Breaking down defense witness testimony

Civil rights attorney Channa Lloyd discusses the impact of the defense team’s latest witness in the final days of the Derek Chauvin trial.
4:04 | 04/15/21

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Transcript for Breaking down defense witness testimony
More analysis would bring in shuttle Lloyd civil rights attorney with the Cochran firm in Florida thanks for coming back on this point. We heard that testimony today from doctor David Fowler who said it Floyd's cause of death could be classified as undetermined. Instead of as a homicide. How convincing would you say that those arguments were and do you think that this battle of the experts over cause of death will serve to confuse the jury or be enough justice to plant the seed of reasonable doubt. Well lets its stakes. And was hoping. For instance. I. And it was sure what that car was on what are Brit. Those are big over a book expert it's just art in these costs. He also admitted. Beloit. Receipt to collect and eat. And is still although his testimony me being sort Oval Office. The state was able certainly some serious. Inroads in sports they are spot this when insurers are looking east expert we as they lined the Motley think about one to her about our business and it brings comments. So when he hears things aren't able to be disputed or able to. Him on earth that's only sports but what. Ability. Doctor Fowler really muddy the waters bit more by suggesting that the carbon monoxide vision mention from the squads car's tailpipe may have contributed to George Floyd stepped. Even if that is true. Wouldn't also be Derek chauvinist fault or could help his offense and a meaningful way. He could help his back the debt and away in the sense. What state are all his position with the neon and that was the slow each. So would essentially means is no matter what else is actually eat their biggest insurer. To act. This action needed to let lecture records that. So that's the reasonable to comes in and these others priest shortage your side effects credible theory sting could say that is where. Reasonable but when you talk about this idea that the causation right that the prosecution needs to prove in this case. If they don't have to say that the kneel on the neck was the sole. Reason that he died correct. Absolutely their right to a missile but it's beat that Celebrex. Should do so you mean other things. But it but for that meet. He would have sir X then what we're looking at is and should be a guilty verdict according to block. As we near the end of this trial which sci would you say seems to have the stronger case said do you think it'll be tough for the jury to reach a verdict. I think right now that the prosecution. But it's solid foundation. And the abilities she makes he's in. The test. Its. Exports meet their. Right used to does this case. I think the jury's going to be it's always interest and vetoing their deliberate big John in. Only. We should remember one. Ortiz to ensure that this jury verdict in Minnesota require you are. And lastly what potential impact could this latest shooting of Donte' right have on the jury verdict in and possible appeal. There's going to be a lot of and teaching these jurors are cheering this thing knowing what's going on its own points. Now it is points were struck a they will get these instructions and that nothing outside of what occurred in what we're dealing with its chase so. In a deliberate as well Leon it you know with lights mean people are we so I think at some point there is a bit emotional. And censures. Attorney Shauna Lloyd thank you so much for your time.

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{"duration":"4:04","description":"Civil rights attorney Channa Lloyd discusses the impact of the defense team’s latest witness in the final days of the Derek Chauvin trial.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77080779","title":"Breaking down defense witness testimony","url":"/US/video/breaking-defense-witness-testimony-77080779"}