US officials believe Saudi crown prince was involved in Khashoggi’s death

Plus, CPAC shows loyalty to former President Donald Trump, and the FDA nears approval of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.
32:12 | 02/26/21

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Transcript for US officials believe Saudi crown prince was involved in Khashoggi’s death
Hi everyone welcome to the breakdown I'm Diane Messina. And I'm Terry Moran we have breaking news this afternoon the director Nash. National intelligence has released a report concluding that Saudi Arabia's crown prince Mohammad and some on top problem. The assassination of Washington Post columnist mark judging in 28 team the report bases its assessment. On the crown prince's control over decision making in the kingdom the involvement of key members. The crown prince's team and his support for using violent measures to silence dissidents like judging. So let's get right to senior foreign correspondent Ian panel and ABC news contributor minimal Roy who was deputy assistant secretary of defense. When can show me. Was killed. A gentlemen thank you both for being here in I'll start with you this report confirms almost a suspect in from more than a year now how strong. In the evidence against the crown prince and what happens now. I initial answers we didn't he. Loses he would really have to wait until he tell. You anything Americans can go in this change some. Of these communities and riskiest excellent we didn't see I was always. That I saw Americans aren't as accurate it took to me. Sachs and global didn't he's had supply chain are all killed to mount a show tunes can children 28 C a us consulate in Istanbul always better weeks scientists are nice and sweet story after story and I the list but he left to us that is a good man and it just has had to leave and it's Sotheby's on things that it missed. That being Murdoch's position to all these. Because he's certainly a long hard to rule runs countries crystal return instead sending all decisions are made. Sense. Cease principally Mohammed Gonzales announces machine into being its usual. Administration. He pulled his punches. Nazi ideology of the law is a Washington Post leisure. Almost certain say Internet world. And this is an ambiance is Judah and because of that relationship because it won't rely on a specific deals includes Angela. Our son. These days and is assessments that and he asked Americans aren't. The assassination. That he is still an assessment. It is just don't. And in the Dunwoody were Gordon Campbell's ocean parents seem it's. When mayor Gloria you the top pending an official overseeing the Middle East at the time and conserved his assassination I can't imagine how challenging it must've been. To try didn't investigate this. Understand its implications for our relations with Saudi Arabia as it was your reaction seemed this report today. So like many. I don't think it was a surprise. We have seen almost immediately after mr. Shali and killed them all in October a lot to go eighteen. Media reports the CIA. An almost immediately determined that. I. Can be at lunch likely be approved combine or so. I'm I don't think it'll quiet I do think it indicated that this administration is going to take a different. Our perspective when it comes to US Saudi relationship at least an especially as they relate. Law Mohammed install. Change your question. Saudi Arabia is and always will be an important partner of the united station in our national security interest in the Middle East. I think he by the administration has made it clear that won't change I think actually specifically about. On the action Atlanta and I killing up on this show he and GOP TV declared policy that are coming up they are today. Regarding these foods and the Treasury Department regarding sanctions I think that is where he urged. Are going to be focused in should be. And in president Biden spoke with king some on a Saudi Arabia yesterday ahead of the release of this report each. Let us Press Secretary wouldn't say directly if Biden brought up could show you during that call. When do we know about their conversation. You're rises into an analyst loses this is very very delicate pieces he continues to be. The United States in the Middle East there are a number of reasons. Weathers who brown Brothers and AG. Is utterances of its a camera are regions is that they should be seeing. Eaten. So. That they try to stress seemed to respecting human rights Reese leased. Hardly. Sort of high profile and Mal actress. How. In prison he's Arabia. Because it is just being alone and human rights organizations or release demonstration didn't. And our public so we've been hearing and this is on the new administration's center Chris aren't useful releasing her seating will step in that direction. To mean that and a lot of things at least you where this is a political readjustment of Coles stake mocking. If you want to call on these. Incidents at schools takes us. Loans when it's hot seat and relationship changes in fashion and our citizens. And the deaths this if you should invest in congress. Are hearing X. Do you remember the food took place. Specialty there was a settlement companies is beating Wall Street investors. And companies to call this New Orleans and that's that's. This really really. In the same pressure. And students Zulu and individual and social is rude. And and intimacy relationship the administration's going to be typical. And speaking of can be then used. And me can you elaborate on that relationship a little bit between the US and Saudi Arabia now. That president Biden took office how has it change and how do you see it evolving. So. Autonomy Obama administration an intra administration the US military provided or Saudi like collection yeah it's cleaner air can't. That support was the odd kind of intelligence aside I tried coaching and how to conduct air campaign and Henry you want to air. Repealing an aircraft went in did. Law onto your. The only remaining thing you've US military unit at the intelligence. And the up side by side that is what. I'm Biden administration. Oh ended. The other thing it and it is actually not content to cut the cut power and that it shell. Law and ammunition Saudi Arabia that that was curtailed somewhat. Or pork that's. But dual role all points on the Arabian Sea and the stability of the region we see in our efforts against Iran and their line activity in the region. And hopefully getting back to me. Another nuclear agreement that we can all agree to. Law Caldera urged nuclear weapons Saudi Arabia the choir and all the and it is it is a key countries that Bob Kennedy in that age is not going to change that much I think most of what will change will be a relationship. Which they cropper. And that you Magid source to another important development that last night president Biden ordered. Source military action as president the air strike a target you're running back militia groups in Syria believed to be responsible for the attack on a coalition base in Iraq. Last week. A sources saying the president chose the least lethal option so what of these strikes designer comes what are they tell you. Especially the way they were authorized legally. About the Biden approach to that thorny problem series. Sort of commentary I don't know whether he picked. The least significant. I would say. Odd situation doing it area. While I was Smart because like any activities that we did in Iraq. Could call Vichy government of Iraq America and politically are polite execution are quite art ought to do be retaliation. For the attack of mobile which killed an American ingenuity. Honors law in Syria bench that political blog acted. Like they don't want to. The other significant thing is it shows the Biden administration. Is not going to take these attacks why Iranian backed militias. Are flying down the street they are gonna we're squat and it that is important. Because they need to understand that there are consequences of their actions in quite frankly. Iran in need to understand that they cannot hide behind her Coxe forces. Law and attacked the United States. Aaron in panel and Mitchell all right great to have you both thank you. Thank you. Are right here with more on this report is House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff of California. I congressman thanks very much for being with us. Good to be with the so first I want to ask you that this is a brief report it's almost sketchy but it makes absolutely clear. That that American government has decided to crown prince Mohamed installment a Saudi Arabia is responsible order. An operation to capture or kill. Jamal could show Jay and I wonder. Basically what is the impact of this do you think on American Saudi relations and I. Is there are more forensic evidence that we aren't seeing. Well for so I figure actually write the report makes it crystal clear that the crowned prince. Had a very direct role in ordering this capture or kill operation. And the intelligence community to the director's credit Taylor needs accredited. Holds no water and track about this doesn't mince words about this. In directly blame this set of feet of the crown prince armaments Almonte. So I'm pleased to see that there's also other naming amazed in this underclass reporter. And this is and for years we have far. To make this. A county public. It was resisted and prevented by the trumpet administration. There is a very potent naming and shaming impact demonstrations and the need to go further. And hold those responsible accountable. Well let's talk about that how we are hearing that crown prince Mohamed and someone who is essentially running Saudi Arabia and has been for a while certainly Allman said defensed. Signed security side. Operations that the Biden administration will not sanction him personally what do you think and. Well I've heard urged the administration to make sure their reaper. Russians or the crown prince I think it's fundamentally. A problem if you conclude that the crown prince supporter in the capture kill. But only hold people that follow the orders to count. And I understand the need to try to maintain some relationship when the kingdom. Four lead the value that it may bring in terms of our counterterrorism operations are pushing back. Against Iran's malign activities there are way to make sure there are ways to make sure it's a real repercussions for the crown prince that he gets no. Face to face meetings no direct phone call also with the president of the United States. That entities that are close of financial entities like the Saudi Arabia sovereign fund investment fund. Elements that are tied to the crown prince as reportedly. An aircraft company. That participated in this capture and kill operation. So there are ways to bring about consequences that are directly under the crown prince that I don't think completely ruptured a relationship but the kingdom. And I encourage administration took all the while on what is announcing. With a more steps to follow. And if I can follow on that non conference mom and summon the almost certain successor to his father king Solomon Saudi Arabia and so. How do we do business. We demand that our government has concluded order did this operation he's gotten blood on his pants. Is that something that than ordinary American should be troubled by going forward. The crown prince does not want on his hands he is responsible for the murder and dismemberment. Other US resident and journalists. And so we're absolutely he has bought understands. How do you have a relationship with anyone know any country that has led by someone and someone like. Well there are still certain very defined common interest. Amen just as we have what Russia we signed a new start treaty with Russia sometimes you you reach agreement on what your adversaries. Sometimes your relationship. Is a very difficult -- are switching them certainly is. But nonetheless it's a different relationship pass immediate relationship. And the one we've had a last four years where we have virtual three the crown prince is Karachi do you want to kill you may and it won't affect our relationship. This has had an impact not just on US Saudi relations let on relationship to crown prince. Oh and one of the crown prince's. Main projects really over the past several years has been the war in Yemen that humanitarian catastrophe there. I the United States is already under president Biden taking some steps to do to limit that to try to and that war and limits Saudi ability to prosecuted. To think more needs to be done or what impact will this report holding him responsible for the killing of Jamal Kirsch MG. Have on the war on in Yemen. I think that the senate we've already taken it has been a very important one entrance of cutting off our support for the war in Yemen and going further to come Baja arm sales Saudi Arabia. That is very disruptive to the the US Saudi relationship and it should pretty. And so I think those are very important status. What the impact of this true or will be allaying the murder shinji. And defeated the crown prince is that there will be no backtracking. Homo. On those shafts which frankly shouldn't take an even. Irrespective of that crime against issue she but now underscores. Just why. The the leadership Buddhist kingdom. Is so poisoned and why we need to be treated at a very distant arm's length. It really is such a fraught relationship. And carbon you mentioned that the release of this report. Which was required by law was held up by the previous administration is there something. The congress can do. To make sure that in the future. Material like this which have people's represented in congress decide need to be as seen by the public. Isn't with. It's a good question unity and our committee and intelligence getting re right that language requiring this or to be made public. One of the things we discover though the last four years is where you don't president would motorists are for the balance of power or coequal branches of government. They can tie you up four years in order I've introduced legislation last session which will be reintroducing. To extradite enforcement of congressional process so that in the future we have more tools to compel a recalcitrant. Or define its administration. Congress has a lot of abilities as a Vista with all funding from administration. But we didn't have a willingness in the Republican Party to pull the former president's accountable in any way and that that included. When this president simply flouting the law. Congressman Adam Schiff thanks very much for being with us on these important issues. Thank you. And the Conservative Political Action Committee conference also known as C pac is under way in Florida but this year some prominent Republicans. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell are sitting it out so far speakers have echoed former president trump stalls claims about the election and senator Ted Cruz. Joked about his controversial trip to Cancun before addressing the divide within the Republican Party. Orlando is awesome. Not as nice as Cancun. Okay. Ice. Are there tensions and our party sure. Because we believe in diversity we believe it individuality different people have different views we art the Borg. Let's go over ABC news political director inclined for more on this Rick. Good afternoon how significant is it that party figures like Mitch McConnell are not at C pack this year. Yellow we have been covering for months now live in London the low grade civil war in the Republican Party is not on display at C pack is easy trumps fast dizzy is all about Trump's supporters I and Yahoo! Mitch McConnell and sass me from the Adam can singer they of course you know we're without Nikki Haley has come out against some of the things the president did on January 6 or she wasn't invited either and vice president hence. At the falling out to be that he had a generous even she. Doesn't make the cut this year us that this is not count out the full airing almost. The diversity of views of the Republican Party this is about truckers and eyes a particular brand of that and is up. Quite an occasion to mark the re emergence of president trump on Sunday. Kidding standout moments you so far. I've been struck by the almost mocking tone days. Since several of the speakers are taken with regard to restrictions around Kobe you heard that from senators like Tom cotton and Ted Cruz and they're trying to attack jet. Hang Kobe restrictions on president Biden and on Democrats nine and of course they do it in you know a more sweeping manner that is that is that is correct. I'll but it is a powerful argument particularly as the debate over school reopening continues I was a lot of mockery of the media as you mentioned there's some echoing of the false claims. Around the election. I noted leader a couple of house members that are showing up in the air and not showing up for votes on the house floor some of them are going by proxy engage in this surely political event. This is a deal respecting those in a few hours on the club in nineteen package. All available of these these house members very very associated with president Robert Crowe trump house members are there in Florida instead. It is amazing scene all he has on on that part and that based meanwhile Rick president Biden's. He's in Texas he's playing that traditional presidential role of comforter in chief as they say after the winter weather disaster there. So what's on his agenda of their son can. Well he's on the ground and he didn't had a meeting with solid governor added does striking needs to joke about done media passport to get in Texas but also the clinical calling have a governor added he said yesterday eighty request she you can before you get it out of us now. I do think there's some symbolic importance to visiting Texas in this occasion when he was asked about this last week president Biden. Immediately said Obama president for all Americans not red or blue Americans and that contrasting style. I think is one of the things he's putting out there were also very here's some more talk throughout the day about vaccinations and on energy policy this is in forming a raging debate in Texas and beyond about energy. Reliability and renewable in the light in this is a big priority for the Biden administration that I think recess the conversation even if today is mostly about Texans getting back. Honesty and Rick you mentioned the house is voting on Biden's pandemic release bill today but the senate parliamentarian decided that the Senate's version can't include a federal minimum wage hikes so he explained why that is and what it means for the future of the bill. Yeah it's strange. Because other Democrats and Joseph Biden have lost the battle but they may win the broader war when it gets a getting a cult in nineteen packaged. All sorts of Byzantine political reasons the minimum wage would not lie in the senate mostly because a couple of moderate Democrats they wouldn't support additional fifteen dollar minimum wage was and it. But we had progressive house members said they wouldn't support the package unless it was civilians saves in essence by the senate parliamentarian and unelected represented at no one really knows who she is and in this case her ruling means it won't be in the final bill that might be to train and a weird way even though Joseph Biden once a minimum wage higher at fifteen dollars an hour in progress is very much want to see it this nineteen hinting that sea musical in nineteen packaged it certainly advances for another day how is approving it with a minimum wage and tax. We know it won't be in the senate package I and that is keeping moments and even though he is purely partisan momentum for the bill. Not sure we never seen the senate parliamentarian get much attention as right now Rick Klein thank you. Thank you. Thanks rich while the FDA is an outside panel. But experts advisory panel's meeting right now to decide on whether to grant emergency use authorization for a third vaccine in the United States. If all goes well the Johnson and Johnson's single dose faxing could be authorized as early as today and the company says it is ready to start shipping doses immediately so let's bring in emergency physician and ABC news medical contributor doctor Daron Sutton for more on this. I'm certainly talked about this before the JJ Maxey and now is a single dose vaccine unlike those Pfizer and return of vaccines. But there's also tested after of new variants started being discovered does worry some. More transmissible bear variance saw how important is that. There is not just important it's necessary as we operate in this world where this Cyrus is constantly changing and possibly poses at increased risk to us in terms of transmits ability we have. To understand how the vaccine operate within Nash and so JJ has provided us with that preliminary information and hold Salim intern and buzzer will follow with information regarding how efficacious they're vaccines are within isn't climate. There may be more transmissible. And. Actor's sudden the doctor leading the CDC's coma nineteen vaccine efforts said today. And she is the US can get to administering over one point five million doses today. As soon as there's enough vaccine to do that. That last part seems to be the key there are so what's realistic timeline on that happening she and how can that help us more quickly reached herd immunity. I think it's a realistic timeline but I also would close I would I would stand against sentencing I think the beyond Michael would be at least two million vexing day especially now that we have the possibility of the emergency use authorization. For the changing that scene and recently we average around one point five million per day in and we continue on that trajectory we'll see possibly 2% vaccinated by late summer and 70% vaccinated finally fall now 70% as an experiment many. Epidemiologist at following up with what is needed to prevent hurting our vaccine induced herd immunity. And really could be action how soon do you think we can reach that milestone of one point 5000002 million vaccines administered a day. I would say as early as next beyond U we were able to have the Johnson & Johnson vaccine included in our vaccines against Kobe nineteen we could probably reach and surpass that and a couple of weeks. It and and doctors and we have a question from Twitter Diane put to call out we got some good questions including. If you've had to cope in nineteen. How long you have to wait to get vaccinated. The short answer is that there's no specific time and that one would have to wait after the ultimate 1940 different vaccine. Now because of a decrease supply we've stated that. It is unlikely to kick could be nineteen again within the first three months of your infection of the general recommendations are a week that agreement ma because the risk is not really echoes of that person however. If you were to have nineteen and the vexing would become available there's no reason not to get a permit it's probably it's completely city. We knew you know the answer to that turn to Derek sudden. Thanks very much as all. Referred thanks so for decades Washington DC this city I meant he has been known to many as chocolate city because its majority African American population of the rich spirit and culture. Don't think Casey more than demographic makeup of DC is James Cannon nicknamed live bond. We come back the autumn a popular soul food restaurant here tells us why he's not ready to give it out. Welcome back Washington DC has long been known to many as chocolate city because of its large African American population and rich culture but like so many places in the US demographics there are shifting. And the black population is dropping. So cannon nickname live on. Here's day the moving its. Here's this Washington DC losses touted as the majority black city. And still RG habit isn't ready to give up his beloved hometown was. Old nickname coming to me is always going to be talking with city and I'm never want to get. They're on now and never let anybody else did and he does. Look into its popular soul food restaurant and you lead with the full bellies and may be a neighborhood story. Bill but left crying rich in culture. Child with city you would who was you know our people's spirit and and soul in in in. Jay is in arm being wrapped in gold though it sold food. Just a creative mind in mind set how to make you know something out of nothing and. Hardly the only black washingtonians who wistfully remembers those dates this is a black city is this this meant that you know we. We made this city you know that led the music then the food. The people. Where we work we took pride in everything. Sadr City was the oh was edging basket Americans who live in have. A place there was for a black coach in music and lab yards in prince the go and his men and back to self. The college of us drone. And do black people were running. Things you know people empowering people in authority a lot of people who look like you. Claimed its final at the first to big US city with the majority black population in 1957. But it was until the 1970 that it really began reveling in taking on the money currently chocolate city. I nationally compromise would this tribute by funk band parliament. Copies of the rock and I did you feel. As for Murray in the quarter cent with the black power movement and 70% black population was its Mecca. Chris someone who grew up here in the 1970s and 1980s it felt like everything in every one was black and so he'd get rid no limits. In terms of which is what you thought you could and could not given and you really felt like the DC could be ES a kind of you totally stage again for black led radical progressive city. A black progressive city with a controversial but legendary mayor pushing it for him on it. It's just two words Mary Mary Cora masters Berry delete mayor's wife. When they elected him as mayor his program was empowerment economic empowerment. Jobs. He changed how we. May eighty seasons about who gets contracts who gets the bond business unit were black folks doing everything you hear Washington DC you know dentist boy years people collecting your trash. Man of very was definitely about the people leave though wind down would help the people and at best that's what we know ignore love about. Very very. But by mayor Barry's death in 2014 his beloved chocolate CD was mostly bad in name only. Like many big cities in the US DC's demographics were sifting the black population dropping from its resounding majority. Sit down below 50%. Go to U street today. Very few African American businesses it's. Complex though of different things but definitely the influx of wealthy whites in this treaty definitely helped to lead to the decline of chocolate city. But taints you tell tenants when he thirteen the National Community Reinvestment Coalition estimates gentrification displaced more than 20000. Black DC residents. The change landing the city and the top of the coalition's when he nineteen list of most juncture fighting US city. Anthony Williams B Collins. Mayor of the CE he is that chance he says the SEE warrants why wouldn't middle class and wealthy individuals and families she who aren't into the city. You know one of the reasons he says you know we need wealthier people coming and and that raises property taxes and you know supposedly had been trickles down other programs. The issue gentrification. Is fine he knows it is done responsibly. It just sucks that it wasn't for us there wasn't for the people who live there and it's for the people who haven't come NN. They us many black people. It wasn't for black people. For DC native Kareem it's gone the changing city Gabe has been bittersweet. During the years I was in school DC was changing very fast. And news. One minis an establishment being worked in the nineteen minutes up from my. There's nothing in DC can't do insisting that they won't do for the people of that and that they needed the most. The DC Scott new day and is now long gone. Along with her old apartment complex which one stood in the shadows of the US capitol. For family was among the many low income black residents displaced when the city as part of a redevelopment project torn down the temper quartz apartment in 2008. It's just the emotional experience to go through. That you know you you can walk through something you know I guess you advise them into your house and then go through your figuring knowing when he dealings. How are you they would go to my refrigerator you my food and mean of course not with the same pains. It's my refrigerator and he's not talking about that's not. As of 2019 the US Census Bureau estimates DC's black and white population is now evenly divided at 46%. Each. At that he soul food businesses were still thriving. Fear is what the melting chocolate city we'll eventually mean for its black population. And maybe they miss. Forty and in this. Point five and in this twin mean in this tent made to the go do 5%. And then that now in talking the city is. Forgotten about I mean you try to roll back its objective case by behaved what would Rick Ross say about about meg the hood you know. Got him got stuck trying to buy back that was hit him I mean I'm well liked to do that's what I would like to do have been I guess this must start his mom beginning. For ABC news comfy to do that. My thanks to face in the nation that are forward and that doesn't for us here on the breakdown I'm Diane missing out. And I'm Terry Moran here in Washington DC still chocolate city will see you back here Monday at 3 PM eastern have a great. A.

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