The Breakdown: President Biden visits Pfizer facility

Plus, acting Federal Emergency Management Agency chief Bob Fenton on their response to the crisis in Texas and how “Mattress Mack” is opening his doors for people in Texas who need help.
19:53 | 02/19/21

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Transcript for The Breakdown: President Biden visits Pfizer facility
Yeah. Hi everyone welcome to the breakdown I'm Diana stayed album. I'm Terry Moran president Joseph Biden toward the fires are manufacturing center today in Michigan gave remarks on the vaccine fallout. Calling it a miracle of manufacturing to produce hundreds of millions of doses. I came here because I want the American understand this extraordinary. Extraordinary work is being done to undertake the most different called operational challenges as nation has ever faced. And I might say parenthetically that it's not enough. That we find cures for Americans. Today's big jurors that the world is able to take part because you can't build a wall and her friends high enough to keep the pandemic. How can. And president Biden also told the world news quote America is back today in a virtual address in the G-7 summit of world leaders and while he never mentioned Donald Trump by name. He did have harsh words force predecessors America first agenda. I know. I know the past two years of strain and tested a transatlantic relationship. The United States is determined. And I'm determined to re engaging Europe. To consult with you. Turn back our position of trust diminish. Meanwhile texas' biggest power company Eric Kot says its operations are back to normal. And power is being restored but residents are still facing a dangerous water shortage. After the blackout affected water plants and freezing temperatures burst pipes people lined up for my hills in some areas this afternoon just to get water. And president Biden said today that he would ask. Schema to accelerate its response to crisis in Texas by declaring a major disaster in the state. Acting FEMA administrator Bob Jensen joins us now from more honest. Bob thanks for being here I know you're busy. Curious how this major disaster declaration will help things in taxes and why didn't we see it earlier. Well on the Sunday the president declare an emergency declaration. This allows. Treatments. Directs any federal agency to provide resources and gives us all. Those forty mean we need to respond to life saving or our place is any news or so and that's crime over the last week we've provided water we approach you'll regret it. Meals like it's our candidate right now because of the cold conditions were limited cash insurance fractured IC seventeen watery areas. And Bob this is Terry Moran about does aircraft delivering water ten Galveston Inco common Corpus Christi. So what supplies are most needed on the ground now. Now one of the biggest challenge of facing going ahead in the next few days. Yeah the next few days as she as negotiations are open up. And is temperatures start to rise so we're she is much more. Damage to reached on an history water in action. And so it's it's a science or the water systems start working which usually need to Conchita cried. Us this amount of water there we'll take a while atrocious source mark restock which means it's a great shrewd. To riddles or don't have sued. In. And we need to could you grab one station there are areas are still in all there is due to all. This critical it if you are old you go to one of the war appreciation stones. You know what you else horror. Usually doom barbecues in the house or gases and may impact you shall be safe out these Smart or you're you're actually need are eager to wonder what we station earlier. And about how does this emergency affected a vaccination effort. Well there's a number states and rent and impacted by the vaccination. You birds. Was announced that we were Hornish I was three large sites Texas. One in. Houston and two in the Dallas earlier wanna dolls on. Those are scheduled certain middle next week. We're brand depart reduce tensions and establish those so we're still working should you'd as were responding to. The needs of individuals and I just should and so it has just stopped shelling which got. And one day the world announced this week and once we see I was socially charged our operational on the waters are etched. It's so Bob we know that FEMA responds to and the disasters emergencies across the country. And power is often one of the main issues get him back up and go and now Texas is power grids independent. From the rest of the nation which how it even impact if any has had had on recovery efforts. Our critical we depend on it so much the United States what are its Kirsch links where your house. UNG it now communications or depend on our obviously a short dress as hospitals the water systems. All those injured and on our so it's important part comes up to good news hour. Outages dropped significantly. Now it's restarted. It and restart its. And about what can people around the country do right now to help the people of Texas. Well right now there should be sites EB trench year nonprofits and donations are usually the best thing. It used to provide donations Red Cross the Salvation Army units and our or rather nonprofits that are you to donate through go to the Texas mercy mansion where aged and she'd get I get out may be sure your free speech organization. Is due out but for the people Texas what they needed you always start off by. The assurance each start allspice. Processing and church. Pork and that's a nuclear is way to assistants. So insurance. And then we are looking at the major declarations. And assists as the new needles that we are she. RN acting came administrator Bob Fenton thank you for your time today we appreciate it. We are you indeed thanks Bob. While a busy day for president Joseph Biden this morning. He declared his foreign policy priorities in his first major international speech as president and the Santa now he's addressing the corona virus pandemic here at home visiting Pfizer's. Vaccine plant in Michigan is also making plans to head to the disaster in Texas perhaps as early as now last week so. To breakdown the political headlines for us it was news political director Rick Klein is with us as always. And Rick at the end of his foreign policy address today president Biden also dressed storm ravaged taxes he said. It is working on getting him on the ground there soon so what was his message to people dealing with that crisis. Tunnel number one he plans to beat every says not until he can be assured that his visit won't be a distraction. I think that was a bit of a reminder of some of the trauma visits out medium than this through he is hiding and secondarily the political message that. This is bigger than politics this isn't about red states or Blue States he said he's president for all Americans and that was not a consideration hasn't consideration in terms of the federal response. And he's empathy and an obviously extending whatever little resources cash. All part of that and I figured it again we're seeing a lot about how Joseph Biden is asking his presidency in reaction to ways a presidential. And conducted he is. And I think this is just one small example with so much politics in the air in Texas and beyond trying to say that he is how. All that and in in trying to return trip to reach out to all Americans with eighty that he it has moment. Regrets about Biden's G-7 address because he said he doesn't want to talk about former president trumpet today's speakers all of that drying in contrast between the Biden administration's approach. And Trump's America first policy is what Lucy trying to do there and do you think it worked. Did Diana is the first summit that he has been part of best president on little different and not to and then and then cider meetings with or resume calls with foreign leaders in this case that message was simple yes America is back and maybe just as importantly that America is prepared to -- to regain the trust of the world community looking at the range of challenges. In the Weezer didn't invite you got some real damage to world relationships is is complicated stuff stuff to untangle and you look at the Iran nuclear deal as one example he is signaling a willingness to rejoin knowing we're gonna stand off with the Iranians about who goes first in terms of showing good day but knowing that the G-7 remains committed largely to that framework. And we in confronting China in so many other issues. The basic Tenet of the truck foreign policy was America are submitting that meant America alone Joseph Biden it has been sent to re engage with the international community a much different tone and tenor and a much different substances from the new. And Rick during Biden's remarks he also address the global fight against gold in nineteen pandemic announced she did the United States would donate four billion dollars to help provide vaccines to poor countries show. It being America in the 21 century on talk radio socially elsewhere wizards and outrage from Americans who have not been able to get their vaccines yet. What do they have a point what's going on here. Yeah I look at the headline is difficult one to comprehend and you also have doctor out she's talking again about. Long it's going to be Hansel and every American wants wants to have access to a vaccine a couple of important points to me this money is used committing here. He's through the World Health Organization to a program that does G-7 nations are also trying to engage to have equitable access in and underdeveloped enough for countries that's one important point is something the trauma certainly was not part of the teaching remove the US from the WHIO. And the second I think very relevant point is that there's nothing in this in this need to provide vaccines. Odd to foreign countries until or unless demand is met here at home so. It's not like these these are doses that are shipping out right now the crew being Indian American arms and a Saturday sent overseas it is so eager to attack help a lot of countries are just don't have the infrastructure ready got a comprehensive vaccination program and knowing that this is a world pandemic that is a priority of the World Health Organization. Absolutely as public health officials warn us if you let it swirl around the world and these poor country of those variants will come going to be even more dangerous Rick thanks very much. Cash and you know him as mattress Mac to Houston for. Konerko told. Good news stores to help this community during hurricane Harvey and his dad and again we come back mattress Mac joins us to tell us. How he is helping his community now during a deep freeze in Texas stay with us and. I've been on this comment to a office. It was somehow I mean this is this is worse than having gotten hurt pain I can't thank you for the call whether you lose and everything. We've been looking out saying it's time to come to the malls that we can while their life. Sun and you know we'll always have. Hour it that I began in the water this came back called the fifth Monday. It's good shed tears I got on medical funerals being here we believe it would me and we have been handled the thing. This is because. All the stores have big problems because then that this kid that didn't know about them. For the district ten. Because there's been notified and no gas stations they can't walk around the park. Did I had no closing its doors came making. It's. Into schools because of. Texas residents there they've been dealing with the brutal cold and a catastrophic failure of their State's energy infrastructure living without. Power for so much that we because that massive winter storm in while millions of Texans were without power heat and water. Texas senator Ted Cruz jetted off to Cancun Mexico with his family now says he regrets taking that trip. Our Trevor altar is in Houston Texas with the latest on all this tremor. What's very Diane good afternoon it is getting a little bit warmer here in Houston and most areas have their power back but the new problem right now. Using water this was a vaccination site here in Houston it's been re purpose not step by hundreds. City employees. And volunteers. And are giving out. On million bottles of water to make sure that the people of Houston. Just have something clean to drink because it's so much in taxes the homes of millions of people are still under. They boil water advisory that's going to continue for at least a few more days. Of course we have to touch on what has been a big controversies senator Ted Cruz when this was unfolding on Wednesday decided to. Go on a trip of his family to Cancun Mexico he's had returned. He since returned. Called that a mistake and while the people of Texas had been critical of him for doing that the ones that I have spoken to. They are moving on ahead of it because as you can imagine they have some serious problems that they are still dealing with. I was just talking with the mayor of Houston he's been sleeping on a cot at the emergency centers is this all unfolding. And he says that they're gonna continue. To roll out major sites like this make sure that the people are cared for in terms of food in terms of water and then. Starting tomorrow they're gonna rebirth in this site back to a vaccination site. They're gonna move it elsewhere for distributing water as a areas that have greater needs U in the northeast part of the city and across Texas they're going to be doing similar things. This is a crisis that. Many people specifically Democrats feel it was man made even though was caused by whether it's at the result would be faulty power system here in Texas. And they're gonna call for an overhaul of that system because. With climate change and with how. We're seeing much more extreme storms in times of year that we would not typically see them in the past they're saying that this is. They built it to happen again unless there is much more significant change moving forward. Cover all Houston Texas for ABC news. Trevor Alton Houston thank you beach and miles so many Texans say the ongoing disaster were seeing the best in people should Jim Mac and bill known as mattress Mac stepped up to help locals after hurricane Harvey. Now he's at it again opening his gallery furniture stores as temporary shelters. And Jim Mack and mail mattress Mac joins me now to tell us all about it Jim thanks so much. For being here and answer everything you're doing under the power is coming back on an ounce of people are heading home but you hundreds of people coming in. Throughout the week how did you keep up with got demand for both shelter and resources. We did and it was and stop on diet. Asked the mayor on Monday through re open boats. These big Jarrett is Barney's stores on our new house or worse that he used as shelter and forming shoppers banners and overnight Slade Harrisburg people who just vice idea. He'd out of the water out a golden and there are gone through. What is still Albert up Tuesday morning. Thousand people ran out and we awkward a warm shelter pretty. Customers obviously Robert breed brutally about thousand in Jersey. 300 sprint series UI and Deng hampered when Aziz and the third so. Now the weather is getting better there's lighted and many used and I'm proud of our citizenry to a very well. And Alonso had here in the store. Both eating warming. That an acting better and they were like a girl there were ratios they were. An exhibit lot of strength under a whole lot of French. This attack and that you help people through and you did this hurricane hardy's attitude just cash in needed to do this again. You lead. Rarely have. In mind you night we made it. The depth albums Martin then try to help people they were calling us Britain has wherever. Rep assured you're sort of thing we try to be good corporate citizen I think it's more important to give back. And overseeing the laborers to give back. Radian all the customers breast support this past forty years we wanted to help and in retirement. Dark dark irony I'm me. Of the actress and why this is going on you're trying to get people warm place to sleep. When do you sleep in all of this. Or if they answered absolutely in my I had my pockets but you know he always make my almighty bring more people so. We don't worry about the man who are not make their music community. Now is here. Not funny hours today. All days and I am Maria. Closet where average size mattress. And there and I. It's what does that mad at us because it is an amber precisely period not. All right well that ash it's good that you are still getting your rest that pretty amazing that you are there. Round the clock I hear the phone still ringing I know you guys are still busy even though things are getting better there what do you want the rest of the country to know about what's going on in Texas. There is. No way our roads are pricey redeemer are me. We weren't there is frigid now whiners armed and knocked out of power electricity and water. Well below that you know halftime never lasts up Americans do. And I agree John does that urged arm and there's always write opinions on all Emery we are way too pricey. And read our I do the end I think about it price is as far as American and concerned isn't brings us closer together. Forget about our device and get about separate sag lured by commonalities and shared interest and a shared Adelaide news at a better life. And help restart the volunteers who came in here that we're spending night we're tremendous people who wanted to do thanks to help us out make it easier for everybody else. Really let's easier apparently it was Brit were all get together toward shared goal shared don't problems this time. What you get back I'll get the license power back on. Now those banks are happy. It's time not just imagine Mac can now thank you so much for taking time to talk to us and thank you even more everything you have done you setting a great example not only for the people in Texas that it. All over the world. Are running is your difference in our members I think rated big devers and people's lives this morning the Americans are great I certainly dead. Are glad there surely and before we go we are getting a brand new look. In March after nazis' successfully landed its perseverance rover on the surface of the red planet millions of miles from NASA released new photos. This afternoon taken by Perseus reverently called shelling is this and just before landing persons mission is to try to answer the age old question. Is there life on Mars. If we feel Glavine for the colors in the beauty of upper. Also true that there isn't there are few moments better than when he saw their celebration yesterday at that touched down years in the making so much to punish and to see it Lindsey we have to see the look on everybody's faces just. Really amazing to have an accomplished and enlightenment. Especially after such a tough year. Absolutely and that does it for us here in the breakdown today I'm Diane seeing. I'm Terry Moran we'll see you back here Monday at 3 PM eastern until then have a great. And yeah.

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{"duration":"19:53","description":"Plus, acting Federal Emergency Management Agency chief Bob Fenton on their response to the crisis in Texas and how “Mattress Mack” is opening his doors for people in Texas who need help. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76006142","title":"The Breakdown: President Biden visits Pfizer facility ","url":"/US/video/breakdown-president-biden-visits-pfizer-facility-76006142"}