The Breakdown: Biden signs executive orders to tackle climate crisis

Plus, Holocaust survivors on what getting the COVID-19 vaccine means to them and a reformed white nationalist discusses how to help loved ones in QAnon.
26:20 | 01/27/21

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Transcript for The Breakdown: Biden signs executive orders to tackle climate crisis
I. Everybody welcome to the breakdown I'm when Johnson in for Diana saying I'm. And then I'm Terry Moran never called rotavirus Hedrick just staggering you're told nearly. 80000 Americans have lost their lives in January alone stand today we saw the first. The by the administration's will be regular briefings from the White House call that nineteen response came. Contrast about what they plan to do if congress doesn't give them the money they say they need to fight the virus in the coming up the latest on those variants on the cars and what kinds of masks. I give you the most protection brushing John is standing by for the. Also the Department of Homeland Security has issued a national terrorism bulletin warning about violent extremists fuel by quote false narratives. Adding that it believes the quote a heightened threat environment will likely continue. And later on we're going to take a closer look at Q and audit how the baseless conspiracy theory has torn some families apart. Former enemy again whether what's being called climate day over at the White House president Joseph Biden signed executive orders aimed at tackling climate change calling it an existential threat to the planet. Our White House correspondent Karen Travers joins us now for more care so. And what's gone I what are these orders executive orders. Yet this is executive action that follows big things that president biting dated Susie took office last week of course rejoining the Paris climate accord and canceling permit for the keystone XL pipeline so this is quiet day here at the White House but as he said Joseph Biden also frame this as jobs day because they say this is not just about. Clean air and clean water but this is also about creating jobs good clean energy jobs of is that the point that several officials today were really emphasizing. Just couple bullet points and what these executive orders due that the president signed today at you know one is that freeze new oil and gas leasing on federal land that was sending that Biden promised on the campaign trail he's directing the federal government to purchase electric vehicles that the government would use in its massive fleet he's looking to establish a civilian claiming corps that was something we heard today from John Kerry and front and Gina McCarthy who's going to be his domestic climate advisor so does set a goal of the concerning at least 30% of the country's -- -- ocean is directing federal agencies to look at the impact that the climate is happening behind -- disadvantaged communities and it also put 40%. Of relevant federal investment towards those disadvantaged areas so that is something that they say is so critical to address because this is beyond just an environmental issue this is a health issue we heard president I didn't say today that. For all of the talk about the cold it crisis this is another health crisis Canada a more. Quiet long lasting long term crisis that his administration says they have to tackle. And the president putting right at the top of his agenda as you mentioned also the Covert nineteen crisis the White House response team on cove in nineteen. Also gave their first public briefing today. Their predictions are pretty dire they they pointed to a shortage of vaccines out there and it's forecasted a desk told. I'm over half a million total deaths in this pandemic by the end of next month so what's their plan to fight these fires get a morning. You know first of course the big thing that the administration wants his one point nine trillion dollars from congress that's a big ask a very ambitious very expensive aggressive proposal that Joseph Biden cannot just due with executive. Action action so -- things we heard today from the president's cut evening teen teen is it did so loosen the rules that that goal in tune with who can give the vaccine so that she will be more easily available to get people to distributed to actually give the shots in the arms high and they hope that that would sort of it did help but the backlog right now of appointment is feeling a different two point message right now from the administration Terry you're hearing is dire predictions we're hearing the talk about the really tough road ahead in the fact that Americans who won a vaccine are not guaranteed that they're going to get one for the next couple of months you know -- really pointing to summer late spring as the best case timeline but on the other hand to hear it they're also talking about the optimism of the steps the administration is taking to procure more supply we heard the president yesterday say that the government is going to be buying 200 million more doses of appetizer men during a vaccine. To get to 600 million total and that would mean a 300 million American adults could get vaccinated but the big thing and though is still that's in the summer that is not right now we're hearing a lot of grumbling from Governors State and local officials who say. The supply issue is immediate we need to deal with this week next month great to know what's gonna happen in the summer but right now is the big crisis. A huge challenge no question about it Karen Travers. At the White House for us thanks. And Terry for more on the Biden teams responsible pandemic let's bring in dean of the brown university school of public health and ABC news medical contributor doctor she should the job doctor John always great to have you with us. Want to pick up on what Karen was talking about there are today officials said distributing 100 million vaccine doses. And 100 days is the floor map the ceiling and this comes after president Biden said yesterday he was ordering 200 million more doses. What is really feasible here and what should be the goal for the vaccine roll out over the next 100 days. Grace thanks for having me on Colombia the hundred million for a hundred days was named president Biden said colonel in December. I do think we need to do better than that given where the situation is. What would I like to see as much as possible right I think we need be able to things go very well we need you to get to two million doses a day are. I even 200 million over over the next Saturday's that's going to be our. How we're gonna need to do really well on production road map to do read on administration. But I think we can do it. And so that to me she is sort of the stretch goal all the goal really is faxing as many people as quickly as possible because. That's how we're gonna save lives. Not your child were all watching what's happening over in the United Kingdom went that variants that they're struggling went there and it is alarming the UQ reporting today. It got the highest Kobe death rate in the world so. Well how much of that you believe is due to this highly transmissible variant. Should we expect something similar. If that should come ashore and already had us in the United States. Yeah unfortunate that variant is here and I think the highest axles in the world in the UKR are almost surely because of that daring and cash so the question is how do we avoid abduction do we avoid a massive spike in cases. The second is a racist or get people vaccinated and I've been saying for. Bus couple weeks right now there is a very urgent race and that is between us and boxing people vs the variant. Obviously I want us to win and we're gonna win if we can get a lot of vaccines into people's arms. Doctors up thinking. On that point amuse you mentioned there there's the race to vaccinated but as the race against the Varian at the same time we're told that the companies that make these vaccines are doing more research on how well the vaccines will protect against the new variance. What we know about the efficacy so far we know there's concern with a variant and South Africa especially. And what are the options for improving the vax. Ends in the future. Great questions of right now I feel very confident based on all the data that that you came chairing the one that's here the one that's spreading which. Is something that is going to be very susceptible to the vaccines I think the vaccines will continue to protect people against that. There is a bit more concern about the size of South Africa variant the good news is we haven't yet seen it here. Hasn't become dominant here. Well obviously I hope it doesn't. So and then companies are working on new formulations are against the South Africa variant which as a but my hope is we won't need it because we'll get so many people vaccinated it will really deal to stamp this stand up and down doctor she shot thank you for your time we always appreciate it. Thank you. Thanks doctor the fight against the pandemic kid is is a special day for remembering though this is remembering. Another dark chapter in the world's history in this is did today is the international holocaust remembrance day. Decades later some holocaust survivors are now getting their shots then potentially life saving vaccine for them. After having seen so much in their lives and their sharing their experiences. With us you want to listen. Born of the reason. That I'm gave team to vaccine is to be able to continue to share my story in approval of three UK that it's just a leaky. It's her real trip today. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah eat that day he said. That seemed to shock didn't include the day will lose any day over and everybody. It on this day we made good call yeah we've gone to go. We moved to. You make sure. It's. We eight survived. Should never forget all funky but because we hadn't won't write a song form give. All lived in just came close to you. I've got my place. Call will be combined team vaccine to a recent globe and I you know far less. You can't see my second goes next week. I believe it does it portend for all the hold costs so why did you can't think cold in nineteen vaccine. Sums up to life imovie pro tech fans and that's Jay Chen Shannon. Just thought it's. All costs won't cause it's sort of virus relevant. Please move me. Remembering the Holocaust today those survivors. Getting their Colvin shots survivors not in the natural disaster but about human. Point we thank all of them for sharing their stories. And hearing from those survivors really puts everything into perspective over dealing with right now. As we remember that dark period in history say we're also taking a closer look at the baseless conspiracy theories connected to Q and on. And how they are impacting some families even Terry many of them all part. According to one asset class your Q and on related FaceBook group screwed at least one point seven million members. Until the social media platform sorted actually removing them in the fall. Here's TJ Holmes. Symbols of Q among the angry mob that invaded the US capitol. Fired up by the misplaced belief that trump won the election. Okay. Aftermath of that day offers a glimpse into the impact she went on is having on some families. This LA based filmmaker says he grew up in a conservative Christian family in a small town outside of Dallas Texas. We weren't really allowed to watch you know. Secular media or economic. You know a lot of play a little T changed. According to Jeremiah is Mulder was a specially developed. Kelly's old a lot of love. You know I was because I am going along she's. Experts say she went on followers have swelled in number since the onset of the pandemic. Jeremiah says his mother was one of them. If you like it was more ideas and and we're she's artists and you know you know in the government's trying to. It silence us every match and you know China's behind menace. The baseless Q and on conspiracy theory began with a false belief that Donald Trump was secretly battling a cold bowl of Satan worshipping pedal files. For control of government. But you were non believers have since touted a wide range of false theories. Some claiming DC in Hollywood believes are operating a global sex trafficking ring. Others making claims about the assassination of JFK and even the existence of UFOs. There's certain things I'm sick Duckett is obviously Anderson makes us not point out. Heard slate there's always some there's there's an exclamation art she's just right and wrong. Jeremiah blames Q and on for being the final wrist that destroyed his relationship with his mother. Maybe before that it felt like there was a chance and are preparing something but I feel it tournaments basically and the. Oh Jeremiah is far from alone this rented support group called Q and on casualties has over a 100000 members people sharing their personal stories. It's official my family is cutting connections with my grandmother another says both my parents are part of Q and I feel helpless. There's a place go to understand why why this happened to your loved one. What they're going through what they silence you and that the community of people who can commiserate with huge increase. Through this process. Many Q and on followers falsely believed that there would be some sort of a last minute intervention to keep Donald Trump in office call is part of a preordained plan. But experts say the transition of power provides a prime opportunity to start to repair broken relationship. People are recognizing acting student and as you were predicted she and that there are different groups that are performing in going in different directions some groups are turning on trauma. Some groups are turning on each other so this is a real tests of patients and it's also real tests of love. Because what is going to work. Is reaching out with unconditional love and acceptance. When we did reach out to Jerry Myers mom we did not hear back and doctor Yung says it is important to remember if you going to talk to a family members. Don't mock them go to shake your head and brush him off you need to be able to. Stop take a moment and listen and be open don't drive them further to these groups by continuing to alienate them. In some of the believes they have in which it's important to note Q and on is the same group pathology of king junior. Was going to come back can be Donald Trump's running mate they thought the inaugurations going to be stopped by the military that was gonna come in. An arrest Democrats. And the FBI. Has said to groups like this to pose a domestic terror threat with. It's definitely something to watch our thanks TJ Holmes for that report earlier today I spoke wish NN fully Martinez. It was a former neo Nazi and white Nationalists she's out consultants with the American universities polarism and extremism research lab. They told me about her advice for family members dealing with a loved one and radicalize groups take a listen. You say one of the most important things to do when talking to a family member involved in Q Meeks is to establish a sense of safety. What do you mean by that in terms of how people should approach this conversation. I'm in terms of creating safety when I mean by that is that we know from. From academic studies. And just probably from personal experience that any time that you track. Do you. Sacks with somebody who is deeply entrenched in a viewpoint that the military rarely successful and in fact actually exacerbates the defensiveness but they have to the world that day exist and online. I've already made defenses for any objection comes isn't there well versed in I'm in this defense mechanism that just argues back and puts them on the defense of I say create a sense of safety number one that he we have today individually decide what boundaries are what what do we allow elected me not allowing conversation in the bigger. But one of the things I. If we are going to how. People to disengage. From. These. Entrenched belief systems. It that we have to be able to cuts breakthrough. And off her connection and offer a sense of empathy and a census HD so that they are able to express the feelings that they have that there's something that area in their life is broken needs at that they have. He has allowed this world view to take over for them to. So so clearly you do identify with members of this group because of your own experience with extremism and you say it's not really about ideology you lay dead mouse but an emotional need what drew used specifically to white supremacy beliefs. And what is the common thread with Q and on supporters we seats and act. One of the things. That is a connecting. Thread between every one that I had mentored as they have left is that there's nearly. Always. In my experience. Some sort of trauma but that is part of their life lots of times is layers of trauma whether that's. And you know they're. A dysfunctional household that they grew up in. She trauma in my case I grew up in a dysfunctional household that aren't that many feel like I I didn't really have a place to belong. It and then on top of the that there is sexual assault when I was fourteen years old that I did in. How many once talked to about courts process that. And and in my case I was in this you know really and broken an -- processed. Traumatic Claes went. My life collided with that lightest. I was a violent white supremacists and I it was so. I'm angry in a rage filled in awaited I didn't understand like I hated myself and and the mean way to that. That was being expressed his tour rage and I think the rage within mean really resonated with the rage that they displayed so she. And in that tell me how you were able to break out of this mindset ban and become do you radicalize what was the turning point in your lines. So what are. The things. That he think it's important to emphasize is sky it's would be so great if these are very like cinematic stories words like there's an eye opening moment and then everyone does engages. But just like in Iraq surprising or amplifying or in trashing in these belief systems is a process so too is disengagement. And it's often a burying the C process. Should mean. I am I ended up living with a family a mom and her three younger sons a guy that I was going out with you I'm the mom didn't need any of this stuff and in fact. Act didn't really know what it. I believe systems where. I'm and let me in a basically took me into her home and provided stability ends and more holistic and I'm genuine needs needing then. And the illusion. These needs that I who is had tried to have met through. The violence end vial. You know belief system that that I was entrenched in an espousing. Do you have a empathy for the people you saw graphics you know breaking into the capital and and the horror you are witness on television. Yes I. Idea when I feel like as somebody who wish I. I the past but I have that is deeply my responsibility. To be one of the people that ads and Betsy and offers connection. To those people on the Indian town so give them ends should they choose to take its begins to walk away. Sorting things happens next now in this movement does Sid died down doing here closer to normal now that president trumpet is out of office or do things stay the same. Somehow I don't think things will stay the same. But it's. I may also don't necessarily think that we will receive. And as she huge reduction in numbers at any time soon got one and it's. One of the dynamics is not the goal posts are always shifted diet I'm now. And because there's some alignment with sovereign citizens movement the goal posts have been moved to march forward and I. As when trump well actually be inaugurated as like part of lake the real inauguration. You are allowed. I think conservatives forgive me share you believe that there's still a moment out there that spent some of these extremists believe that that moment is going to come and present trouble swoop in and once again be planted back in the White House. Absolutely asked Chan insulin Martinez thank you so much for your time we do appreciate it. Thank you for having me. A really huge thing Boris thanks for that well when we come back. Where to turn back to climate one of the president's national climate is fine we'll join us with more on how the Biden administration is planning to tackle climate change. And try to create jobs. Whenever he recommended women who don't Cole and build the nation. We do right by the make sure they have opportunities to keep building the nation in their communities. And getting paid well horror for a take money invest in the clean energy. Millions of jobs in wind solar. Carbon capture. So that was president Joseph Biden this afternoon declaring this climate day at the White House and signing. Those extensive executive orders that we covered earlier so joining us now to talk more about what divides castration is trying to accomplish and how they plan on. Adding millions of good jobs they say the US work force are always in use deputy national climate advisor Ali thanks for being with us. Body so. Guys during election season I was up in like a lot of reporters up in northwestern Pennsylvania a lot of fracking up there talking to workers up there who work. He actually can this they see how the oil and gas industry in the fracking industry up there had changed their communities really brought them back from the dead is still what how they put it. So despite. The president's moderate rhetoric on this they. Our concern a lot of progressives. In the Democratic Party are advising him may be others. They don't believe there's not going to be a ban on fracking aside from his room reassurance today. Or in general are you approaching. All the people not just in Pennsylvania but who are depend on that aspect of the oil and gas and energy industry. Thanks so much should and that's a great question I'm I'm actually from northwest Pennsylvania I grew up there are those are folks. I know very well and Saddam. You know there's an excitement about. The shift. We and that the economy. Towards clean energy and the opportunity that brings for folks. Heads that manufacture. And install. Really participate yeah. Just through the supply chain and all the way. Two thus to the installation. Of these incredible technologies that wolf grow our economy grow jobs. As you noted president Biden was very clear about his position. It's a focus. In terms of some today's executive order was largely on Vietnam our posture with regard to public lands. But that we're so excited to be able to put the throw weight of the federal government. Behind this jobs opportunity. Create good paying union jobs all around the country doing this work. Play it's it's great to hear you or your from that predators are you get it right hand and the ambition that you're talking to the president signed an executive order it is quite ambitious. On its long list of goals. That we saw there as you said they'd there's jobs is putting climate change front and center of foreign policy and national security decisions establishing. A national task force including 21 government agencies directed federal government he's carbon pollution free electricity and zero emission made in America vehicles. Pauses new oil and gas. Leases on public lands now that watts was getting some push back already. From the industry and Republicans in congress they say is just going to. Push energy producers overseas so on natural gas you your response. Look at we have then again very clear on this point. Focus. Here is about new leases on. Public lands for the development of oil and gas. That's a commitment that the president had made. To make sure that we're the deriving full value from those resources that were protecting them for public. For public good and for future generations. But a look at the in the industry continues. Two. Be able to operate. And when you know we've got a tremendous opportunity and putting in for example controls on the emissions of methane. That's gonna employ. Folks across the supply chain and again bright at the well head in helping. Tamp down those leaks. But this is not a policy. That's focused on private lands it's not it's something that impacts it. Existing. Legal leases. This is about. Making sure that as we looked at our federal fossil fuel program from Nam vet were doing it in a way that's thoughtful and consistent. With the goals that have been set out. Holly is eighty deputy national climate advisor thanks very much and thank you. So that'll do it. For the breakdown here I'm Terry Moran head outweigh Johnson thank you so much for streaming live with us we'll see you back here tomorrow at 3 PM Easter and have a great rest your dad again. I.

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