The Breakdown: Spotlight on voting rights as Senate reconvenes

Plus, Arizona’s election audit concerns the Justice Department, and India’s COVID-19 crisis grows worse by the day.
28:09 | 05/11/21

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Transcript for The Breakdown: Spotlight on voting rights as Senate reconvenes
It. Hi everyone welcome to the breakdown I'm Diana Seau. And I'm Terry Moran this and it is back in session today and debating amendments to. To the floor of the people act that got voting rights bill that what makes sweeping changes. Two election rules across the country this comes amid an unprecedented effort to change voting laws across the country by Republicans and assault on voting rights critics say it. According to the Brennan Center 361. Bills restricting voting. Have been introduced in 47 states since November and one is close to passing in Arizona and we're gonna talk about that with Arizona secretary of state in just a moment. Meanwhile president Biden is announcing a new partnership with a homer and lifted to offer free rides to and from vaccine appointments. The announcement comes as a CDC advisory committee is set to meet tomorrow to discuss the FDA's recommendation. At an advisor vaccine be authorized for children ages twelve to fifteen in the CDC director signs off. First shots could be administered as soon as Thursday when. Born to begin with the fight over voting rights in this country as the false claims and conspiracy theories about the 20/20 election persist and they result in legislative action. Example Arizona's Republican controlled state senate has ordered an audit. Of more than two million ballots from Maricopa County that's the biggest counting the state Phoenix and while the audit. Won't be able to change the results of the election expert to warring it could sow doubt about the results may be already has the Department of Justice expressed concerns. About possible violations of ballot preservation laws and voter intimidation by the private firm. Hard to conduct the audit it's a mess down there Arizona secretary of state Democrat Katie Hobbs joins us now for more on this thanks very much for being with us. It is as I say god confusing and and messy and risky in some ways to the democracy the firm hired to conduct the audience. I'll audit here as cyber security company called cyber Ninja's. Has no experience working elections company's CEO a spread information misinformation on Twitter status part of the stop the steel campaign on Twitter. But the legitimacy to lax last election so what are they looking for. How are they going about a what are your concerns. We have numerous concerns yeah. That's right. Selig isn't hitting the books connecting on it from the very Guinea to say you're gonna take his accident he's ballots in this quickening eat 68. Responsibilities seriously he hears this security measures that are in place. In stacks union procedure that he should in my eye and that was never even acknowledged. We offered to have been in contact with. Election experts who could help craft procedures to me this process and down road and reliable he didn't yes I'm half. And still be seen. Yeah they really are making it I eagle on the procedures are not. At a play in any regard in terms and truly good I think post election ions. They're easy UV light salute her nonexistent modern art and bamba's fighter by Harris it is absolutely each. Media mockery of this election and yeah. Doing nothing but it didn't continue to shield to protect sleep and in my and continue to undermine voters' confidence in our sister unless. Well the Maricopa County already. Conducted a hander recount of ballots. Right after that election I understand and there were different firms that examined it in accordance with the rules and procedures that you've just laid out. The voting machines were examined as well the state. Republican. Chair signed off on the original county certification of ballot so the laws and procedures were followed. That it was checked and re checked what's going on here. Well this is several politicians here you don't like the outcome BO exchange. And they help create I think my lips with Donald Trump and they have created he's still call it voter concerns and now they're seeking to address this on being ordered wins. That. And talk about. And that is that they ease concerns they're aren't you creating end and all this activity you need it comes to her actually and it's not do anything to help restore confidence. The leader in congress are copying is at least it's truth about what happened what you see if we sealed. And TU TE a hole and he integrity apparently isn't making her we have these lots and procedures in place and neighbor Bob load. And that. How we deal elections in her seat. So you are the responsible public official that certified the election along with the governor who's a Republican and the attorney general who's a Republican so. That was your job let's just to go over once again this audited is being conducted by a firm cyber ninja. Which has never done any election work at all the head of it. Well it was a stop this deal conspiracy theorist on Twitter he deleted his Twitter account but not before those were those tweets were copied. And apparently was someone who was in the capital. Run and rioting and attacking the election and in Washington DC was one of the ballot counted was seems counting ballots. Will what does this do for them the confidence of people in Arizona going forward for their elections. Well he gave it steely a lot of harm. Not to steal elections here in Arizona. There are election officials across the country. Watching what's going on here with a lot of concern because they are honestly break an eight. Because they wanted to see this in other states and the goal is to keep any distress. And continued and you're an accompanying this. I sit in teach your kids nobody's sure what's going nine. And Allen and this is not unique this is not how can he EU elections in our country. So Arizona's on the verge of passing a new law I understand that would remove Arizona voters from. And permanent early voting lists how is that gonna work and oh what other changes. Might affect the State's elections moving forward that did your concerned about. Well. There's a big intense this year except undermining the white male TU making much much harder for people to participate. And Arnold announces it has been in place in Arizona project heat it was passed by a Republican majority legislature and improvements to it have been made by Republican majority legislatures. And 70%. Of our voters in Arizona participate in her inherent legal experts means. They're assigned to receive and I didn't tell her reelection are eligible to looting. And it works screen and it's very popular. And there is absolutely no reason to change that system X asked if you don't like he's already and he went untreated get harder to and that is the exact. I think it's happening rain out there you see that big lie as justification to try to ease ills. Hands and you know they're trying to create disposed waste can say you can either security or you can. Access that he can have both and that is absolutely most needy true. In the twenty's but he election which was lower than most here are seeing in our country's history and so I. His story motor prison basing your program voter participation in Arizona and it across the country. That that's a very good reminder record turnout. Trump's own administration. The Department of Homeland Security attorney general saying this was a clean election all those recounts all those court cases. And yet this effort continues Arizona secretary of state Katie Hobbs thank you for being with us and good luck with that audit eating. Meanwhile the senate rules committee is consider amendments today to a massive federal voting bill. Among other changes the for the people act would automatically register eligible voters. Mandate fifteen days of early voting. Allow absentee voting without an excuse. Where's it restricts gerrymandering. And make political donations more transparent. The bill passed the housing market faces long odds in this and it. Both the senate majority leader Chuck Schumer and minority leader Mitch McConnell spoke at today's hearing an indicator of how central this issue is for both parties. So let's bring in two leaders from outside government who are also involved in this fight Randi Weingarten the president of the American Federation of Teachers. And run accepting the executive director of Thank you both. For being here today. Do you. Rich radio few first why is the teachers union involved in this. So look I'm voting is. I'm she toward democracy and and eat you know I I just happened to be out so space teacher. Where a lot of what we talk about it turns. Raised. It is how our country became a democracy and what unity to do. To. And create the widow and the boys that are equal and so what it is foundational. To Herman. Shouldn't people in the aged in Citic incident since angry. Education was started. All fifty states and Puerto Rico. Com us civic participation. You have to actually happy DH rent. Can't have a way you can't have this action. Am a floating you can't go. Taxes we're being different kinds of waves. Limit access. It should be the people who who are howling. Order or let politicians it should not a politicians. Deciding. -- let it should. And run as we saw these as we see these bills moving in Georgia and Florida Texas Arizona and elsewhere. How are they impacting. Communities of color voters black voters are Latino voters what would the for the people act due to counteract that. Yes so we are seeing hundreds. Of pieces of legislation and they state level being launched as basically an attack by Republicans. At this state level on the right to vote. And Republicans know full well. Their ideas are not popular sell what they're doing is they are. Trying to pass rules. Make it harder for people to vote because they know. Only way for them to hold onto power is to control coupe gets to vote for them and their boat and they're they're choosing folk center with them and so. They are making it harder for black and brown people to vote at this deet. Local and federal level and that is your strategy. That is their ultimate Google. And random. What's what specifically do you think will be helpful in this federal package. To insure that voting rights are preserved across the country as these laws are bar being fought over and passed in many cases. So Terry I'm so glad that you talked about it then and you had Haiti hearts are both forehand. Because this is about. The sanctity of the vote. It's about making sure that everybody has access and don't you study that. Was used a lot of low and then Alan. Zack could. Held a similar to be the Arab voters vote on so what this whose. Parents. Check access it it item it's me John Lewis voting rights act. It's the I am insuring that. Though are now ten. It's dealing wit is Jerry can't drink is saying happened neutral commission to decide what alliant should be. It also says. That now we should get our money. How how to or at least eight trips aren't about it so that everybody knows what's going aren't. It's not it's kind of staying at just half and in Georgia. We are. You're gonna get into trouble you will. You don't create a criminal. If you get water. Somebody who's RY in. And so you know than eighty countries and their in the world. Actually how adds voting has a responsibility. Actually want people to bow and that's what we used. Want to do. And and these there's a bad when he was in ways. That. Ask one and HR one attempt to keep this. And Randy senator McConnell has called this a stunning one party takeover of voting laws that's a quote so what do you say to that accusation that to pass a federal law like this. Is democratic overreach. You know something. Voting rights act. In the 1960s. House Republicans and Democrat. George Bush. I did or sit actually authorized. This is is that carnal wants party rule as a ruse to me. We speak ally. Election it was not read error and that is now you'll all of these innings to restrict loan. So I don't care which hurting one. Lately you hope people it's Republicans and Democrats they don't. Marty is forty yet and were she go to decide. Let the visuals are not the way around. And or run out what are you doing to try to get this passed in the senate and overcome. Republicans a long shot really and potentially some moderate Democrat the opposition here clearly McConnell is ready for showdown as a wanted it'll help his party. Well look the for the people act is wildly popular for many of the reasons Randy just stayed anti and that's because folks know all across this country no matter what political party they'd done a fine win. Our democracy is broken and it's not working for acts it's not response to. And we sought an insurrection in January 6 we hit rock bottom as a country need barely walked back. On the brink of authoritarian ends and ultimately. People who know that we deserve to have a democracy that is reflective that is a here that works all of us and that is evil. So we need every single person now today to call they are two US senators and demean and endangering the for the people act to the floor and they vote yes. Timing is of essence and we're seeing that has Republicans. Watch these attacks at the state level they refused to accept that they're no longer in power and air using it. They are very attempting to deploy a political power grab but what the for the people that act is. It's a political power grab for the people not for a party. It's for us government by and for the people it is essential the window is open now we must. Asked we must access. And it will it will restore. Our democracy. Herb black brown wait for all. Walks of life up throughout this country. To ensure money doesn't drown out our voices it'll ensure our politicians are elected by the people and not the other way around. And so much more it is historic. Wildly popular and it must pass a weir and we're encouraging everyone to call their senators. Today tomorrow and every day until they actually passes legislation and president Biden signs it into law. I Randi Weingarten Rana acting thank you both. Think he'll. And the FDA has authorized the Pfizer vaccine for twelve to fifteen year olds when we come back we'll hear from parents about how they feel about getting their kids vaccinated. Also coming up former NBA star Jalen Rose is encouraging people to get the vaccine himself. We'll tell you how after the break and. Welcome back chaotic scenes unfolding across India as a Covert crisis ravages that country overwhelming its health care system. Our Maggie really is at a hospital in New Delhi with more. Page hairy at the numbers here in India artists still staggering and every health officially talk to says the real numbers he's drastically higher than what's being report that I want to. So you outside that hospital they're actually posting the number of beds that are on sale. I see you've been right there and heroes of the cold in nineteen bad this is what so many little facing some people tough. They sold to hospitals like different and that's what they're told there's no beds available there's no oxygen. I miss if something does have rocked the health care industry. People are saying the second wave but nothing like they've seen so many people sort of at a hospital but they haven't been able not to have Bedford and have space for them on the floor of the hospital. So what hospital this book was that the demand but often it happens so high that. And often in danger normally would last them three to four days. Now what's up in just six hours. The wait is also looking different. A criminologist at the very close and fighting the virus that he's seen a lot of younger patients as well for so many talented but the health care system is facing. I don't Kerry third a little that a good news. Pretty much most of the hospitals and clinics and talk to hear yelling stay. Just starting to get control of this virus that they're able to actually access to lifesaving supplies rained out but now we're saved us says this city is. Sort of seeing that he of this virus are saying it signed in other areas of the country and we just confirmed reports that at a hospital in the southern part of India eleven patients died after they ran out of offices of clearly they need. He'll show desperate here and here right now. Terry and there we traveled just outside of New Delhi today we visited this makeshift hospital they think turn what's normally a wedding tent. Cut into an entire makeshift hospital built with. Bamboo and rope and we met a woman who showed up very young woman who are there for her father that her father and asked to leave the hospital for the hospital after her refining profits and she said she was so thankful to find this volunteer clinic because otherwise she would have been able to help her father. People are still in need but what's been so amazing Terry assisting other communities really coming out of it that's been punished and at a couple. They're actually. Both to be going on their honeymoon there newlywed married just six months and said. They came here the kingdom of the city they've been staying at a hotel saying it is worth all of the risk all of this sacrifice. Just so that they can save lives. For the middle of the suspect Terry college amazingly she does it come out and sacrifice themselves for others. Very. Maggie thank you so much for being there in New Delhi India for us on this heart soared thanks very much. Back here in the US says the FDA authorizes the Pfizer vaccine for twelve to fifteen year old inform parents on what today and their kids think. About getting vaccinated. Yeah. I am looking forward to getting my teenager vaccinated and he is too. And he's looking forward to nor canceled sports practices because someone was sick on the team he's looking forward to join noticed this whole home from the school nurse to -- second class. Are you looking for hours and not getting tested after exposures anymore and I think you looking for a sense of comfort that he's just safer. When he's out doing the same things we are whether we're stopping into a story in with a mask on. I really think that some. The evolution of this is been very strong if the flu shots available for her children up that he is tightening vexing for Kobe should be. Just that is peachy keen as soon as the flu shots. I live here in central Maine with my husband and two middle school boys aged eleven and thirteen when the vaccine became available for my husband and I. It wasn't quite the deal the big deal that was. To decide to get it or not as it is for my kids because. They have so much more life in front of them that there are long term side effects letter those things going to be. They've already amassed one from the Nazis and they've already missed two wrestling seasons and frankly I think they're sick of my being their only teacher that was only bond that for. I think their overhead. I'm so we've talked about it and they have decided to get vaccinated and and I have to respect that. Good firm and them those are just some of the millions of parents who are looking forward to give their children vaccinated once the CDC gives the green light. Meanwhile as of action rollout continues there are some communities. At risk of being left behind in Michigan. Black Americans make up just 9% of those vaccinated as of may third. Despite making up 14% of the State's population we've seen similar disparities in many parts of our country. Some people are putting their shoulders to the we'll fix that including former NBA star Detroit native. Fab four star and fab five's give me EST I doubt can I do that ESP NAS and ABC analyst Jalen Rose up in Detroit residents get their. Last shot and leadership. Academy on the city's west side jail and thanks very much for being with us at mount trouble with my wife a Michigan native was a huge fan. Good but it could work and if so what inspired you turned. Your leadership academy. Into a vaccination site and why was it's important for you to do so. They burned only on warm BM Warner raised in the straight. The city or community. Citizens mean everything to me. India needs your needs aren't contribute wanted to do there were months aren't much energy or money among not much. I realize that the corona virus who's there. It and your numbers were staggering. 9%. Are black Americans and featuring are getting Braxton in. We have to wake up and here is to bring our fears are real. Citizens in the United States of America. Of medicine. Of the police. Are the government. It is so we're gonna be hesitant in the latter rounds are going Yiddish we're gonna think there's something else is behind the curtain. My what stood Shimone. But this is different 600000 people have died due to corona virus we're wearing masks now this is something might we've never done. Sports were reporting. Indians who were not wearing men who know. Young people can go back to school and so we can function normally a society. It's extremely important and we get vaccinated. On really fortunate manager or a link. Was vaccinations are our goal is to be in the community community and educate your people might meet and endorsers 2011. And we. We meet holds 400 plus who moons nine to its world. And another 600. That are secondary education college university communion Collins trades through a military. So we can't run a thousand students and when you hear of vaccinations. Are not billable what's worrying. Sixteen year olds and older it's really important to community doesn't think she and give back. So we grew thirty vaccinations in some people. That means a lot honest means a lot our community. And coldly people your moral voice against eager be encouraged to blog index and. Continue doing so much to provide more access to vaccines how are you combating that vaccine hesitancy that you're describing Heidi you're sure people. That this is safe and this is something they should do is there a message that you feel in your experience is getting through. It is in the room I'll be sweeping. I'm an old man because I'm almost didn't do. But there are some keyboard better 65 and older that I had he's conversations where. That are not only are my name burst. Or are you and bella and I tell you what it takes about niece only set me back eighty years old so. Let me go armor around June interior US bibles like the scene business in this. You happy and sincere. In Soledad. Onions and when this in the first round. Your sons your daughters your Greinke is were not paid will go to school. This in the first and you were near and dear to your teachers. This is different isn't real this has been daily and it's extremely important and we go on get vaccinated and extremely fortunate. Thank Henry for this one has the Detroit Pistons did their job and reached or jail early it was involved in this really important really important work. And Joseph and beyond vaccinations is pandemic. You know I we all know has been so difficult for schools so how has your leadership academy handled. Those challenges. So just bigger bottom lines reported attended meet our gold adult or forty young Abraham screens are. Just during a much less screen time were young beaten. Now all of a sudden that they're going school. And also let me show you dine and when you have means. In a lot of situations. In particular suburb in. UD I need you home school. And environment deeds has good and not more comfortable. In the one that you haven't school. Will it worse just super young people religion and intercede. The school environment provides an escape. 48 and non our worst of beer romp she would ever motivated they're your needs to be Iran your teacher. Works in direct these. We get out your home to get out of your community to put yourself in position right you're making the difference. What's been extremely tough to be. I'm learning virtually Barack harsh ops are scholars didn't do and a bit sticky indeed embarrassed or your. We're gonna virtually earned a rest of the school year rob he did you wait to. Get as many people who knew it was wrong what you're scholars. And our we'll step back and build. So many fingers crossed on that and and Jalen. There and another athletes and commentators who spoken out about getting vaccines out they're getting people vaccinated how important is it do you think. For athletes to make their voices heard when it comes to issues like this and anyone with a public flap more. Is extremely important. People are minimized you don't trade dispute sports. Porsche are in terrible but cements a manipulation. What they're really telling you where they understand Powell when your voice lose. They understand how many people in community acts in this NCU. They understand and we need. They understand you Spaniards and European did you invest in back to your people at New York's union and you can make a difference. An Arab indeed while leading by example is so many ways be education. The it is these vaccines. The same army zero AM Cohen right. And again are being beaten in the community. Who not only its or no. On the community as a call. ESPN analyst Jalen Rose member of the fab five. And great Michigan they're great American thanks for what you do and thanks for being with us. Hello. Get out of trouble we've seen it's going on here and that does it for us on the breakdown today thanks so much for joining us kinda and the state have. And I'm Terry Moran will see you back here at 3 PM eastern tomorrow and have a great day. Yeah.

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