The Breakdown – COVID-19 kills over 2,800 Americans in one day

Plus, what caused a record-breaking fire season this year and how more Americans have sought out Red Cross shelters.
25:54 | 12/03/20

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Transcript for The Breakdown – COVID-19 kills over 2,800 Americans in one day
Hello everyone thanks first trading with us on the breakdown. I'm Terry Moran and I'm Diana stayed out yesterday was the deadliest day ever for the pandemic in this country. Co bid nineteen killed more than 2800 people in just one day and officials warn it's going to get worse. The director of the CDC says we could see 200000. More deaths between now and February calling this the most difficult time in the country's public health history. The numbers continue to look pretty grim and a 195000. New cases were reported yesterday of 400000. People are currently in hospital with Covert 1980s and it just the last two weeks hospitalizations in this country should have increased. 226%. And others are just the numbers they can often be helpful in showing how we're doing in the fighting us is deadly disease but there's a as a famous quote it's often a German justice Stalin. Goes like this. Three days after losing her mind. So bitterly okay. He can perhaps yeah so funny and he ran her sick and my mom's not sorry yeah. And that is win losing and ginnies and her son Braden nightmare began. My father is there seeing. Two days before he missed sixty. He mystifying. Illness. And I stopped. He ripped the rights. From their bodies and icu nurse herself Lizzie and separated her husband Dennis mom Linda in different areas of the house. Treated them she would treat her own patients. An action and he tracks near his oxygen and I its own monster in the same. And time I'll let it and uses oxygen was at 95 then afternoon. Just a few hours later. Calls all our us and each must kotsay at twenty spraying muscle with. She decided to call 911 and he was rushed to the hospital. While Dennis was fighting for his life in the hospital mom Linda this condition started to deteriorate too. Linda asked her daughter. You know it is and you're gonna die as a model so can I have my how else. She I don't even you. But the next morning Linda's oxygen was around 78 the ambulance came to their home for the second time in a week. Losing and you spend the she isn't what it needs no regrets Mezan Don full PP he signed a disclosure. To visit her mom in the hospital. Hussein could by. A local artists. And others strengths and carry it should let my. Grandmothers or our dignity and. Use. Linda passed away Friday November 20. Three days later on was dance called the hospital for Dennis she shared these intimate photos with us of their final moments together. Now here and look you. Remember aren't IRA. And helps and in. And I and let you go now okay and he's. Yeah the end he's he died a few minutes later. And I'll always be oh it's. Abigail local KOCO five news. Cut to see those final moments for more on the pandemic and it's impact on health care workers joining me now as primary care position in ABC news contributor. Doctor Jay by hadn't talked about what's your reaction and watching that story an icu nurse losing to the people closest to her. Thanks for having me and and frankly it's heart wrenching it's a story that's one too many and why. We know. Need to be here on sat. And angry I'm shocked I'm frustrated. So many our making sacrifices to keep themselves are found in other states including. Caregivers and health care workers like me and my colleagues. And there's so many that are not because they think this is invincible. This virus is to what brother line folks want to believe. The virus is real on this story house isn't real it's it's taking waiting loved ones and family members. It's winning if you compete against you'll lose that's what I see on the front lines of caring for patients. So. Sanitation breakdown aren't because she's afraid of getting caught Granada Panama or sister to a recently. And did it's we know how to win and we can pop them to be rates down parts of the country. Times during this pandemic. Begins and ends with. Asking distancing. Staying home don't gathering doors outside of your household and people you don't know. Hospitals around the country capacity challenge to care for Kobe patients are not covered patients in need. This is predictable about a bar makes me Sosa. Are here again and then takes its toll on out. So let's talk about those hospitalizations because they have passed 100000. What challenges are you in your colleagues facing. When you're trying to care for patients at this point with the hospitals are capacity. We're very dire I mean we eat one. Don't have the capacity. To get them security. People are because they're sick are my colleagues are out and see. People are working longer shifts and they should and then there at the risk of making mistakes because they're tired we're human. Evidence shows a lack of sleep affects doctors just like alcohol intoxication. And middle impairment in judgment and concentration. We do as much as we can and that's not to sit also talked about on the whole soul. Every patient we lose your every patient to get sicker. It's tougher on us. At least maybe looking for presents its Christmas but we as health care workers are looking for relief tonight's you've got. So the head of the CDC is now saying prepare for the worst months of this pandemic. In the winter so we're not even dare yet what concerns you most when you think about. I think that's absolutely right thinking the next exit twelve we are going to be very challenging with a increased problems with the holidays. Folks not doubling down on public health measures we know work. And we know that when individuals go into homes or family members or loved ones or friends. They may be having commodities are over 65 gross human how conditions are putting them at extreme risk. So shouldn't handwriting indoor public spaces anyone's unmask because I'm your bringing that. Home Archie were Acer. To others around you I worried a very dangerous place. Because the baseline right now limit hospital capacity. Further surge no compromise care. As well as overall capacity and I just had difficulty getting up Asian. Yesterday good abdominal pain. Her valuation she critically needed emergency or I had a difficulty getting a competition deteriorating and should exit she needed. And it takes a lot together command so Aaron every American understands the need to understand your risk of not doing things in a war. Diet doctor Jay not thank you. Thanks so much for. And thanks to docked for that. As we wait for vaccine approval there's also a lot of hope for a new relief package to help the millions still struggling during his pandemic senate majority leader Mitch McConnell. Said that up compromise is within reach but he stopped short of endorsing. The bipartisan plan backed by democratic leadership and some moderate Republicans. President trump said today he would support another Coleman relief bill but it's unclear if he's referring to add bipartisan bill or a separate smaller one. From senator McConnell self. What would be and that bipartisan bill should it move forward 300 dollars a week in federal unemployment benefits. And a 160 billion in state and local lay. However the bill would not include another round. A stimulus checks but I was running out to strike a deal lawmakers have given themselves just one more week to sort things out. This is we learned today that 7121000. Americans filed for unemployment claims last week the first time in two weeks those numbers and come down but there still higher than any pre pandemic record. Now as that clock ticks down on president trumps president say it's. Pardon John Howard shift gears to pardons and politics right now presidents often issue pardons in the weeks before they leave office. Sources tell ABC news the president's. Is considering handing out cards to an interesting array of people including members of his own family and even himself. A self part. Can he do that. Well joining us now to discuss. I'm Gil reed Amar noted constitutional law professor at Yale university and lyric Berger professor Wright professor of public policy at Harvard university and an ABC news contributor welcome to you boats and professor Amar argued star start with you. A shelf part of don't let me just ask you first in general. How extensive is a pardon power would the president for example be legally allowed apart members of the Stanley avenue men charged with a crime. Yes. And generally speaking you issue. Any kind. Aaron. Ryan has earned an issue for crimes occurred. Only eat pork barrel crimes or stain on news. I'm lessons apply and in which he spent a recent installment basis and in an ardent our enemy. And are from those. A stake out positions. I am an. Ordinance and a and bury Steen. You'll we're looking at the language right now on the screen the president shall have the power. To grab a drink some pardons for offenses against the United States except in cases of impeachment does directly from the constitution so professor Lee Atlantic right Kruger way we know that presidents do this at the end of their term about a president. The kinds of pardons. That so far key all the hand issues. And in this one we're talking about remedy from June Rudy Giuliani took the tiger king Karen. In my Gergen and number you know differently in a presidential. In ways that expands essentially XX and political capital. And in a week or two ball so we see for example with Obama administration and that there's there's a cement rushed. In a number of Greek and number well. Currently incarcerated individuals in nature we see somebody like your cork. Uses moment at could be any a presidential term order a deadly art and Richard Nixon. Not necessarily because it'd be ethical thing or but. Because. It is necessary. Nation to move. Il. What we're seeing now in the week the administration is. And now adding that can it be. To shine in this that early in president. Preemptively art in their friends and their cronies and being fundamentally it's like. Undemocratic we know that it is it not her latest look American. Really want to see it's actually kind of in a democratic nation when it comes to crime. Being committed. And. And we should say there's no evidence at this point and that these pardons for a present from scrimmage or. Allies will. Will follow but I kill let me ask you legal experts seem to be divided right now I'm that question of self pardon. Kenny legally pardon himself Sean Hannity one of his main allies and Boston has suggested he should do so the president twittering Lawler investigation he thinks she's got that power. You think some. I'm and the system and historically instead. No personal and pardons. And it's an easy legal and it's the simple aspirin person can be in dad's in his own. All the way back. Around a lot of biblical I'm. William black owned this happens an era net. Every boundary knew about old. Almost any eases the Bible and I am revolution near an air. What Blackstone as an industry is. First principle of law now when can be dads his own. And as. I'm. Loss means the rule of law this has been the rule lock in cheap juniors. If somehow he goes ahead and does it anyway I guess it may be a charge could be brought in federal court and that. Principal would be tested in federal court and and you didn't mention as the constitution does. That parts are still stood offense against United States federal so state law crimes would still be available for prosecution if there were any. Correct I'm and you're also wrecks on our and that issue. I'm be asked in court and there were east. The current Christie seemed to ardent in its lead our. Way. Aren't you. I didn't and didn't see double jeopardy. And core when I went and aren't Alan. Ordinarily parents are almost sent a sample deep roots aren't blessed are here in a Brock. Well right now art and by the way. I'm in the given that bribery is. Back and abroad and treason. Bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors. You issued an ardent in order to get my name. That would be kind of person Manning would be deprived her that the person. For the armor the bragging that would be in crime and in addition correctly and it court asked the pardon your. It's like writing yourself. Aetna aren't any and a partner and orally and T but you're getting it into your something. You know. Isn't aura arguably second and all. I saw. Can. Send and end on and on. It is it it's questionable that I'd like Italy or red or Garnett this. What does this say this is yet another norm blustering moment that president trump is clearly considering he's done some it. About where wee hours of people we focus on present troubled time he is the norm buster has been what does this say about the state of our politics and and democracy. One dipping to keep in mind here is at our democracy and test it. A sleeping remade and something that is essentially Lee out. Work and what this does it at a lot. About what our democracy meet. Agile than we really. Would essentially. Has an idea norms and gore. Now guard reels are around they're so many things that are all right we know norm which is 1 central central. In the last I. And so what we should be looking and what we should be thinking about the way in which you can. Nontraditional all. Week that people. Democracy. Actually take some kind of legal idea and instead of where to rely on this really took a no news has published an. Early alarm at. What we should also consider shield is back. We never been tested in this lady had a president. Has been so and it invested in is the norm staying or break in order essentially kind of idea isn't real. Now we're learning is that the things that stand in between us and actually keeping. Our democracy. Like. Congress being in things like kind of who got lawyers and legal systems around. There are more fragile than we ever. And it feels that way they were at her girlish and the kill reed Amar thanks very much of that illuminating discussion on a deep tissue she sang thanks. Thank you Baath. And natural disasters like this year's record breaking wildfire season. I would the pandemic has more Americans than ever lead in need of emergency shelter when we come back to science behind climate changes impact on millions of Americans and from their homes to their wallets and stay with us. Welcome back California's record breaking twenty joining flyers season has now become a fire year. The bond fire exploded overnight in Southern California a rare sight this close to winter. And this can all be tied to one factor many people say climate change and she's Caylee heart or more. More than eight million acres have gone up in flames in 20/20. Breaking records. This year's devastation historic before it's even over the last month multiple fires. The exploded and killed by hurricane forcing an Ana winds. Right around this fire is unstoppable. Wiling Colorado he took a snowstorm to slow down the largest fire in the states recorded history. Prepare for the worst this is the worst of the worst of the worst. In the last few years the worst has become the new normal. ABC news is good on the front line this intense. Layers have already destroyed a whole minorities are trying to put this fire out. Right now. Intensity that is absolutely enormous they heat is. An overwhelming this is a chance for rain they're dealing with what they're doing right now they're saying they're blackening the life of buyer isn't even betrays the firefighters called his core founding. What years. We've seen things escalating. Don't wait. But we are we really don't count fighters. She. Went out of fighter a year. These fires are growing larger Bernie ward ten. Moving quicker science explaining one reason climate change. It's a pretty strong candidates growing stronger over and cynically. Forming in places like cal and is trying to education true crater ten Dniester her drawer. I heat wage rose to California this summer Death Valley rising to a 130 degrees and possibly the highest temperature ever reliably reported on earth. California fire officials say there's no denying the sex. He's looking for evidence of a change and it's it's and I are world security. Absolutely edit and eat you couldn't find editor at all of him. You are being armed. On the arugula and you're O or. We Dover 51 million people living on the West Coast. More and more people are forced to build new homes he and high fire danger zones. It makes the job. Fighting a minor. In London living with wild fired mortar or who we are shatters so. Our cross the land there is no basis in California and it doesn't have some risk while. Earlier this year in the dairy creek fire one volunteer firefighter lost everything while he was battling the blaze. Or just devastating. Chart bridging. News. Metal laws I just don't wanna think about too much good goes reduce herds too much. And following the deadly campfire last year they Stanley moves or again only to be impacted by fires near this year. Feet thick. Remember we facelift. Replaced a great move great paying for ABC news lines and healing are tons of Los Angeles. Some replace what would still heartbreaking to see our thanks to Caylee for that report and natural disasters combined with a pandemic have left more Americans than usual in need of an emergency shelter should the American Red Cross says over a million times this year. People relied on the organization to sign them somewhere to sleep. And that's toward times the annual average from the last eight years. Joining me now for more on this is Red Cross vice president for communications. Elizabeth Pannemon Elizabeth thanks for being here you know than. You look at the increase is this student more natural disasters the need for more space because of social distancing why this huge demand. First of all thank you for having me on this afternoon. And just in these disasters are incredibly heartbreaking and their back. Back as your when your previous. Guests she said you know there doesn't seem to be a season anymore noticed. Or more overnight stays or people in need and on on top of the current Myers endemic it is just after eight. How are you doing that how are you stepping up to accommodate this surgeon need more shelter and all the other hate you for right. Well we're doing it in different ways we have pat you adapt to this new environment and we have more people into a hotel rooms this year I'm dormitory style. Settings as well just you should avoid the congress shelters where we can reduce those as well hotels have really been our own share ocean we've also been making sure that our volunteers are staged by -- on insuring that cease social distancing as a place people are wearing masks. And gloves washing hands etc. but it it's very very different this year in a way that we're managing. And the Red Cross also runs blood drives across the country but this year cancellations have tripled compared to last year mostly due to the pandemic. So what kind of problems has that hosts. Well you know emergencies don't stop and we have to supply blood every single day shall we stand at about 500 blood drives a day and as you mentioned we had to cancel many of those businesses and schools close to we social decency guidelines in place to make sure we have it on the shelves or those in need to. You know opening up new opportunities for blood donations new sites you scanners. And making sure that those bands are spaced are our temperatures are men and knowledge you know when New York facing an emergency you're going into an emergency were shown a woman having a pregnancy cancer treatments that is needed every single day and we're doing everything we can't make sure we have let on the shelves panels that when you look at all the challenges your organization has faced this year are there any personal stories Stanley as you come across things you experience -- sort of highlight. How this year has been compared to others. You know I am just. Always struck by the resiliency of the American people and it's often times when we go into shelters that. She you know were the ones you know our word we're Welling up networks finding the tears because it in these situations are so sad. I heard a story in our. And one of our shelters out west Sherwin in the wild fires and there's a little boy who was a violin player she brought in his violin teacher and they started and music and that sheltered you lift people out or when you're such an all time men should you know it's stories like that really are so heartening and you know just. We just give us spirit to do what we do every day they sure do and just quickly Elizabeth how can people help. We're grateful if anyone is willing to held. Red Cross or to our website he's out there and there are opportunities Eric Chu should consider rolling up sleeves to donate blood or convalescent plasma if you agree covered from corona virus. Or you can also make a financial donation any size is well I'm you can also sign up to volunteer should again Red Cross or we are rituals in Port Elizabeth cannon with the Red Cross thank you so much your time and thank you for the work that you do. Thank you so much. For sure good work indeed that doesn't trust here on the breakdown I'm Terry Moran and I'm Diana stayed Ilyce you back here tomorrow at 3 PM eastern. Have a great night yeah.

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