The Breakdown: President Biden's efforts to boost the economy

Plus, new COVID variants are spreading rapidly around the world and a look at Biden’s proposed immigration plan.
47:07 | 01/22/21

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Transcript for The Breakdown: President Biden's efforts to boost the economy
I'm fine thanks for streaming with us on the breakdown I'm Diane missing item. And I'm Terry Moran history was made in Washington today when the senate confirmed Lloyd Austin as Defense Secretary making the nation's first. Black pentagon chief. Shortly before he was sworn in. He tweeted that his new job this quote and honor and privilege and that he's proud to be the first African American to hold that high position Boston's confirmation. Makes him that the second set and confirmed by an appointee. Meanwhile after pledging a full full scale wartime effort to fight the corona virus on his first full day in office president Biden plans to sign a pair of executive order this afternoon. Aimed at jump starting his agenda to help Americans struggling to make ends meet during a pandemic we'll bring that to you live as it happens. And for more on president Biden's economic response to the pandemic were drunk and business correspondent. Deirdre Bolton deer there we heard a little bit already about these executive orders from the Press Secretary earlier today. What do we know at this point about what bite is trying to do here and what kind of an impact is as expected to have. Well we also heard from somebody Brian d.s very high up on his economic council essentially saying if we don't go big or go home from an economic standpoint we're gonna happen a lot more work to do and it is just going to take us a lot more to dig out. From the conditions that we are in now so more or less laying the ground work in this big a one point nine trillion dollar plan that we know president by and hopes it can be reached an agreed with ad built coalition in Manhattan bipartisan cooperation on that. So I'm in speaking with analysts they seem real need attention point right now is nine. Yes we're going to get another rescue package it's really the size and whether or not we're gonna do some things smaller. It's a little bit more nimble and maybe answer some of the concerns in the GOP side. Or is innocent teen and that the by the administration is really gonna hold hard and fast to doing that really big. And buried deep announce if you liked and so one seeing one lesson learned from the last recession 2007 to 2009. The government was criticized at the time for not doing enough not really coming out of the gates a strong enough. And not supporting the economy enough. The end result of that was at our recovery took a lot longer. Then it should happen to be different chains and anti that is does Brian China advocates for the covet relief package which of course but president Biden will need. Congressional support in order to pass that in the meantime. He seems to be trying to do whatever he can aggressively through. Executive action which he does not need congressional approval for so what do we know about those. Well executive actions also show us what's really important to this administration. And coming out in game what we're talking about is this effort to reduce hunger. So we know in that president Brian is very concerned about the hunger crisis that we are facing NASA is advocating for the USDA. To expand the food stamps program snap program. Which would reach about twelve million more Americans. That's his ideal from who is being currently serve we also know that he wants to encourage the NCA. To increase by about 15%. The children who can read me who can receives support as we know a lot of schools are physically close for a lot of school children that means when they're not in school. They're not getting enough to eat or enough nutritious food T each of those virtue of the big programs along with some others I am and then Deirdre former fed chair Janet Yellen appears set to become the first woman secretary of the treasury. After the Senate Finance Committee unanimously approved her nomination so what can we expect. From yell as Treasury Department. One thing we can expect is coordination. Wind and the Biden administration which may sound funny but after in the four years that we've come through where there's a lot of mixed messaging a lot of what we saw from her written at 115. Page human named as she fielded. From lawmakers. Telegraphed exactly what we heard from president Biden when he was on the campaign trail so she left the door open and to tax increases on wealthy Americans have families that make 400000 dollars or more that was something that president Biden talked about on the campaign channel. Now we hear it from me presume. Seems to be Treasury Secretary so there is a coordination of messaging there is clear communication. She also talked about the possibility of increasing the corporate tax street stands at 21% right now president champ was very proud of that she's talking about raising it up to about 28%. Republicans have been pushing back. She is refuting that. Diane Bryant our business correspondent Deirdre Bolton thanks to your dress. And as the members of congress waived his code relief package the senate is also going to be holding an impeachment trial of course and so and on Monday. Has to Gannett to policies expected to transmit its article of impeachment. Charging former president Donald. Incitement of insurrection. So let's go to our Devin Dwyer this whose. Covering this and studying up bond because and present a lot of novel questions but first DeVon the news what do we know about. The impeachment process how it's gonna play out in the senate senate rules say it Trout streams start immediately how they're gonna work. It Terry the wheels are finally turning right after the house impeach the president a couple weeks ago now. This trial is set to begin Nancy Pelosi seemed shall trigger that process. On Monday under the rules that govern impeachment at 1 o'clock the next day after. That article is ceremonial Lee delivered to the senate that's in the trial is supposed to begin up first though are these pretrial motions we expect. On the house managers to come in and read an exhibit. The article they will read it at the charges really against president trump and we expect the Chief Justice or whoever will serve up preside over this that's still an open question to swear in. He. Had a nurse who will be the jurors that are rough kids vehemently Terry who all right Kevin experiment president tried deliver remarks on his administration's plan to combat the nation in crisis is on the white sheets. I was about getting better each TP. Yes today we learned that 900000. More Americans filed for unemployment. 900000. They joined millions of Americans who through no fault of her own. Have lost the dignity respect it comes with the job and paycheck. So many of them never thought they'd ever be out of work in the first place. Just like my dad did more and he was used to lie awake at night. When I was a kid Stearns assuming on endlessly because he worried about organized bouts loses health care. Where there are going to be to have the money to pay the mortgage because of the economic circumstances here. And now. A lot of these folks are facing eviction. We're waiting hours in their cars. Literally our show and your car show. Waiting to they're able to feed their children as a driver of the food back. She United States of America. The more you feed your kids. Folks sure people still keep your job many have seen their paychecks reduced in they're barely hanging not. And wondering what's next. Sometimes the anxiety about what's gonna happen next is more consequence of them when actually happened. But this is happening today in America. In this cannot be who we are as a country these are not the values of our nation. We can not will not let people go hungry. We cannot let people be evicted because of nothing they did themselves. And cannot watch people lose their jobs. We have to act. We have to act now. Not just to meet the moral obligation to treat our fellow Americans have been dignity respect they deserve this is an economic compared. I'm growing economic consensus that we must act decisively and boldly. To grow the economy for all Americans aren't just for tomorrow in the future. Fears are growing chorus of top economic top economists that agree that at this moment of crisis. When this committee interest rates as low as they are historic close it is Smart. Fiscal investment including deficit spending. And they're more urgent than ever. You know and bad return on these investments in jobs and racial I could is gonna prevent long term economic damage and benefits adjourn a far surpassed the cost of we don't act. The rest of the world is not standing still in terms of the competitive advantage of the competitive possibilities relative to us. And our debt situation will be more stable on not less stable according these economists and that such investments and our people's going to strengthen our economic competitiveness. As a nation and help us out compete our compound competitors in the global economy. Because we're gonna grow the content of these investments. Comical in nineteen package that passed in December was the first step as I said at that time is just a down payment. We need more action or and we need to move fast. Last week I laid out a two step plan. Of rescue and recovery. Did get through the crisis and to a better stronger and more secure America. The first step of our American rescue plan. Is a plan to tackle the pandemic can get direct financial relief to Americans who need it the most. You know. Just a few days it's just just been a few days since outlined his plan is received bipartisan support from majority of American mayors and governors. Businesses and labor organizations. Have together welcomed and as an urgent action is needed. Even Wall Street firms have underscored its importance. In fact Yunnan an analysis by Moody's estimates that if we pass our American rescue plan. The economy and create seven point five million jobs just in this year alone. That would be on the way to the more than eighteen million and he's 181600000. Jobs. That they believe withdrew created over the four year period we've our build back better recovered. With our American rescue plan our economy would return to full employment. A full gear faster than without the plan. Even precious child support president chumps now not some liberal organization. Dresses troops. Top former. Economic advisor Kevin has since said quote he absolutely is in favor of this rescue plan. This almost doesn't have a partisan piece to it. We're seeing the support because this plan takes a step that we so urgently needs and more than just a step number steps. It's funds big parts of the code ninety national strategy in Iraq released yesterday we released yesterday. Our national strategy put John toss on a war fully. To aggressively speed up our Covert nineteen response especially on vaccines and testing and reopened in our schools. I found a fascinated yesterday the press asked the question is. You know hundred million enough. We before there's invite you crazy you can't to a hundred million and a hundred days. Well we're in hope god will they not only do a hundred million we're gonna do more than. But this is we have to do this we have to move. He record rescue plan also includes economic relief for most Americans worry me. We're gonna finish the job of getting a total of 2000 dollars in direct payments to folks 600 dollars which is already passed is simply not enough. Did you still have to choose between paying your rent putting food on the table. Will extend unemployment insurance benefits for millions of workers beyond the deadline this now said it means that sixteen million Americans. For currently relying on employment benefits while they look for work can count on these checks continuing to be here in the middle in this crisis. The American rescue plan also addresses the growing housing crisis America. Approximately fourteen million Americans fourteen million. Have fallen behind on rent and many in risk eviction. If we fail to act. There will be a wave of evictions and foreclosures in the coming months. How does this pandemic rages on figures are not doing your duty changes to get to the pandemic the next several months. So long. This should overwhelm emergency shelters increased Covert nineteen infections as people after they have nowhere to go and are socially can't socially distance. The American rescue plan asked congress to provide rental assistance. For millions of hard hit families and attendance. This also be a bridge economic recovery for countless mom and pop to landlords. Who can afford not to have. The rent. But they can't wait. So on inauguration day and I directed my administration to extend nationwide. Restrictions on evictions and foreclosures. These crises are harsh are straining the budgets of states and cities and tribal communities. That are forced to consider layoffs and service reductions among essential workers police officers firefighters first responders nurses. For all of the risk of losing their jobs. Over the last year more than 600000. Educators. Have lost their jobs in cities and towns. The American rescue plan would provide emergency funding to keep these essential workers on the job and maintain essential services. Look. It will also help small businesses that are the engines are economic growth. When you say small business most people think the major corporate and additional ones are hired by. These small businesses glues and hope and their important but these small business and hold the community that includes a whole these communities together. There hurting badly and they account for nearly half of the entire. US workforce and we have. Our rescue plan will bribes flexible grants to of the heart assist small business survive the pandemic. I'm low cost capital to help want to for new orders. Of all backgrounds. Created maintain jobs plus provide essential goods and services tech community so desperately dependent. Our recovery plan also calls for an increase in the minimum wage and fifteen at least fifteen dollars an hour. Node in America should work forty hours a week. Making below. The poverty line. Fifteen dollars gives people above the poverty line. We have so many millions of people working forty hours a week working and some with two jobs and are still below the our plan includes access to affordable child care it's gonna enable parents particularly women to get back to work. No lives were not working because they don't have that care. All told the American rescue plan would lift twelve million Americans out of poverty and cut child poverty in half. That's five million children lifted out of poverty. Our plan to reduce poverty in the black community by 13 and reduce poverty Hispanic community to almost 40%. I look forward. Two to working with members of congress from both partners to move quickly to get this American rescue plan to the American people. And then we can move with equal urgency and bipartisanship to the second step apart can return to build back better recovery plan. It's a plan is going to make historic investments in infrastructure. Manufacturing. Innovation. Research and development. Can clean energy is so much more this gonna create millions more jobs. Good paying jobs not minimum wage jobs. Wallin worked with members of both parties in the congress. There are steps that we -- must take right now. For dinner on inauguration day I directed my administration to pause student loan repayments. For interest for America and then the interest figures for Americans it's federal student loans until at least September. So they're not gonna have to pay till September they still pay the bill at the stands and but they will Monica Gregor could accrue interest and they don't have to pay begin to pay until September. And we may have to look beyond that I might add. Today. I'm signing an executive order that directs the whole of government. A whole government effort to help millions of Americans were badly hurting. Requires all federal agencies do what they can do to provide relief to families small business and communities. And in the days ahead expecting diseased act. They touch on two ways he's actually does help change americans' lives. We need to tackle the growing hunger crisis in America. Warren in seven households in America wanted to step. More than one of five black and Latino households in America report they do not have enough food PE. That includes nearly thirty million adults and as many as twelve million children. And again in earnest this should is that in this situation through no fault of their own. It's unconscionable. The American rescue plan provides additional emergency food and nutrition assistance for tens of millions of children and families to address this crisis. The families literally can't wait another day. As a result of the executive order I'm gonna shortly sign. The Department of Agriculture will consider taking immediate steps. To make it easier for the hardest instruments to enroll and claimed more generous benefits in the critical food and nutrition assistance there. This can help tension lose a family especially those who can't provide meals for their kids. Core learned he remotely at home are not receiving the regular meal plans that they have a school for breakfast lunch. It's gone also we also need to protect the health and safety the American worker. Right now approximately 40% of households in America at least one member with a pre existing conditions. Just imagine. Your out of work through no fault of their own. You file for unemployment while you're looking for a job. You find more. If you get an offer. But did you find out there's a higher risk of you're getting infection cove in nineteen because you're condition. You and your love on the and you and your loved ones. Have I have ever even greater risk of death and serious illness because of the preexisting conditions. She turned down. Right now if you did that you could be denied unemployment insurance because you're offered a job didn't take it it's wrong. Don't you have to choose between their livelihoods and their own health or the health of their loved ones in the middle of a deadly pandemic. Because the the executive order I'm about to sign. I expect the Department of Labor to guarantee. The right to refuse an unemployment employment that would jeopardize your health and if you do so you'll still be able qualifier for the church as a judge of the Labor Department will make. Look they're just so consequential ways that. The action I'm taking today will help people and he. Another another way to help approximately. Two million veterans maintain their financial footing. Fire causing federal collections bond overpayments and debts. Another make sure that federal contractors. Hershey B taxpayers' dollars. Provide their workers with the pay and benefits they deserved. These are places where federal tax dollars hard ministers are bringing. Made available. To build things from shifts to staircases. And if we let out the federal government lets the contract. Andrea make sure that they buy American and are made in America. Here's another right now there are up to eight million people that are eligible for direct payments from it shares act and relief bill passed in December. There and type of those payments but there's not an easy way for those folks to assess access. So we're making it a priority today to fix that problem and get some relief turned titles to. Look I'm gonna close and summarize this way. A lot of America's hurt. The virus is Sergey. We're 400000. Dead expected him preach well over 600000. Families are going home. People are at risk of being a victory. Job losses are mounting again we need to act. No matter how you look at that we need to act. If if we act now our economy will be stronger Kimball to short and long. That's what economists left right and center are telling us. Both liberal and conservative. Will be better stronger across the board if we actually. Will be better able to compete with the world. If we act now. Who better able to meet our moral obligations. To one another as Americans. I don't believe the people in this country. Just wanna stand by and watch their friends or neighbors coworkers fellow Americans go hungry lose their homes and loses her sense of dignity and hope and respect. I don't believe that especially in the middle of a pandemic. That's so weakened and wrecked so much happening because so much pain on America. That's not who we are. The bottom line is this. Work in the national emergency. We need to act like we're in a national emergency. So we've got to move. We've everything we've got. To got to do it together. I don't believe Democrats or Republicans. Are going hungry and losing jobs I believe Americans. Are going hungry and lose your jobs. We have the tools to fix it. We have the tools to get through this we have the tools to gets his virus under control. And our economy back on track. We have the tools to help people. So let's use the tools. Home Houston. Summers sign this executive Norman let me conclude begin by saying. Folks this is one of the cases where. Business and labor Wall Street and main street. Liberal conservative economist know we have to act now not only to help people are indeed not. But to allow us to be in a competitive position worldwide and be the leader of the world economy. In the next year to intrigue going forward. So thank you him and signed this executive board. First four minutes. Economic community community to tell in nineteen yeah. Second when his protection. Protecting them. For the work. Berman yeah. Did he even before any final hot line for a February. Trial. I haven't earned the general. Recent talk. Nutritional from running we've and frankly. The center for finance and commerce secretary of defense looks like our sector treasurys moved to a person who stays in place. For more time we have developed pneumonia VP's current season. Obscenities yeah yeah. Your primaries tacked taking on the economic crisis surrounding. The corona virus pandemic and first with a couple of executive orders and that he signed there. The main one really trying to get more assistance to low income Americans especially food assistance he spoke eloquently about how. People waiting in their cars for hours concerned that the gonna get food for their kids and he said that this can't be America that's one executive order that he said but really. He notes to lay the foundation laid the ground work for his ambitious economic recovery program economic rescue program a calling the American rescue program. And Harry is. Coming back. I'm sorry that's moments ago. Any that bottom line is go big or go home. And that is the Biden. American rescue plan for the economy. Hammered by this pandemic he's and were in a national emergency we should act like we're national emergency we've got to move. Let me bring in our senior Washington reporter Devin Dwyer. Here with us once again and DeVon I was struck struck by the sheer ambition and scale. In it in area after area that and he just said it's going to be big we gotta use. All the tools in the tool box. Yeah this is this is the new president making the sales pitch for his first signature piece of legislation. Yes he signed those orders as you mentioned Terri. I'm but so much of this was laying out the argument for that one point nine trillion dollar. A Covert relief and that would be one of the largest pieces of a federal legislation in US history rivaling the new deal. I during the Great Depression certainly bigger than the 2009 economic recovery plan that he oversaw during the Obama administration. Hot and negotiations for that our hot under way right now in fact conversations we heard from Jen Saki. How will be happening this weekend we expect the president to be calling. Leaders in congress you see some of the details of this plan their very ambitious. But what the president here is trying to do is get public opinion on his side start to confront. Some of those Republican arguments that maybe this is too expensive too much too soon. Money that's already been expended in the most recent stimulus plan is still. Headed out the door but you heard. President Biden there say urgent help is needed right now they need to open the floodgates to try to blunt the app on the crisis Terry. And I want to bring in business correspondent Deirdre Bolton who still with says it Deirdre we heard the president first talk about. The stimulus plan that he hopes will be passed by congress among other things he talked specifically. About wanting to extend unemployment benefits further a wanting to get more stimulus money in the hands of Americans thinking that the previous package. Did not provide enough of that. And also to provide emergency funding to keep essential workers on the job. What are some of the more ambitious parts of this plan and what kind of an impact our economists saying. It will have because the president and his team are indicating there is a consensus among economists that something like this needs to be done what are you hearing from economists. Well consensus is exactly is Terry say go big or go home we learn the lessons the last time from our last recession 2007 to 2009. Many people in English men many economists an agreement saying we didn't do enough and our recovery as a result cook too long so this plan is robust. It is very far reaching. And there are a lot of key components I think the one that sticks out to me at least initially here. Is this fifteen dollar per hour we agent for federal contractors and this really ups the ante. For congress to take a look at that for all workers we know the last time that the minimum wage was increased was 2009. Act at 7257. Dollars and 25 cents an hour and we heard president Biden say. There is nobody who should be working 48 hours a week. And still below the poverty line so it was seeking chew address in at least right out of the gate here with federal contractors. And then putting pressure on congress cheered to make that a larger pool of people Diane. And DeVon magna back to LSU of course by the president himself he began these remarks. By remembering when his father lost his job and how his dad would lay awake at night staring at the ceiling and he he since sometimes the anxiety. Of what's going to happen can be more consequential to a family than what's actually happening I was struck by how that. Although it's a very long time ago. He's got to spend their who's been in these situations. As a boy when the family is in rough economic times are wonder. Because he's got a big political job ahead of him to try and bring the congress together to sell this. He in Jenner does you know part of yeah out one of the. Sharpest contrast just in the last 24 hours Terry. Has been the amount of empathy that is back and the White House it was not Donald Trump's strong suit it is Joseph Biden strong suit he speaks from experience. Family experience he is a people person he's been out there although this campaign. Was constrained in so many ways he knows the pain that a lot of these families feel he doesn't come from a lot of money. In fact even in politics he was one of the poorest. Politicians in Washington for so many years certainly not feeling that pain right now that so many families are about. Just the fact that he is bringing net of the conversation and weaning end. On the need for empathy at this very difficult time the fact that the inaugural festivities included memorials. Tool where more than 400000 Americans who have died. Such a sharp contrast and one wonders how much influence that we'll have. On this debate going forward it is one of the open questions and certainly made the case today that that needs to be front of mind that he's certainly. Makes the case that as he said unemployment somebody lose their job or not been able to feed their kids there are Democrats or broaden their Americans and that. Sounds like he he gets that from personal experience Devin Dwyer durable thanks very much. Fixture at. And as an un administration tries to ramp up vaccinations new highly transmissible Colvin variants are making that task. Even more critical ABC news medical contributor infectious disease specialist doctor Todd Eller and joins us now with more doctor I'm thanks for being here we just heard a little while ago from prime minister Boris Johnson in the UK. And he's saying the new variants in the UK. Do appear are more deadly it is the first time. We're hearing miss how worried do we need to be about a rise in cases and deaths in the coming weeks. Hi Diane and it really does seem like these new variants are competing with our vaccines. And whichever one spreads faster. Could really determine the course of the epidemic you know the there's no question right now that it looks like these variants are more contagious. Are they more deadly. What you just referenced from the UK it's an observational study it looks like dean do periods could be. A little bit more gently were talking boat. Ten cases per thousand risk of death vs thirteen or fourteen cases per thousand risk of death death is significant. But it still preliminary we don't know if that's the virus or. Will the patients debt may have had more. Chronic care conditions in the you've been the different ages so I think it's preliminary I would not say that the UK Garrett is more deadly. But we know that a more contagious virus ultimately will lead to more hospitalizations. And deaths on a population level anyways. So it underscores the importance we have to crush this virus. And doctor of scientists and published some preliminary findings this weekend being indicating that. Current vaccine might have diminished effectiveness is as you were saying as this have south African variant is that as it's being called. How how much impact do you think that could have on the effectiveness of our vaccines. Terry this is important is south African Gary does not does seem as the UK when they're more of those mutations in that. Critical part of despite pro team which really allows the virus to hijack the sell more efficiently. I am concerned in a lab experiment of patients who survive Kobe nineteen it looked like the immune response was not as robust. Not as effective there was about a ten fold decrease but remember. With vaccines. You're not just talking about that antibody against the spike protein but they're also many different parts of the immune system and to act. You know we're able to I'm stimulate so hopefully the vaccine will still be effective I want to be clear. It underscored the importance for all of us to be vaccinated the Specter of variants should not. Decrease our willingness and need to get vaccinated. The flag on that note the Biden administration even before coming into office laid out a goal of 100 million vaccines in their first 100 days in office. They've announced a number of steps they're taking to try to make that happen what are you think. Needs to happen for them to make good on that promise. Diane. This will be. The most ambitious vaccine campaign in the history of the United States there's no question about that. And that New York Times a couple of days ago they get a modeling experiment to see what would be needed to be actually a million people. Sorry. They eat in the first. Hundred days to get a hundred million people vaccinated what peppered will require is about 400 clinics across the country a 100000. People stopping them 171000. People that are able to administer the vaccine dating. This eased herculean I think he can happen but I think one of the most important things is hopefully we can get another company. Two get in the game and give us more vaccine I think that's one of the first steps. Absolutely there is there are other complications tag I understand about two thirds of the staff and health care system. Where you work have have gotten their first doses of the vaccine. So your mess up part way there 130 Marty gotten both does this is that hospital reaching immunity does it doesn't work that way. So I'm really happy you mention this and I just had communications with our head on employee health. And where she said is that over two thirds of our step have received the first dose. About 35% of our step has received both doses. And so far this past week has been the first week where we've seen a markedly decrease in the amount of our stay out infected with Kobe in nineteen remember. Our system is still a microcosm of our community so this need be the first. Sort of preliminary hints that we're achieving a form of herd immunity. I need to know that over the next weeks and months we're still seeing that. Decrease sustained so it's still early to be conclusive but this is very promising to. Yeah that's great news great news doctor Todd Eller and thanks very much. Take your guys. More groups are becoming eligible for their doses of the vaccine now elderly folks in most states can get back -- one. 87 year old central Ohio resident a retired family physician sharing but getting the shot today. Meant to him. People who isn't 87 and older actor anyway. Forget those burgers here isolation from Britain's. Who the good news restaurant and got them back into him. Carter's would you agree. I feel a little. It's our will eventually. Catch. Extra protection and you can flourish. It is reassuring it's. Looking forward to taking our time for hundreds of his depth. And yeah. Broom here in kids. I looked at me. It's rare. The. It means so much this actually intended to everybody gets into our society families like like that it's that was a great. Video diary were called us we thank. At gentlemen in Ohio so this week. President Biden and a reversed executive orders there's another big subject where he's looking out on immigration that his predecessor. President trump put into place for years ago like banning foreign nationals from some Muslim majority countries the so called Muslim band and ordering an end to daka. The ability for the so called dreamers people were brought here without proper authorization when they were children to stay here that's that's going to be made trumps orders reversed on that's a for more on the Biden administration's immigration plans. Let's bring national gun law immigration law center's executive director Marlene. In copy they do that right. Think I again thank you could get Avnet thanks for joining us. Thank you are into an into the idea. So our president Clyde and ordered a halt under restrictions of some non citizens and as well what do you expect the impact of this stepped that on the deportations what what with a happy. Yes stark terror and Kenya we at the national immigration law center are really hopeful that on the width president Biden's announcement on day one in his commitment to following due on the place to restore. Its fairness civility and humanity to our entire immigration insist on. On them. The country will be once again that America will be once again seen at the eat a whole. Across the world should any particular piece with respect to suspension of deportation is basically Amy said they are hitting the pop and slept eight and take a look at what our policy that guarantees on over now the administration -- he can place to ensure that anyone who is in the deportation pipeline under the last administration. Which had Mimi until late have been cruel policies like the factory in children and families like that none of that continues into the Biden administration's vision for our country. And nine elevenths Homeland Security says there imposing this. Pause to quote insurer we have fair and effective immigration enforcement system so. We'll would you want that re imagined system to look like ideally. Great question to answer some hormones Tina we need to ensure that there's and it's right that on the immigrant immigrants who are here in the country who -- long term resident rich court paying taxes in many of them who have US citizen children that eighty traced actually on the path to citizenship. Rather than be detained our immigration system so dysfunctional it hasn't been updated in over twenty by the years and yet we have spent an extensive amount of tax money on detention and deportation and so it's really time. That on under the new administration and with this vision pro immigrant American vision and that would finally be to put people on a path to citizenship so that they can bring me here in the country that they call home. And Mario and or we're talking about the ambition of this administration tackling big problems in big ways. President Biden is setting a sweeping immigration bill to congress it will include eight year pathway to citizenship for. Those people here without proper documentation but that's what need to be approved by congress. Had balked at a similar plan from president bombing 2013 is bad now most this century trying to address this problem so I think this might get through congress DC anyway. You know it is ambitious it is visionary and that's what we need in this moment of such crisis you know so many of the eleven million family members and community members that don't have papers. Actually those dreamers and the immigrant youth have been here since it went children and it includes our farm workers and it includes the essential workers at the pandemic has shown how interdependent we are right these are its people or taking care our children our farm workers people working in the poultry plant people who are cooking a meal and deliberate and so we're hopeful at this moment shows the country. On that it's time to address this issue and that president I will put his political capital behind we're in with members of congress both Republican and Democrat she finally get this stunt she on not only to write history but actually the majority of the American public agrees with and the Gallup polls have been tracking Americans. Sentiments around immigration and immigrants since 1965. Showing that for the first time in its highest level of support Irish immigrants in our nation's I think it's an Angel. It'll be able he'll be able to get that done and on that he need to take equal government approach it's not legislation that is ultimately up to congress but that there is so much that can meet Don executive action and that every single department. Of the federal government on the motion to ensure that they are looking at including immigrants and their agenda. And many minutes in front of London decades that this debate has been going on there seems to be. These two counter issues between wanting to keep troublemakers out of the country keep people from taking advantage of our country advantage of our system while also. One day you know law abiding people who've been in this country and who want to come to this country and we know work in this country and contribute to our culture. And is to be able to do that and did and be able to do that without fear. So in it in and Biden administration which is trying so hard for unity and to work across party lines do you see a way to achieve both of those goals. I didn't do you know I think that president biting how that vision he just mentioned in his speech on the conference just now this is a moment we are. Voters have resoundingly rejected the exit policies and rhetoric the last forty years and this animal across to come together it's a moment for us to recognize the humanity of the very people that we are dependent on an essential workers and and that. Those who are here court taxpayers each comment and argument citizen have you a citizen children and we have made this their culture that high time that we provide a legal channel Dino we pride ourselves on being a nation a lot we don't how the loss for people to be able to actually become citizens and proper way so I'm hopeful that through a combination of legislative and executive action should. We will see any. A resounding difference. A more inclusive more jobs and more equitable society. Then that is that is the goal no matter what side you're on money Elena and go via. The court. Yeah. She eager at great Gary. In baseball and civil rights legend today with the passing of home run king Hank Aaron. Cameron Hank broke babe Ruth's all time record for home runs and held for 33 years. He also broke barriers for thousands of black athletes who have followed in his footsteps. When Lopez has more on the life and legacy of Hank Aaron. For the 23 years Hank Aaron played in the major leagues and he game of baseball was very much like the video itself black and white especially on April 8 1974. When he hit his 715. Home run. To break Babe Ruth trucker. He passed loose record only twenty years after Jackie Robinson broke to color barrier in Major League Baseball. This was the height of aaron's career but it was tempered by death threats and racist hate mail. Still they cameras he was called. Is regarded as one of the greatest hitters of all time hammering Hank hit seven under 55 home runs during his Major League Baseball career. Making him America's all time home run leader for the next three decades. Erin started his career with the Milwaukee breaks what's ultimately became the Atlanta Braves he then played for the Milwaukee Brewers in 75 and 76 he retired in 1976. And was elected to baseball's hall of fame in 1982. A few years later he publishes autobiography. I had a hammer he was born in Mobile, Alabama in the midst of the Great Depression in 1934. He taught himself how to play baseball and during his early years he batted cross handed he said because no one told him not to. But he went on to break grounds for African Americans in professional sports. By 1972. Ahrens 200000 dollar salary was the highest in the leak since his retirement in 1976. Erin has held a several front office roles with the Atlanta breaks Aron was known as a reserves man and never a fan of stardom on January 5 in aaron's last week he says he was quote. Proud to get the cold in nineteen vaccine and encouraged others to do to sing him a limo based ABC news Atlanta. Thanks to Alan Lopez for that report actually so I have Hank Aaron play ball once deny inwardly really didn't hit a home run bottom I'm proud to say you can see. So now some of the athletes of today are. Paying their tribute to a great ballplayer and a great American. Very he made quite an impact in many are now speaking out talking about. What exactly that impact was in the legacy that he leaves behind. Us and it. It was remarkable to see him chased babe Ruth's record in the face of death threats and just racist tirades against him he just hit amount. And broke that record that doesn't for us here. On the breakdown I'm Terry Moran. And I'm Diana state Ellis you back here on Monday at 3 PM eastern have a great weekend everybody. A.

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