‘Britney should have a say’ in her conservatorship: Legal expert

ABC News’ Linsey Davis speaks with lawyer Christopher Melcher about Britney Spears’ jaw-dropping plea to end her 13-year conservatorship.
5:53 | 06/24/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ‘Britney should have a say’ in her conservatorship: Legal expert
And help us further on pack what today's bombshell testimony means for Britney Spears. We're joined now by attorney Christopher male teacher of the walls are not your family law firm thank you so much missed monster for joining us. Understand this Britney said that she wants out of this answer readership she even said that she's been quote in Slade. Can she simply end it like that's. No she can't it's up to the court to ended and certainly the court is gonna listen to what she had to say today was not. The day to decide whether to terminate the conserving or ship. But we now we know all those unanswered questions that we had before about why hasn't she asked for this two and earlier in to she really want this or not and she'd feel about it. That's all been answered today is really mind blowing the some of the statements that she made. But they're not binding on the court this is a court order that was made. Against her. And will have to have another hearing and possibly evaluations determine for the court to determine whether it's going to continue. The conservative or ship home. In you're invests understanding of this would you think that a psychiatric evaluation would be mandatory. Well they can't force it on her they can they can ask her to submit to a and now would normally be part of the process to understand what's really going on with her. If she refuses. To submit to it the court can consider that in denying. The the conservative ship but to me. These conserving or ships are reserved. Designed for the most extreme cases people who can not take care of themselves we're talking about adults. That need protection. And so the half hour that the court got to hear from Britney would give the court some idea whether she needs that level of protection or if so what types of protection maybe not such an extreme. Order that she has right now. So the the evaluation would be helpful I don't know that it's totally necessary. She did say that she didn't want to go to Westlake Village to be evaluated because of the paparazzi it's totally understandable and maybe. Some accommodation can be made about where it occurs. But damn maybe the next step. If she really wants out of it to submit to it died. Again that this is this is just the start of a room really unfolding story. Start ups you the most about her testimony today. 11 that she wanted to speak publicly because she did have the right to ask that it be closed in and I was hoping relief for her sake that it would be close because these dirt. The most personal issues for her or her mental health questions in the conflict with her dad. And I understand we all want a no wonder fans want to know what's really going on but I was hoping that it would be. Dunn and a private setting so that was one surprise another surprise was this IUD. Birth control device that she said she was forced to have now that. Could be part of a conservative or ship where they consume the person in control would make medical decisions for someone so. That was really surprising to hear that there was lithium. And administered to her. That she claimed. So again we don't know exactly what how all this transpired in but there and there are some jaw dropping. Claims that we're that we heard about today. And pretty said that for years she hasn't been heard summer her fans it is a so called free Britney movement have been warning about this if true is this a way to conserve order ships are supposed to work. No I mean we'd we usually don't see much attention on a conservative ship it's usually someone do. Is developmentally disabled and seen us seriously cannot take care themselves and their relative appointed and that's the end of it. So here this is remarkable and obviously a lot of people who loving care for her. There's a lot of attention on it in now we're seeing the whole thing unravel where. We're we're there's fights over the fees in the compensation should be changed should be somebody else should there be conserving or ship or not. So I think the court's gonna have to manage this differently. And maybe change out council. I think even if the court believes that the conservative ship is in some weight needed to protect Britney I do think she should have the right to decide who is in control. And she doesn't want her data control and even if her dad has done a fantastic job her ride her desire should be honored in removing the death. And as you mentioned earlier we heard very little today from her father screw his lawyer in court as well. Do you think it'll be able to maintain control over her finances. Well he he might end and today was just a hearing to hear from Britney there was nothing. For the court to decide so I can understand tactically why dad Jamie wooden. Have set a whole life. Now the one thing though when Bessemer trust was put in place is a co conserve her along with Jamie. Bessemer trust was certainly go through the finances in great detail because it has a fiduciary duty. And if there was any financial improprieties we would have heard about it by now Bessemer tres would have stepped up and said that. So at least me who I believe that. There's no financial impropriety that at least Bessemer trust has uncovered. But it really comes down to one adult controlling another this is an and goal parent controlling an adult child. And that child Britney. Should have a say in this Chris for Belcher was so appreciate your tunnel sites. Thinks.

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{"duration":"5:53","description":"ABC News’ Linsey Davis speaks with lawyer Christopher Melcher about Britney Spears’ jaw-dropping plea to end her 13-year conservatorship.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"78455025","title":"‘Britney should have a say’ in her conservatorship: Legal expert","url":"/US/video/britney-conservatorship-legal-expert-78455025"}