The Breakdown: Countdown to Inauguration Day

Plus, the stage is set for a second Donald Trump impeachment trial and the nation’s capital prepares for President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration.
24:41 | 01/15/21

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Transcript for The Breakdown: Countdown to Inauguration Day
Are. Hi everyone welcome to the breakdown I'm Diana say now. And I'm Terry Moran federal prosecutors have revealed new details about last week's capitol siege saying there is strong evidence that the writers including the man seen wearing horns. Intended to quote capture and assassinate elected officials in the US government. But that man's attorney denies that and says he was peaceful and didn't assaulting anyone. 25000. National Guard troops are being deployed to Washington DC ahead of Joseph Biden's inauguration now just five days away. Securities ramping up across the country to a level not seen. Clearly since 9/11 with the capital and all fifty states on high alert. Meanwhile ABC news has learned president trump has requested a large send up with a quote military like feel. On January 20 hours before Joseph Biden takes the oath of office. And we learned vice president pence called vice president elect Conlon Harris yesterday to formally congratulated her. Or let's side tickets are political roundtable joining today's ABC news political director Rick Klein and former GOP congressional communications director. Terrorists have Maier who's now with the Lincoln project welcome to both and Rick. You know what we know about that we've heard that there was a conversation this conversation between vice president Hansen vice president elect come all Harris. We know about that with a tell us. Gel works alluded to his formal but cordial all happened yesterday and believe it or not it's the only communication between. The outgoing ticket any incoming ticket top presidential has not called Joseph Biden to concede or to talk about a transitional this is the only communication. Brussels although there's some possibility. That he did he do that Kabul Harris and her husband will be invited over. To the vice presidents or presidents at the naval observatory in advance of Wednesday take a look at the new digs. A little bit but it is remarkable that it took this long high and indeed it's another indication that Mike Pence is kind of chilling the leadership void right now a lot of things that a president would normally be doing now done by the vice president. And Tarrant ten Republicans voted to impeach the president in the house who what do you expect to see in the senate. Well I think that it was encouraging in one hand that ten Republicans have the courage to stand up for this side of pro democracy in America and against sedition an insurrection. But disheartening that there were over a 190 plus Republicans who did not. And the signal in the senate. The east seems to come from whatever Mitch McConnell decides to do the fact that Mitch McConnell has been playing footsie a little bit about his intentions. That makes it clear though that that the president doesn't have the same amount she unilateral. Support that he had the last time he wasn't eat so. I think you're gonna see more could members of the senate. Boat for impeachment this time and removal list this time around vs the last time which. Whether you get to seventeen remains to be seen by cash if this isn't qualified for conviction. Inciting an insurrection a violent one that cost lives including that a police officer I really don't know what. Dies. Forward to one consequence is that president trumps approval rating has plummeted. So I don't what does that say about a potential impeachment trial could have impact counts senators vote. Good polls matter to members of congress but I'll tell you we are our ABC news Washington Post poll out today judicial a slight majority that thinks that the president should be. And kept from holding office ever again maybe eating these criminal charges by. Inside those numbers 60% of Republicans telling us that they think the party she continued on the trunk and to me the most disturbing number of all Terry 18%. A truck supporters think that what happened last week at the capitol was acceptable. That is mind blowing and it's just a tiny window into the hold the presidential has over his party did that one in five trump supporters even now. Think that what happened next siege of the capital that armed riot at the capitol was okay it was exceptional behavior. And Tara you know after the president refused to accept the election results Yousef on our show that you were leading their Republican Party. More Republicans have have followed suit since the siege on the capital and just yesterday we spoke to a former Republican congressman is saying that he has opted. To stay with the party but he's not sure for how long what do you receive for the future of the Republican Party. Feet eight act its two explained in the numbers that we just saw it's not aid bright future for the Republican Party they're at a crossroads here. The more members in in the freshman class. I have come in that seemed to not want to go to our map pack but you also have skewered on members and others who arch this is aid brewing civil war within the Republican Party each and frankly if they do not make the decision. She's shy away from trump is amend the malignancy of trump is out of after what we just saw take place should that I fear that it will be the end of the party as we know what. You know it's. For those we're seeing me in the discussions that I've been apart. Are looking to possibly action off because it's so difficult to start a third party so do they start a faction with in the Republican Party that holds some of the more extreme members the trumpets wing -- accountable. Will they be giving copper like Bill Kristol and his organization during primaries will they be funded so they're protected the ones that stand up front is that these are a lot of discussions that are being that are taking place right now but I think of the words of JF KH where he says each man must decide to. For himself the course he will follow and that's what every single Republican who was standing on the side of trump -- an anti democracy. Needs to decide moving forward to the parties to survive and Terry in I think to many people that you have become synonymous particularly when. The RNC decided at their platform essentially was strong resentment during the convention so. What what does it mean to be a republic in what are those values if you don't support trump what are the values that made you a Republican. Shore that's that that's the issue right now Wright beat the party itself. Is still the party of trump in that they don't have a platform of ideas they don't have a platform to god for bush it's become a party of cult of personality that is simply saying no party of opposition party of grievance party now it seems to go down a road of authoritarian ism and sedition. Still for those other report more traditional Republicans like I used to be. If they do not have a place they're assessing what where we go how do we do this should do are we still the party of fiscal responsibility will know. Are we the party of law and order clearly not anymore are we party the appease -- now but never used to be the the position. There are a lot of it internal soul searching about what the Republican Party actually stands for what it needs to be a Republican which is why I chose to walk away because it's nothing that I believe in anymore. And the ones that are still staying and think that they can wrestle this party away from the malignancy trump isn't. I wish them the best of luck but not quite sure how successful they'll be given the current structure of their leadership. Well let me bring that senator Rick Rick I we've had political parties guy out Federalist party wig party the progressive party. But look what's next for the Republican Party do you think and it hold together. See I'm historical analogy you might think of as the Bull Moose Party. Back in 1912 when former president Roosevelt split off and the Republicans. I am really builds around a cult of personality in the cases of Roosevelt now he didn't succeed but he did. I seek the presidency and hand the presidency to the Democrats so it did there is a lot of danger politically but I talked to. I'll one Republican who voted for those articles of impeachment the other day a house Republican and asked him. He's a third party recently inevitable. And I d.'s where the national movement goes in he says that's what I hope it goes because of it doesn't go there there's going to be a greater reckoning is that the Republican Party because to his mind into the mind of many Republicans many of whom supported trump. If you're trying to negotiate with people that don't accept facts that don't acknowledge that president trump honestly and fairly lost the elections. You really can't do much else in terms of trying to get along so there may be those hoping that the parties essentially burns down before it can rise off. And Rick were at a time the really cricket this military sendoff the president asking for gonna happen. I he'll get something I think we're taking red carpets military ban something that has did asylum the trappings of the military style event. On his way down to have to Florida and his political retirement. I Rick Klein and terrorists admired thank you both. Tenet security rams up around the country DC mayor morial bows and is now asking people not to come to the nation's capital for the inauguration. Edition hot and back to our constitutional. Mandate. That the transition of power occurs by noon on January that's money. Will happen right here in the District of Columbia. And we want everybody to enjoy it. And enjoy it right in their own states in their own living rooms and with their own families. We know that this is the right requests for our public safety. In to our public health. The FBI is mourning all fifty states to be prepared saying violent extremists could overwhelm local state and federal law enforcement. Let's bring in former deputy assistant secretary of state and ABC news contributor colonel Stephen gan neared. For more on this colonel at least 25000. National Guard members are being deployed to Washington what's their role there and how helpful do you think levee. That's good question Diane because you know I think that that's when he 5000 troops who are the other butchers bakers candlestick makers are military police there infantry people. I don't know what mix of kinds of capabilities that are coming and I mean everybody feels old it's safer if you get somebody in uniform. They're friendly they belong to states and so that it's much for the local field. But I'm only concerned because probably about a third that we'll be carrying weapons as we came in today you could see it on the street corners in DC. You've got national Guardsmen within six teens over the shoulder. So who's got control of the use of force. Who has actually controlling all these Guardsmen who really aren't trained to be doing what they're doing only a smattering of them are trained and law enforcement. So it feels good maybe they'll be helpful maybe they can help with crowd control hand out water. But it's real question about how they're gonna be integrated into the defense of the inauguration. As Dave that that's Washington DC look out across the country to the state capitals where the FBI has warned there also may be. Threats to be dealt with the I'm thing and of that that Michigan. Moment when that when the armed people such as stormed into that stated they came into the capitol with their long guns so how the states with few resources securing their cap. Who got strange to be seen as well Terry meaning it's quite a burden on the state. Police are law enforcement capability to guard against. Violent insurrection during a major event where they're going to be used thousands if not tens of thousands of people attending. So all this is really new territory where there may be a threat not only the capital but to individual state capitals where police and law enforcement our party stretched thin. And investigators are now looking into tour is given at the capitol the day before the attack what exactly are they looking for. That they're probably looking for insight and inside collusion whether somebody on the inside where there was congressman nor it was a staffer or somebody might have been helping or at least. Showing people where the hallways or whether different offices are. Right now there are no facts to support that but there are some that doesn't sound right anecdotal stories. Did say why were these people together the day prior why were they walking the halls. Given how easily the easy protesters the insurgents were able to get into the capitol building there's still some questions about whether that was inside help. And then Steve you mentioned that would the word insurgency in he is this essentially. Domestic terrorist movement that is part of a broader. Resistance to the constitutional order and insurgency is there anything we can learn. From our experience around the world that way. He had terrorists seeking to that terrible irony here after how many years almost two decades of being in Afghanistan and rock where US military was fighting and bleeding. Fighting music counterinsurgency. Fighting against al-Qaeda fighting it's very she of malicious. Got very very Sunni militias as well also the terrible irony here is that the US military spent the past twenty years. Fighting insurgencies only to come home to face a domestic insurgency. Some ask colonel Steve Gagnon thanks very much. Thanks Terry and I. Meantime the next president president elect Joseph Biden he's laid out his. The new massive one point nine trillion dollar Covert relief plan includes money for testing vaccines opening schools and direct payments. To millions of Americans. ABC news business correspondent dinner Bolton joins is with more dinner. So what stands out here from this massive proposal and what would it mean for the economy one point nine trillion dollars plowed into it. Terry used the word maxim listed some of the components of this is what stands out it is an ambitious. By anybody's measure but it's by design I think one of the lessons that we collectively learned from coming out of the last recession. 2007 to 2009. It was Eddie piecemeal strategy really didn't work and the recovery for the US economy honestly just took a lot longer and then was necessary. I think this is the president elect some version and go big or go home and build this bridge if you recall for misstatements fascination use that specific word more than a few times. Just in fact saying lets support people like support businesses lent support families. Until vaccines are a little bit more widespread and until all of us are more collective would be comfortable. Going and spending in restaurants in nor were out toward traveling staying in hotels. Just until this moment where the vaccines are widespread and Terry you know this out. I want collective spending is she inserts. Moammar economic power so the way that we all feel about being places and being together and being entertained in the in the same room that's a huge. Our our economy Terry. We gotta get their shots in arms could do to this plan is also notable because it would be all deficit spending meaning it did there's no. Balancing it with spending cuts and tax increase that's a completely different approaches know that we saw the beginning of president Obama's terms. So. What does that tell you they. See it sure is. And listened very whether it's us personally it never feels good to be spending more than we're making it can talk to individuals they don't feel comfortable lament situation is not comfortable for a country to be in that situation. But the analogy that I hear op and is that literally our house is burning down our economic house is burning down right now we don't want any standing outside I. We're looking at this fire and saying like go on maybe the fire prayers are gonna cause water damage. The most important thing right now it's just to hit this head on I spoke with a hot singles B of course served in the Obama administration. And he was really talking about the fact that this is why we have this kind of flexibility so yes it's a little bit uncomfortable if you look at the balance sheet. What if we don't do this the alternative is much much worse in his term season where even at risk of a double dip recession. If a plan like this is not put into place and passed by the new car. First Harry such a huge challenge for the new president Deirdre Bolton thanks very much can check. Out next now that massive acts. Campsites are up and running across the country but it seems Iraq. Shots the government supposedly had in reserve. They may not even exist when we come back a medical expert tries to explain what's going on out there and what's needed to get. Contract. Yeah. Jill Carroll and her finger being bad things are really bad. They're overwhelmed they stress Blair Blair exchange so within. It is pretty international. I've never seen. Health care systems. June the libelous or. Coming to work this is a constant now. It's it's stressful if they release. I'm the best way to describe it that I could tell a friend recently worst I think treading water from a hundred feet below the surface. You're already drowning but you just have to keep trying because that's what you can do. Every line. The sickest I have ever seen that many here for thirteen happy years and these are the sickest patients I've ever seen. We fight so hard for these face sentencing. Glad I did so thank you. Perhaps it's bad news and I think I mean that we're gonna fight no matter flatbed. Just to see them out of people that. I don't think you know we that was. That's hard. The voices of some American heroes nurses on the front lines of the corona virus crisis that is clearly not letting up that ball. The global death told hit two million today there were more than 3900. Deaths in the US. This week 25% higher than any other week since the pandemic started southern California's situations especially dire. In the icu is an Los Angeles county are still at 0%. Capacity Elmore and Rome now the state is struggling with vaccine roll out. Because the health care system is already overwhelmed. But there is hope things could pick up Dodgers stadium transitioning from the largest cult would testing site in the country to a massive. Vaccine distribution center are Caylee Harding is there had Dodger Stadium with the latest Caylee. How might this. How but I didn't big Maxine hub that they're setting up their help California turned the corner on this. Can't carry and based on those numbers you just shared it certainly is not Holden and its mega site can help and I. He was the largest testing site in the country anymore processing 121000 testing day. Now the goal once this site is fully operational needs to get 121000 vaccinations administered in Dayton this night we'll just doping today the city of 2000. Appointments scheduled we're expecting that governor to be here with Jeanine Howard to officially open incitement there's been so much frustration across this country about to slow roll out. I'm the vaccination process of not more than thirty million doses that it didn't. Distributed across the country only about a third of those first doses have been in this search. And that ratio is reflected here in the state of California California is doing as poor of a job. As any state in this country I'm distributing these vaccines still again when you have this. The operational capacity at this site and Pitt stadium hoping to be a live acts need 121000. People a day. By next week scary. That that now is he's begun California now allowing seniors to get the vaccine but the LA county health commissioner says there aren't even enough doses. And in the state to vaccinated every health care workers so our house network was being done solve that issue. I wish I had a good answer I wish I could tell you that officials here had good answers to solving that problem what we do know is that. Local officials have requested. Additional doses but the theory is carried at. Even though the governor said vaccination should be opened up. Two adults over the age of 65 info on the CDC's guidelines of recommending anybody. Who's an adult with a preexisting condition should be acceded to the concern is that it could be weeks more. Before we are able to get vaccines to those people like you said they are not enough vaccinations in his state right now to even. Vaccinated health care workers settled C a 2000 people who have appointments here today those are health care workers there's a lot of confusion across the state and Penn trickling across the country. About who is eligible what those criteria are on the local level. And that's how he's back seasons are being handled on that local level but you know the questions about distribution. Go to a higher level the the mayor here in LA air Garcetti he has said this is the largest logistical challenge. He's ever seen in his lifetime and they are trying to one day at a time to get right Terry. Yeah they they have to get it right as does the country Caylee Harding. Thanks very much. And for more let's bring in emergency physician an ABC news medical contributor doctor Darian sentence for the latest on the pandemic doctor Sutton U. Hi there in the emergency room in LA this city struggling so hard the whole county really like so much of the country. They're trying to keep up with Kobe patient demand but also vaccine distribution what are some of the challenges you are facing. Good afternoon Diana's sort of challenges haven't seen here in LA are very similar sort of challenges all while working positioned near city during the initial endemic in March or April it's a deficiency of resources our space and staff. As far as resources. There are many more patients requiring things like supplemental oxygen. And there are many hospitals especially the smaller community hospitals that are suffering from a shortage. As far as stays there are simply more patients under par and hospitalization general hospital beds available so we're erecting tents outside of hospitals in order to accommodate bass and a staff becomes sick inevitably some their exposure of this virus at work and within the community we're manipulating our on call schedules to better handle that's. And let's talk about their shortages because states are reported in LA does even have enough to backs in all the health care workers. And just a different of mine who's a teacher in New York was told her Clinton was canceled due to a sudden decrease. In supply but you know according to the CDC less than half of the available doses have been administered so what's going on. I think like what said before this is proving to be a logistical headache and an incredibly complicated process I think it comes down to the community level. Unfortunately. The departments of health that are handling the vaccination process or also after the process. Contact tracing and passing and helping to manage speed does treatment of this disease I think we can here in Elliott what I can speak to is that. We your tasks are departments with not only treating these surges that we are seeing NB. Be shortages of equipment and supplies and staff that we have. But also simultaneously with the trying to vaccination push groups of people so hopefully with more cooperation and federal assistance. And also more cooperation from private sectors as we saw him Dodger Stadium and now that we are hearing not Disneyland is going to open up and reports with Six Flags helping us out. Hopefully we'll start to see more improvement in getting this vaccine from the shelves and into people's arms. And the CDC is warning that the more transmissible. UK variant of the virus could become the predominant strain. By march what are the potential repercussions of that. I'm incredibly hopeful that this is not half bad but I'm also very scared to what we know so far as that the projections that we're seeing from the UK bearing of this strain. Could possibly mean that we can have even more but I that we have been put up with here in LA we know that this is associated with the possibility about increased transmits ability but luckily we have not seen any increased risk of harm or death the patient secondary to this new strain. A form for my patients and for my community members that are asking each it is really difficult to track this because that would involve genetic testing patients presenting with these symptoms so right now. We have to do what we know works fast which is mitigating our efforts are resisting spread and transmission of this Cyrus I. Wearing that stopping unnecessary travel avoiding indoor gatherings and washing your hands. This current actor Darren Sutton always great to have you thank you. Thank you can sense something to look forward to this weekend ahead of inauguration. At major bite in is getting an in dog. Aeration. The former shelter dogs going to be sworn in on zoom this Sunday at 3 PM glad you're spot on him for all of us that he's you can make a donation to the Delaware humane association. On their website today I hear you conclude deals by saying so help me dog she certainly went out from the flags to riches Terry and better better tonight. He won't be taking a barking orders anymore. But the but yeah it really all right now cellular celebration I'm Terry Moran. Even take your money. He's in the flag keeping up paparazzi away from this fun. Relentless puns there's no raise no movies.

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