The Breakdown: Hamas proposes conditional cease-fire

Plus, President Joe Biden touts green energy at Ford electric vehicle plant, and police react to NYC Pride’s ban on the NYPD.
30:00 | 05/18/21

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Transcript for The Breakdown: Hamas proposes conditional cease-fire
I welcome to the break down on me to pilgrim in for Diana's eight. And I'm Terry Moran president Biden is in Michigan today highlighting his plans to create jobs. While moving the United States toward a green energy few. The real question is whether relief. We'll fall behind them. Whether we'll fill these vehicles in the batteries that go into. Here in the United States rely another country. President Biden toured the plant there will be manufacturing Ford's new electric F 150 pickup truck. Ahead of its official unveiling tonight White House climate advisor Gene McCarthy joins us live in just a moment. Meanwhile Hamas says they are offering Israel unconditional cease fire after days of airstrikes and rocket attacks in the Middle Eastern and up and joins us from Israel. With the latest. And New York city's proud. Pride parade the largest in the world has banned the police and participating in its events for four years why we're gonna break that down. I'll tell you what that Brady's doing instead that could have wider implications for the rest of the country how the police are reacting that's coming up. But we're going to begin with potential breakthrough in the crisis in the Middle East a senior Hamas official. Tells ABC news that Hamas would accept us cease fire. If certain conditions are met. This comes as Israeli police say two people have been killed. By rocket attack is the barrage of fire from Hamas based in Gaza continues to rain down on Israel and our chief national correspondent. Matt Gutman joins us live now. With the latest from Israel so mad here is this ABC news is learning our colleague and Estrada has heard that Hamas. Looking for a cease fire under certain conditions and you've spoken with the Israelis what what are you here. The conditions RVs right they are asking that Israel stop incursions in to reveal lots of mosque in Jerusalem. And and let. A practice over. Palestinians being evicted from homes in the chase dropped neighborhood of Jerusalem. Israel saying according to his an official spoke with just a short time ago. No thank you Israel says it wants to continue to d.s able hamas' military infrastructure. In Gaza and we've seen these sit here airstrikes over the past nine days. Israel flying. And dozens and dozens of sorties some of those explosions. Lighting up the night sky officials specifically has been targeting hamas' network. Tunnels that honeycomb Gaza. Apparently eager incredibly sophisticated. They are protected and secured they were supposed to be ultra secret initials actually. Very happy I suppose about its success in being able to disable some of these tunnels. And the impression I got from the officials with human speaking is that. They want to keep going at least until they finish some list of targets that they've amassed. Over a recent period of time they want to disable Hamas to the degree. That they can have quiet in Israel for a number of years. Nobody sudden about peace this is just about buying a little bit of time Terry. Getting after those tunnels the metro as you say Israeli intelligence called Israeli intelligence and in Gaza is pretty good. Meanwhile one of real concerns they're mad as you know is the violence within Israel that has erupted between Israeli Arabs and Israeli Jews. And we understand there is more violence breaking out of protesters are clashing with police what can you tell. By the way it's called the metro area to point out is what does an excellent. Intel in Gaza. Because it's like a subway it so sophisticated and and that was something of great concern. What we sought to gain not just in Israel but across Gaza and the west bank and he mixed Jewish Arab towns in Israel proper was unprecedented it was the first time. Anybody's recollection that all the factions. Other Palestinians were talking Hamas Islamic Jihad. Everybody got together Ted OK Tim good strike generally we also saw significant protests and clashes in Jerusalem between. Pro Palestinian protesters. And Israeli. Military. And and border police. There were a number of people injured but more than those classes I think what is unique is that this is the first time the Palestinians have been this united in the long time they are united. Around being. Upset and I raised. At Israel's incursions it to be a lot of mosque and the temple mount at the the violence that we've seen in Gaza the casualty rates there the ongoing bombing the ferocity. Of these bombing campaign that we see. So this is really quite unusual. Unclear where it's going to go in the next couple of days or how long these unity will last but right now it is certainly a president Gary. Mad you are right on that story and have been throughout. Please stay safe and thanks for being with us this afternoon. I care how president Biden initiate entering Ford's new factory as he touts his jobs plan that would fund charging stations for election vehicles nationwide. Ford is set to end up a first ever electric version of its F 150 pickup truck one of the most popular vehicles in the country. White House correspondent Karen Travers joins us live now for more on this and Caron. I'm curious when what Biden's hoping to accomplish on this trip. He that he is selling that infrastructure plan 2.3 trillion dollars and you know they're waiting right now offer counteroffer from Republicans. But signs last week were cleaning to. An ax bit of optimism about a bipartisan compromise potentially in reach. But the president is out there today to talk about that moved to a green economy and electric vehicles. For rolling out tomorrow that new electric F 150 pick up truck they're very excited about this so the president got a little sneak peak of that. You know part of that infrastructure plan eve and 74 billion dollars goes to. Ads supporting the development of electric cars a lot of that money is going and going to set up about a half a million charging stations around the country. President says this is necessary this is the way of the future and he went out there to highlight the work Ford is doing. It and I have to mention the president loves cars he loves talking about his Corvette he loves driving cars and when he was giving remarks he said he was hoping asked Secret Service. You know maybe he didn't take it out for a spin. He didn't you're not to a test track at Ford and was driving that new electric pick up truck and said it went pretty fast and just got. Oh seconds. And best of prizes none of this kind of covered him I'm sure Hillary hate. This again it is also home to the largest percentage of Arab Americans at any stage and activists and there. Our protest saying that violence that we're seeing in Israel right now Biden has now publicly endorse as cease fire. But how does the administration working to. Intensive. Behind the scenes discussions that's what the white house Press Secretary told reporters on Air Force One hiding out to Michigan. They say that is their approach right now and that is what they're going to continue to do you. Either the president spoke to the Israeli prime minister yesterday that was their third phone conversation in just under a week. And during that call the White House said the president expressed his support for a cease fire. But it was a carefully worded statement from the White House last night it he didn't give a timeline it didn't relieving give it a firm push to end the violence immediately. Lot of questions today about that to the white house Press Secretary and neither she did not explain it any further just saying that these conversations continued to take place. The administration wants to see an end to the violence but. Asked at a wedding they want to see that cease fire what terms or conditions there might be on the table of the United States would like to see. No details yet from the in the. Restoration and the pressure just continuing to build. Back in Washington Republican leader Ken McCarthy is rejecting calls for a bipartisan commission to investigate the January 6 insurrection saying. They could be counterproductive. And what exactly would the commission be investigating and the big question can't go ahead without McCarthy. We support. Yet that is the big question and you know this of course passed without Republicans that this will likely give cover to some who were on the fence are not sure they were gonna do about it. And even this isn't a democratic proposal this is something that was negotiated. Democrats and Republicans including a top lieutenant of Kevin McCarthy soaked it was a big surprise I think that. You'd think you have the blasting to move forward and negotiate this would Democrats. And it was going to set up this commission that would have equal representation from both parties both parties that would have approval writes first subpoenas. That they want to bring in people ask them questions about what happened that day. But McCarthy the top Republican says it could be redundant because there are law enforcement investigations going on and said it could potentially be counterproductive. McCarthy of course himself could be subpoenaed there was already a call from Liz Cheney for that to happen. Because remember back on January 6 he spoke to president trump that day and a lot of questions about what that conversation was like what the former president's state of mind wasn't. What he might have said are not set during that call so we're still expecting this to come up for a vote. It could pounce even if there are no Republicans on board but he did this does give Republicans a chance to say that this is now just a one sided commission. And partisan. Makes a very different men and forward. Yesterday president Biden announced the US would share twenty million more doses of approved vaccines with the developing world that brings the total commitment tech eighty million doses which. Is more than any other country by far. I know you've been talking to radio stations all around the country about this what are the reactions that you are hearing. An action is that this is the right move for the United States right now and I think it you'd ask that same question a couple months ago when their respect just supply crunch and people were signing up on multiple sites to try and just get an appointment. The reaction was a bit different people were concerned about. US vaccines going overseas but now the reality is that we have enough supply for every adult that wants to get vaccinated and those vaccination numbers of course has started to slow down. This is eighty million doses sixty million are the AstraZeneca vaccine that is an authorized yet here's that can't be used but the additional twenty million the president announced yesterday eve that's spies are in the dirt and Johnson & Johnson. President said it's the Smart thing to do it's the right thing to do and he's and it's the strong thing to do. Message we heard today from doctor found she's saying US has a moral obligation. To help other countries that can afford vaccines and that's the only way this pandemic will Trulli and Karen Travers Flores in Washington thank you. A president Biden's visit to that Ford plant where it through tooled around in the pick up truck and reminisced about the Ford fairly and it's all part of him trying to highlight a key part of its infrastructure plan. Investing. Electric vehicles and green energy technology as a way to both tackle climate change and create jobs are joining us to talk more about how the administration plans he would. More these American made cars on America's highways White House national climate advisor Gina McCarthy Janet thanks for being witnessed this afternoon. Terry thanks so much they have admitted they appreciate it. And I. Just want to start with you know pry one of the obstacles to getting Americans to buy electric vehicles. How one of the reasons we're lagging behind China's president point out the lack of public charging stations in this country are gonna show graphic here they the administration's interest from proposal addresses this. We see it earmarking a 174 billion dollars for promoting electric cars that includes rebates and incentives for consumer purchases. And money to build. 500000. Charging stations but when he thirty. So that's right what else can it doesn't have a what did it look like cut across America. How will losing to China and a number of different ways they have a lot more judging stations they have a lot more vehicles out there. They are producing batteries right now that they're selling to other countries so the whole idea or the American jobs plan and specifically. On electric vehicles is to listen to the auto makers number one. They have telling us of electric vehicles of the future so if we want to grab that future if you want to grab the supply chain back from China. If we want to be selling in manufacturing. These vehicles here in the US and selling them from he would up all the countries. Then we have to get moving. So this is all about investing in working with the private sector are on 500000. New charging stations. This is about getting consumers. Some at the point of sale rebate opportunities. So that these vehicles will be come more cost effective. Right away for every buddy in the United States. It's about looking at low interest loans and grants at least died building the batteries. Right here in the United States which we got back. The battery that you see in that F 150 that electric vehicle. Is made in the United States America. And I'm gonna build the pirates in the United States of America which is what that Ford F fifteen now has enrolled in a build it with union labor. Good paying union jobs. That's what's gonna get us out of this pandemic Scott our economy running again and make us cost competitiveness. This is about winning the future for our country this is about up people. And it's also about the challenge of climate change and how we make us cities cleaner how we invest in transit again how we make trains move again and get where we need to go. This is a whole infrastructure plan that's about investing in our people and not country again. We are going to win the future right he air in the United States for the people right here in the United States. And that sounds like it is right at the heart of which Michael Biden is and I'm not sure but he he anybody's you can. That term at the moment but added that kind of sums it up and somewhat so let's talk about consumers. Show you mentioned them. A what can they expect when there considering. Say shifting from the Honda Pilot I have to buy one of these vehicles the next few years. Well they have to consider it take into consideration a number of different things now we have quite a bit of of infrastructure already out terrific judge in this private sector charging. Companies that are out there building it. And is opportunities to actually locate these charging stations and a way that's. Going to get rid of that consumer anxiety but they can also look at. At a variety of different types of of technologies that are available. Different types of tires so they can find one that's affordable to them. They can think about home charging stations charging stations in. And we can think about moving forward together to make shore. That where investing in the future. Now the one good thing about electric vehicles. While his many actually. If you drive one you gotta love it because it performs really well which I'm quite sure of the president probably reflected. Because these engines a fuss of period to combustion engines and am much cleaner so if you Kidd has as a renewal live along roadways. You can feel like there's an opportunity for yacht child. Because we can get rid of these diesel buses which were planning to do these diesel trucks which were gone a stud getting off the road. And building a really much more clean it transportation system. But you can also look for real opportunities for cost savings in their operation. In old they save a fortune. In terms of reductions in the gasoline you need to pay and the electricity cost of running these vehicles. Is file less expensive than that gash you going to put in a combustion engine vehicle. So we I'll looking really at the opportunities today. But even more importantly the opportunity for the future sweet can get these vehicles out there in the numbers added an agreement costs down. And we fully expect that within the next five to six she is they'll be cost competitive. With the with combustion engines if not sonar. And so will looking at real opportunities few the drive. A really cool cod maybe not that that F 150. What you'll find one that suit she really sound. With the with a room for the kids. When asked about having a problem facing today and that is the global computer chip shortage. He not a huge obstacle right now car companies facing. In rolling out these electric vehicles they they can't find these chips are reports that Ford has tens of thousand cars parked in lots waiting for the chips to a lot I don't I've. So how's the shortage already impact of the market for consumers. And what can the administration do about. Well it it is already. Impacting and that's out of some short sighted decisions made by the prior administration. To stop investing. In on manufacturing right here in the United States and president Biden doesn't intend to. To compound those problems he's going to fix them and so he as a significant investment. That he's put on the table says semiconductor so that we can really make sure. That where the these chips are available and that our car companies can sell their vehicles and get the moving slowly. You know we have to look at this supply chain we can't continue to be be hold and to other countries like China that would like nothing better. Then to make sure that we a beholden to them. For key Potts of of the products that we need for America. And so it's time and that's what potted this electric vehicle infrastructure investment is all about is making sure that we control our own destiny he had. We our great country with amazing union workers we can no longer cede the strength of our economy. Or round manufacturing. Ability to anybody else's discretion. We have to bill be here. That's what the American jobs plan is all about we and building it where owning it if someone wants to buy it from us. They can pay to buy it but we need it for ourselves and that's the challenge we have right now with these chats. Is we have too many 'cause sitting on the sidelines. Waiting to be finalized for production and out into the hands of the public. We need to take care of that and that's what president Biden's plan will. Art and Gina just one final question everything's politicized in this country there is a perception among some of that electric cars are for coastal leads. Yeah what do you say to you want a red states who listened to your vision the president's vision of an electrocution is asked. There they go again pretty self. Yeah Iowa one of the look of the great things about about having the F 150. That actually out there and electric model. Is people going to see that it's not fu flu. It is a vehicle that's going to do the job for the American public. And the thing I would say is that that you know Terry I didn't pass the cock companies could they switch to electric. You know they came to us and said you know the future is electric. We know that it's happening in China it's happening in the EU. It's a question of whether I'm not we're going to shift and continued to move forward to produce the products of today. And tomorrow a whether we're going to stay natives we have that this prior administration. We I'm not going to sit back and failed to invest in mass cells. And win the technologies of the future an electric vehicle. There it. Greg all right Gina McCarthy at the White House thanks very much for that thanks Eric. Organizers of New York city's annual pride parade. Have banned the New York police department from participation this year saying their appearance at the red and some members of the community. We come back how that organizers plan to pull off the parade safely and what the move could mean for similar gatherings across the country. Welcome back in just a few weeks pride celebrations will kick off a cross country to highlight the struggles and the fight for equality and to celebrate what it means to be LG BTQ. It's the largest pride parade in the nation it takes place every June in New York City with over two million people coming out to march. And participate in the events. But as edition continues to undergo social reckoning on policing an American organization in charge of running the pride parade in New York City. Making headlines ever after announcing that police they say. Will be Brent from participating in New York City pride events through 20/20 five the next four years of for more let's bring in. Former new York city police department chief of detectives and -- news contributor Robert Boyce and Brian downing he's president of the gay officers Action League. Thank you both for being here it's an interesting. Subject and an important time to Brian let me begin with you. Heritage pride released a statement that says they're the ones running the parade they say their decision to ban police officers was taken. To create a safe space. For attendees who do not always feel safe around law enforcement specifically trans and by popular communities in what do you make of New York City pride organ is organizes excluding police. In this way. Well first off. Clark thank you for let me. Join you today. You know. I run again is actually in New York weren't organized a prize. LTU. I hate us just the professional friends allies arm. You know I I think did arts and armed unarmed people. Don't know Reese you'll see. Around the least. It's. It's pretty clear I think again it's you know I've been running you're gonna these 2016. And we have and many many times acknowledges. That. You know not everybody has the same experience. With the police who to promote justice system I think that at our organization. One of them the big things that reduce speed train 19 LG EG URA or counter art. In sensitivity and awareness are miniature Archie Boyce and it adds that you know we series its policy advises. The best practices. Or law and horsemen executives. So. And we are members of the community who we are. People Larry yeah actually be art and gender all we bring that struggle in she knew. Into the agencies into the you know every day the struggle that we had we were children are our sexual or gender identity is we're bringing that struggle into its system. And historically. Hasn't always been trucks. So I think to be chief. The people. That are doing network. Out of out of its marched are on the last Sunday in June is a mistake. And it's and it's and it's hurtful to to the people who don't so much where. To advance. Our backcourt. Brian yeah you're referencing this in some way many LG BTQ and Michael DNY PD police out there's actually march in this parade every year. So I'm curious if you've spoken to the officers. And how old they are feeling about this decision. To ban NYPD from the parade. They she'll car I mean it's it's there are more. It's their event. No one gets to own Stonewall. Them as a moment Nora movement that moment in that improvement belong to the entire community. I period I'm hearing from my members now. Speaking you. My phone hasn't stopped some Friday. And it's been pretty pretty. Consistent. People. Jill said people are armed upset would be putting it lightly. And some people feel oh terrified that they feel like they're being. You know stormed out of their own community. And and I think that's a very dangerous precedent where does our. You know let's also look at. You know we have five democratically elected district Ernie. In the in the new stadium New York or are they. Invited as well or is it just be gay officers action. You know is that the FBI. You know there are there a lot of people are telling me. And you reduce our unit are about it on your show about our. You know Israel and Palestine route there's very very strong sentiments and in the and a lot of different speeds are we gonna ban. A Jews whose net. A robber near say pride is issues event that spans multiple parts of the city over several days. Two people feel safe going to pride this year if police are banned from participating. I you're going to be here so solution is still feels it like you have some some issues that. The talk about tried. Trained private security. They don't have the depth of knowledge experience and resources of the NYPD to run this parade al-Qaeda just going back to Ryan. A more than people call you probably are only gotten about Cuba that's okay. One of the issues I had what is his outrage. As I know how the gall allocate offices actually works. All of them are detectives award from their greed courageous people. And I and I sympathize with them back to go through loose. It's a group PH OP our heritage of pride that runs right. They should well no excuses aren't treatment had to do this to offices. Is just is is an outrage and I'll tell you after having worked so what he abused or is partially. Are no one gets a big this year. Then again I don't exactly when it when he watched while. Did makes no sense on so many levels whose I've known what they've done and how they've further LG BTQ writes how hard they work. And what kind of heroes they don't hold it right cops. But the great beauty humanitarian as well. So this this is just a failure and admitted middle beginning I should say crazies in New York to sell orders celebratory time. And happy talk to exclude the NYPD anyway he's clearly a mistake in his egregious. Don't Bob thinking back to the origins of the gay rights movement in our country. The Stonewall riots back in 1969. When LG BT. QY a plus people in that bar just wouldn't take it anymore as that police tried to bust up there they're gathering. More than fifty years later and now we're seeing protests. You know by people would simply don't feel they can take. The kind of policing. Of people of color in this country the death of George Floyd and so many others who died at the hands of the police so. It just like we do have these crises. Do you feel that we move forward do you feel that that whatever lack of trust there is between the gay community in New York and the police. Is is is better than it was a must be right. Of course it is and is that resulted he is we've come so far. Says. It really is Vincent are possible Morton's works how forward how we worked in lockstep. With the choking on this Peria. And I'll tell you. Up until about two years ago there was none of this sort reducing interchange and an organization that has been asked what is we're trying to get through nuisance news. Anti police department please mark mantra it's not working crime is going through the roof. There is a real Karl here on city right to change cities and we need to all county where we need new leadership due. Hopefully the that Merrill had his understand that most don't do. He's the ones leading in polls that we have to get past these things all things would go all which we have Bryant has been a great detective. Or a long talk. So and I think he represents coal and any. So to be exclusionary to have all these things done it just doesn't make any sense all and we are BR news I'm to do it. This stuff great is not cooperative Diaw and networks don't and are subject to order a operators don't changed Wiegert. Also we're still have time to get this chase I really hope we do. It's a really important story and we thank you both. For helping us now with it former new York city police department chief of detectives and ABC news contributor Robert Boyce. And Brian Downey president of the gay officers Action League thanks very much. Are you accuse some are pretty. And we have some exciting news to share about our own Diana said she's releasing her first book later this year it's called. This sleep fixed practical proven and surprising solutions for insomnia snoring shift work and more. That covers it it's all about helping you get a better night's sleep with the advice that Diane Follett to get through her own sleep struggles with the hours in the work that she's been doing. And net we have another announcement about our friend die and she and her husband Tom are expecting their second child their T year old son Jack become a Big Brother. To his bait he says stare at this all. Congratulations. To Patton. You let them. Well that doesn't break down today thanks for joining us I'm even Coburn in for Diane saint. And I'm Terry Moran we'll see you back here at 3 PM eastern tomorrow have a great day.

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