The Breakdown: US to share millions more vaccine doses with the world

Plus, the Supreme Court takes up a key abortion case, and a former officer accused of killing Daunte Wright appears in court.
24:07 | 05/17/21

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Transcript for The Breakdown: US to share millions more vaccine doses with the world
Everybody welcomes the break down and even held around and we're Diane Macedo. And I'm Terry Moran president Biden has announced that the United States will be sending more vaccine doses don't round. The world to other countries is they become more readily available to Americans. Our nation is going to be huge arsenal from vaccines for the restaurant and we'll share these next season service event in the pandemic everywhere and meanwhile the Supreme Court of the United States says it will hear arguments on Mississippi's first. Elective abortion law the president of Planned Parenthood and joins us to respond. Also ahead the US is under pressure to broker a cease fire Israel ramps up its assault on Gaza the Israeli military says it destroyed about nine miles of tunnels used by Hamas militants in airstrikes. Earlier today overnight Israeli warplanes dropped more than 100 bombs on the densely populated area in its biggest attack yet. Meanwhile Hamas militants are retaliating. Firing dozens of rockets from Gaza toward Israel and our team was there as Israel's iron dome intercepted the missiles. And we have the latest from the Gaza border. And the former police officer charged with killing doctor right in the Minneapolis suburb appeared in court this afternoon Kim potter has been charged with second degree manslaughter and for fatally shooting direct after pulling them over for driving with expired tags and we've got a closer look at the implications this case could have on race and policing. But we begin with president Biden announcing twenty million more accrued vaccine doses will be shared with other countries that need them. That's addition to the sixty million doses and AstraZeneca vaccine which is not yet authorized here in the US. That the administration has already committed to sending overseas. Let's bring in emergency physician ABC news medical contributor doctor Daron Sutton. NEC's deputy political director Avery harper for more on this let's start with you doctor Sutton. Where are these doses needed them most and how big of an impact could this announcement caps. How good afternoon meeting these are things and he didn't most notably of course and India as it has headline because it is experiencing some of the highest numbers of carbon nineteen infections have we have seen since the beginning of this pandemic. And there are also other countries are also suffering if you look at places like Argentina Colombia and Costa Rica all of these countries are suffering from. All of those eligible including all of those in over the age of twelve it in the United States. An Emory Allen asking what do you know about how this decision was made and where these vaccines could be had to leave her doctor said Lestock. A long list of places that need them. Right won't listen you know that this this president campaigned on to restoring the soul of this nation and then returning to moral leadership and and for him part of that is is helping other countries. That he said today that this is going to be part of the international Kovacs. Effort and so lately you know that that whole effort is about ensuring that the vaccines are distributed equitably so that means that those vaccines are going to be heading across the developing world. And to nations that have been hard hit. By co written nineteen nations like India which we we've seen a horrific impact of the pandemic there. And got a sudden this comes as states are dropping their mask mandates in response the CDC's new guidance saying fully vaccine people can safely ditched their masks in most situations. But that has led to some confusion and even controversy. Over whether it's too soon to go mask list what's your take on all that's. My take is that this is the point we're sorry to disagree I think right now there we simply have not achieved herd immunity and I think when releasing her lifting these guidelines are simply lifting these restrictions on mass use in public places like grocery stories. Does nothing but cook employees and customers at more risk. I don't try to advise everyone to take. Acknowledgment of the risk around you and do your best and mitigating decreases risk as much as possible. And by that I mean you're stepping in so public places surrounded by people that you don't know. It goes a long way to Wear masks convoluted and you can imagine because there are many who are suffering from immune compromised recent status is and going home to someone vulnerable. And so we all have to do our part just to keep these numbers look. Every let's switch gears a little it's tax day. Biden also announced with some families would start seeing any tax credit this July Biden says it will cut child poverty and how. How does it work and who stands to baton attack. Wall oh nearly 39 million households stand to benefit starting July 15. Up to 300 dollars per child these families will start to see in the form on my direct deposit a paper check or debit card you know this is all part of Barton's effort to cut our child poverty in half into. I'd give working class and middle class families help. You know and in the midst of this pandemic and it's coming in the form of cold hard cash. And scooping EMS Shelton doctors had our second here updating guidance on schools and camps soon. What would you tell parents about how to keep their kids safe. Well I think practicing what we know works best which is masking and distancing when possible and of course anyone who's eligible to get vaccinated. I think in his upcoming years schools will probably look more closely normal than they ever have been. But we have to say caution and can provide provisions in terms of key piece mask and testing and of course vaccinations and reeking of course keep these children saved. Doctor Daron Sutton Avery harper thank you both for being with us Terry T it. Meanwhile the Supreme Court of the United States has announced it will take up a major abortion rights case which is widely seen as a direct challenge to 1 of the central holdings. Of Roe vs. Wade is case will be the first direct test of the court's conservative majority on the abortion issue. The justices will hear arguments. On the Mississippi law which would ban all which does ban all abortions after fifteen weeks with exceptions when it comes to medical emergencies or severe fetal abnormalities as determined. By the government of Mississippi. The lot was struck down by a lower court that ruling affirmed by an appeals corporate Supreme Court could overturn all that. And take another look at Roe vs. Wade anti abortion activists and groups like march for life at praise the band. Its president saying in a statement states should be allowed to craft laws that are in line with polled public opinion on this issue as well as basic human compassion. Instead of the extreme policy. That row in post so. Want to bring in the president and CEO Planned Parenthood Alexis Manuel Johnson for more on this Alexis thank you for being with us it's it's a big day. In this area what is your basic reaction to the Supreme Court taking up. This challenge to 1 of the central holdings of role in the state of Mississippi. Bullet. And you're right it is absolutely challenge street or brow and I'm doing are you a return years. That. And may stand around whether or not earning. And seeing any viability and or is alarm. It is shocking that this is the central holding issued an eight. And you know you're that an inconvenient enough or II engine it. Actually the majority of Americans believe that erosion a lot of land that. Abortion should be. Reasonable and there is in the union. Or as abortion the union. It's me on an honest I Rick Rowell and I'm sure that this area constitutional and it's. That I've I can just follow up on that the ABC news poll for decades issue about 55 now I think 59% of Americans do support roe. But there is that sizable minority and I often in a democracy gonna get some kind of consensus or compromise around think that's that's essentially what. We're looking actually their recent ABC news post poll 62% uphold Roe vs. Wade what about the argument that. The other side makes. That the conversation is broader than just yet your name as people look at specific issues gender selection abortion. Or or abortion of children with Down syndrome more or those kinds of things. Should there be a broader discussions and just uphold roe or modify. I can't answer machine and buying rate in all of these challenges in nearly I rigorous and used it. Gains are and better and Lee and abortion right now. Here are eyeing me or rounds. You know already abortion and limit you see all of these are really. Kind outlets only knowing that and remain under I try administration and Connell. Knitting or. All the legislation and and including. Aaron and in Iraq designed to go you the Supreme Court she got Rauch. Should be really cares about our street and this isn't about. Restrictions on March. Let let me ask you what it. Would this law what do to. Their lives that of women in Mississippi where the Supreme Court to uphold it banning abortions. After fifteen weeks except in rare circumstances what would that do for women. Flood it is it is certainly now the relating to her I would not. Records I'm out. Or weeks they decided that the need to terminate. Their pregnancy but what are really cute actually. What Haitians because we seen the need band I spring. Street and senior again earlier lending last year abortion. I was already gets. Me angry. Colleagues say it is our right knee RB I and many dates rare interest and again portion of my or. Censure again I. Sell undue burden. And you bid eight multiple times and seven. Burdens and where I work and rallying. You know hundred mile an order. The only our clinic in a high and you aren't in such as burden on. And you know what is right. Right EU. Acts it sound. But Asians and we know that growth is ever earned in some way. There twenty million women leading in states without. Christian an abortion. It is early and to me it is has tremendous national. And then let me ask once again about that public opinion 62% in our poll. Americans say they. Want Roe vs. Wade upheld 24%. For out right overturning it. Do you think it justices of the Supreme Court including the three justices appointed by president trump. Will tape. That widespread support for roe into consideration as they did really in 1992. To some served to some degree. In plan parted vs Casey think they should've taken into consideration. Absolutely and I. They also believe Hiroshi a lot of land and I'm unfortunately because. State legislatures have ended again remain. High as. As well as the arts until relaxing Dickey now have a local minority of people who controlled leaders. Hour and so you would out of whack. If it attacks acts back majority he actually is not able to two got hurt in a way that the majority. As he. The rovers is wade precedent almost fifty years old still. Under sustained attack and then this one very serious Alexis McGill Johnson a Planned Parenthood. Thanks for being with this. He and. Now to the escalating crisis in the Middle East Israel hit Gaza would airstrikes over the weekend leveling several buildings including the offices of Al-Jazeera and eighteen media outlets. Palestinian authorities say dozens were killed in those attacks and this comes amid growing calls for the US to broker a cease fire. President Biden said he plans on speaking with prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu today ABC news' chief national correspondent Matt Gutman is on the ground. With the latest good afternoon back. Couple hours ago we see a barrage of rockets right over there. Interceptors right above us we're pretty much as far as you can get. And as close as you can get to the Gaza Strip at this one see some. Fellow journalists behind us. You can still hear the booms right now. Obviously very much of of a dynamic situation here on the ground. Near the Gaza Strip it Israel has been pummeling it up for eight straight days with those airstrikes. And 200 planes. On. Saturday night. A 160 the night before last night a massive bombardment as well. Israel said it was targeting is Hamas is. Underground tunnels which they call the metro because if so deep it's like a subway. Also targeting they said. Islamic Jihad and Hamas officials. We know at least one leader has been killed. But he has been. One of the reasons that we see and have seen. This retaliation certainly here in the south of Israel fewer rockets certainly over the past couple of days unclear whether that. Says anything about hamas' capabilities or its desire to keep fighting at this point. We're likely see some sort of retaliation because especially from Islamic Jihad. Because. His assassination. Just in terms of how people are dealing with this on a day to day basis. It's become a routine here in Israel though and well over majority of the population has experienced those sirens has heard the booms of the interceptors. Blowing up incoming rockets is probably seen the damage from Iraq it. Still. We damage so much more significant in the Gaza Strip dozens of buildings down. Over 200 killed. Over thirteen hundred wounded and again. The infrastructure of the Gaza Strip is a major concern right now we're told it its power plant is running out of fuel for its generators. Israel has. Close the Gaza Strip both to fuel aid and to foreign media we are not allowed to get in there at this point in Egypt has opened its side at least. To fuel and allowing the wounded Palestinians to come out. Through its border with Gaza but right now that the foreign press is locked out obviously at some things. We have complained about. Now we have seen this diplomatic push you US secretary of state Tony blink and and conferring with his counterparts in cutter and in Egypt you both have ties with Hamas they're talking about. Really on the table immediately but first just to bring down the tenor of the violence. And hopefully that pans out Terry. Matt Gutman chief national correspondent in Israel thanks very much for that. But the former police officer who fatally shot twenty year old Dante right during a traffic stop outside of Minneapolis and she's appearing in court today and we'll take a closer look at her case the implications for race and policing and and when we come back. Welcome back. Four police officer Kim potter appeared in court today where the judge set a tentative trial start date. For December 6 20/20 one she's charged. With second degree manslaughter for fatally shooting twenty year old don't her right. During a traffic stop in Brooklyn center Minnesota that's right outside of Minneapolis and joining us to talk about the case. And the broader implications of this case when it comes to race and policing and America legal analyst Terry Austin from the on clock crime network and Bob voice. ABC news contributor and former NYPD. Chief of detectives welcome to both. Terry let me give you the shooting. Which was an accidental. Shooting set off unrest in the streets it happened while the trial of former officer Derek Shelton was going on. Killing of Jamie Floyd in Minneapolis just south of Brooklyn center. Wright's family members in protest were pushing prosecutors to file murder charges here. So do you think she should be charged with murder rather than manslaughter given the circumstance should touch was gone for taser issue and firm gun. Is that someone could come later. It is something that could come later and you with manslaughter and they need to prove that she had culpable negligence and that she. Posed an unreasonable risk with the murder charges say for instance a murdered three charge they're going to have to show that she act. Act with a depraved mind in I would think that would be a little more difficult to hear if her claim is that. She accidentally pulled her keys there and she wasn't in any way acting with a depraved mind trying to hurt the individual self. I think the prosecution is going to be able to show probable cause and prove a manslaughter charge better than they would be able to charge. And prove a murder charge but any think it happened they could definitely upped the charges. Bad and as you say given the fact children go to Bob on this we know from that body camera footage that dobbs a potter shouted a warning that she was going to ten days. Dante right before. Then firing her gun how plausible is that as a defense do you think do you think. There needs to be a change in how officers are trained. To use case she had that in her hand for a couple of seconds it seemed and then shot. Yeah this is national Hagen Terri are going to be here. This is a national conversation police training in tactics and these are rare when this happens but clearly the everybody can surely aren't. Children children who commands an ammunition at all are once when she did so in the case is presented to that. Question is on things that are happening as well where. We're she had to taser on her Credo that's important to understand. It's in what is he's armed violence and not broken center to where she put her. These things happen. Again who's that is all the luxuries when you have well his situation it is thought is that editors as he's standing vehicle stopped. And an elevated itself into something else. So you see what happened here is clearly what happens these items he's going and you. Higher than than manslaughter to a recent Croat charged because it's egregious act this younger daughter. So I don't see going broad and Matt. But the training itself. Two big argued a local response to actually its should be done quarterly. I was stunned by annually and I figure he's arrogant at all this comes out of something stronger Douglas terrible tragedy that was used since changed. He's training and tactical combo. And that to do more frequent training would. Would help. Officers in this situation as the adrenaline flows they rely on that training that muscle memory Terry. As expected the judge cheered did find probable cause proceed with charge against potter as we say so what about cameras in the court of people who used to watching that Derek children case. If you. Kerry. We lost her. Our case of Bob let let me correct you on on this on this important. Subject of when police training and how it can help you save this has happened and understandably. And and what about the trailer kind of training what about it help would help officers and people stopped. From this kind of tragic consequence. So these cases always call and we are Wheeler truck control devices they say lives. You're used everyday deployed with was certain that we think has to have some of them take shorter it has to be used up your subject. Almost quarter. If you don't it is has done to save lives unfortunately I think we have to train at the same spot where where was I wrong on on the strong side. The other cases divisive ECB funnel all of we saw her and then go back for one whose standards this is something that we can we get a truck we can change. Thankfully this very few instances on this what east of the par or envision a better crossroads. Who buys stolen people's shoes where. Two other horses and it was a three person Kosovo which is pretty substantial choosing to. And it makes mistakes when you have someone other car that evolved from a orchestration. Probably bring into the backcourt car. And he never tell anybody got a warm Allison and cost 100 rooms. Some somethings and as it is but the primary thing here is as happy new policy is muscle memory Tucker Lisa tarter and go for her about where to get it used to it. Quarterly every every three or four on sentinel node don't want to. Ted just as as training and American military has. Increased effectiveness and safety and legality all the jobs of the military there in the police forces it could as well. Let me ask about race and police Bob if this was as you say as to pull over for expired registration tax. Do you think should police officers there and wouldn't be part of the case were more on their guard. Because don't they're red to black man. It's great question and that has to be developing court why exactly didn't able Poehler pulled him over. This writer was yet driving recklessly it was a refused to raise your suspicions. Again there's no question it was expired rich and how committed it goes those those stops. Also a million vicinity is as well. And and that's what we're gonna go this case clearly we will talk more about race a race relations in the evening news who's telling us we are right now. Call or go forward but absolutely huge news here is that we look you know being I don't know Carlos only season where so this different things in their market. How many times has also potter who use terror is to us as hormones well. So we'll see as a as he goes forward I regret she's pregnant she was trying to hear all these things about a trial Anastos wherever. That's withdraws for bring the facts out Bob voice and Terry Austin Newman lost thanks very much for being with us this afternoon. Premieres. Hey thanks for joining us I'm even pilgrim in for Diana stayed out of the. And I'm Terry Moran Alicea back care at 3 PM eastern tomorrow. Yeah.

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