secretary of health and human service Javier Sarah. Who did so well who's sharing this week. I hope congress passes the American river rescue plan which I'm she wished which provides funds for everything we need to do to beaches pandemic and its economy nobody. Critics say the plan is to mix. The cost too much but let me ask your rhetorical question. What would you have me cut. What would you have me cut out. I'm vaccines alone. Roof we don't invest twenty million billion dollars to backs intonation done that make sense. 460 billion and total. Towards pandemic for tests changed protective gear to vaccine production and distribution. I'm ready here any ideas on what makes American rescue plan better stronger and effective. We'll have to answer. Pool will get helped and who will get hurt. On a close to this. Question I ask some mass most often is when will things get back to normal. My answer is always on this are straightforward. I can't give you a day. I can only promise it will work as hard as we can to make that they come as soon as possible. All things are truly. We're going from a mass screeners to moving in the right direction. Out of a significant speed. This is not a victory. This is everything is not fixed real long wait ago. And who ended that day when everything is back to normal depends on all of us. Depends on congress passing the American Recovery Act researched. Recovery plan. And also. Trusts remain vigilant. And look out for one. I've said it before. Wash your hands stay socially distance where masked. Gets a vaccine should return. When your friend or neighbor or loved one is eligible encourage them to get tracks. Among. All I'm people. Remember we can do X this is the United States America. There's nothing we can't do we do it together. Was not D'auria. Org and close. God willing to free to all we know we have to do. We're gonna be this is sooner or later. And god bless you law and may god protect our troops thank you for your time it. Yeah. I'm sure aren't we go to it live yeah. Or. Yeah. And. We just had from president Biden there are celebrating the fifty million Coleman vaccine shot administered since he took all this sounds like. He's gonna save them bigger Natalie district got his Matt the end the president when there. Some market fifty million Kobe vaccine to give in since he took office but also warning people this is not a time to relax is promising to do more to ramp up the upper and again pushing. For his co in nineteen relief package about to be voted on. By the house perhaps tomorrow. I want to bring in doctor Tyler and again to talk through some of this doctor on the started with the good part one. We hit his fifty million mark ahead of schedule from the president's goals. We also now have sized German Daryn a promising to boost production we could be on the verge of getting a third vaccine authorized from Johnson & Johnson. And we heard the president there promising new vaccine centers to come as well when you put that all together and you look at that surpassing the gold meeting this goal earlier than expected even given the weather delays how optimistic does that make you. That we could surpass 100 million vaccines and maybe get this thing under control even sooner than expected. Diane this is exactly this terrible leadership that we need I mean I won't when he says progress is within our reach any we have just keep working in the right direction list of the things are positive I'm feeling very good about where we're headed we cannot bowl Hitler or don't like he says well we have to keep the pressure on this virus there is no question this piracy is on forget eventually our behavior changes girl locked. Actor is actually actors that we have to make short do we continue church to hear in the right direction and keep the pressure full court press in this virus. Throw out has not been without its issues and industries of Massachusetts residents hosted that they went to schedule appointments they were told it would have to sit in the digital waiting room for more than fifty. Thousand minutes that's 35 days not to get the vaccine. That's just a sign up and this is just one example of the many places it seems a system is at the very least. Disorganized so what tasks to be done to get this roll out to really meet its full potential. You don't and they didn't digital raced through vaccination. Is leaving many elderly many vulnerable people. Under vaccinated. And not actually an Internet and that's a problem meet remember this is the single most important preventive measure that we can. House we do everything possible whether its U shrine in elderly people who can't get here for these stadiums where birds bringing the vaccine to older seminars. You know whatever's possible getting the vaccine to the pharmacies again what we heard president Biden say is it's really you know all hands on as far as far as making sure that we have the supply. To stash to space and again she's following the science and I think we're going to get there are cops in armed Massachusetts obviously so do your problems last week with we will be -- -- crashing because so many people went online. But is going to get better there will continue to be hiccups because this is a massive. Massive initiatives but it is it is going to go in the right direction. Doctor Collins Terry Moran now I've been struck Jones since the beginning mr. endemic it has been. Such up a political and social cultural controversy from. How threatening it was the nature of the virus how best to come back out of the vaccine. There's only read that Amanda was reassuringly dull in some ways that it was important of course but almost. Was kind of ordinary presidential leadership more and more that we're we're used to do you think. That the controversy over these issues which is done so much harm to the public health the country. Is calming down. I hope so I mean I sing like you said we need to follow the signs we also there's a major emotional component as we've been through so much and canceling I think we really have to reach a lot of vulnerable population should and he didn't actually we really have to figure out what is friends and combat team president what what is holding them and then I think. This type of leadership you know the right messenger sending the right message she is is is an important start for the us. Right doctor we appreciate your announces as always thank you. Did you guys. And spring training officially starts this weekend at this year baseball's record book we'll look a little different than before. The biggest finally recognizing statistics from the negro leagues meaning some longtime records could be changing. Our friends at 538 put together great guy comparing current players on of the all time grades. We'll break it down with a former major leaguer and when we come back yeah. And. Welcome back spring training starts this weekend and and players looking to breaks in the baseball's biggest records may now have a higher hill to climb Major League Baseball. Has at long last recognized statistics from the players. Who played in the negro leaks meaning some longstanding records have changed hands so let's bring in ESPN baseball analyst and former Major League outfielder Doug Glanville didn't. Stand with my cup raised. Among could James onset our political director. Baseball junkie and student of the game recline for more and Doug. Welcome let me ask you first know what what does this move recognizing. The achievements since it in statistics of the great ball players in the negro leagues what does it mean to the game and anti U as a a black man who played Major League Baseball. It's an effort to really connect the dots you know when you're you're trying to capture a history. But had so many stories of perseverance so many stories of really legendary performers. I didn't have the opportunity due to race into the dynamics of British and American two time so they're trying to go back. And make some reconciliation and then and in doing that they can connect the dots to the stories. And I were also lost a not so talking about figures that were pioneers and their part of an entrepreneurial spirit. What's also suffered when Major League Baseball. I was able to capture the great talents Jackie Robinson coming through that was virtually the end or pretty much the end of Negro League baseball's so much that's an effort. What a game that isn't impassioned they loved the sense of numbers. And the collections. And this is a way to tie it all together. Our worst heads baseball fans and it does bring us closer to those achievements in the negro leagues so Rick. Records do you think we might see broken due to this change. With this reconciliation around baseball's history in baseball statistics Hugh Duffy uterine tick. Youkilis for forty NET 94 even Glanville who was a heck of a good college flattery hand he didn't get that in college. No one comes close to that bought. It turns out depending on how you count the statistics not present our 38 are finding is he's where Josh Gibson hit. Get this 466. In 1943. The other thing that's interesting about that is making 43 of course is two years after 1941. Which is when Ted Williams or famously hit. 406. So this would make it a Josh Gibson the holder of the most recent 400 season the highest batting average for season and in addition to that potentially the highest batting average. You know career those are astounding meticulous in seeing numbers for anybody. And the legendary Josh give me Gibson getting some recognition statistically is as our president. 530 day they crunch a lot of numbers it an algorithm to compare the stats and players from the negro leagues with hall of famers and current president and clarity compared each player's. Wins above replacement that law are which measures a players value in the game by determining how many more wins he's worse than a replacement players Doug. What you think in the in the analysis 538 didn't what stood out an anti. What I appreciate about Warren is that it's an effort to capture who wins and -- huge scenario is distributed historically to a picture ran a twenty game winner arch and so I was reluctant to position players. It's create a nice discussion across our chicken sandwich here's a great player with this kind of warm during their tenure career he and we can look at how they wore relative to their years at that time and place because baseball loves the discussions around our isn't saying who was great in the twenties and can you compare Babe Ruth to Barry Bonds and saw watched so it's allow that conversation now operates in with a Negro League players now one interesting question would be the Negro League players would you be able to compare them to their. Current players of their time and that's what sort of different because this looks at card players today. But often would warrior looking at the Arab by which you later in which you play. Greg when you look at comparisons which there are a lot of red dots as we just saws and representing. Nearly players mingling with the hall of Famer so could we see more of these players inducted into Cooperstown because of the work. That's being done assessing their statistics this way. There are some names that are starting to come now we ask our friends are pretty to look at this and they found names like don't be more. Not a mean that I knew but ten plus war first season that's got to that'll get you in the hall no question. A couple of pitchers William Dell and deal Byrd who. It looks like they are they with the Greg Maddux in one hour shell of their days so I'd love to learn more about those gentlemen and many many more and I think. I think the whole team in baseball historians will have a lot of fun trying to track down all of the stats all the stories all of the legends. And gained in trying to you can connect some of those threads to where they belong. Just Cooper's now. And you know Doug I'm all them to remember some of the players who went into the major source Henry Aaron was one but also Ernie Banks my favorite player is a kid and so as we dive a little deeper into some of these Negro League players. What do you think if people don't know about who should everyone Knoll dot do you think. A figure roster Charleston mean there's there's there's a few names that we know Satchel Paige Josh Gibson sort of the legends but there are so many good players that were reversal tolerant Charleston just kind of did at all shortly on the offensive sides be. And power and heading for our bridge. Just an incredible enclave you know is significant amount of time I think the hall of fame it's gonna have an interesting challenge because they're in crisis somewhat because you're also looking at TDs in the drug culture which is really changed the records and now you're bringing in a whole generation in the RO from the negro leagues should try to figure out how would come together so that's a tall order and it's it's a great and the necessity exercise. As we really think about the context would be great. Letters. Absolutely if you love baseball you've gotta love this my favorite Satchel Paige stat is that the age of 59. In 1965. Pitched three innings. Shut out baseball at the Major League level Tom Brady Jakarta. Doug Glanville Rick Klein. Thanks very much for this. Q thank you. What a great story there bring in the history of baseball so plagued by the history of our country in some ways together in this way they'll start arguments which is what baseball is all about it. Didn't let away cash to put it it's glad glad that those players will finally get. There recognition they have so long deserved and glad you're teaching us a little bit about baseball in general your Terry a lot of us. We're confused over those numbers are learning it in thanks. As good as fun and I'm I'm I'm now part baseball instruments up just doesn't stand for that long. Our right they go that doesn't press here on the breakdown I'm Diana see them. Instead I'm Jerry Moran was evacuated tomorrow at 3 PM eastern have a great. It.

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