Bridge Collapses in Washington State

A portion of an Interstate 5 highway bridge collapsed, sending cars and people into the water.
0:55 | 05/23/13

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Transcript for Bridge Collapses in Washington State
This is a live picture from a helicopter our sister station KO MO. And Seattle Washington this is about two hours north of Seattle portion of the bridge on I five -- -- -- -- root river. Collapse and emergency rescue orders on the scene you could see two cars right there what looked like a pickup truck. And a little car I admit I'm not sure -- we don't have any control helicopter if there's a body there's some sort of person on board there but. They do have something covering and yellow blanket that we don't know the rescue workers in -- several cars. And people -- older than there are in the river the bridge just collapsed 55 of course the longest busiest. Freeway in the west goes all the way from the Mexican border all the way up to Canada. This was -- couple hours north of Seattle busy bridge over that river and rescue workers are still trying to get them out we have the latest tomorrow morning. On Eyewitness News beginning at 430 we don't know how many people are injured or how many cars we -- -- there are in that --

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{"id":19246527,"title":"Bridge Collapses in Washington State","duration":"0:55","description":"A portion of an Interstate 5 highway bridge collapsed, sending cars and people into the water.","url":"/US/video/bridge-collapses-washington-state-19246527","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}