Britney Spears gets support on Capitol Hill

ABC News' Linsey Davis speaks with Rep. Nancy Mace, R-Fla., co-sponsor of the "Free Britney Act," about how the bill could impact 1.3 million Americans in conservatorships or guardianships.
5:53 | 07/21/21

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Transcript for Britney Spears gets support on Capitol Hill
Britney Spears public outcry over her thirteen year conserve your ship is now being heard. On Capitol Hill today a bipartisan bill was introduced in congress that could give Britney and many others. The right to ask a judge to replace a guardian or conserve order without having to prove misconduct or abuse. About one and a half million Americans are now under guardianship or conserve leadership and they could be impacted. Tonight we're joined by the bill's cosponsor representative Nancy Mays Republican from South Carolina thanks so much for joining us tonight congress Owen. Thank you so much for having this evening and bring us very important issue to attach. Yeah we're calling this still to quote free Britney act to walk us sir what this could mean for for Britney Spears case and beyond. Brighten their are as you mention and and the introduction about one point three million people are United States are under conserve better schett. And when Britney Spears gave her very courageous testimony last month and June. That is out there there is abuse long before Britney Spears was ever topping the charts there's abuse in the conserve or her ships. Program throughout the United States and so what she's done is bring. Great attention to nines of people that. That should be F acted and what this still would do is allow someone and it conserving her shift to petition the court. Our petition a judge. And allow them to have the option of having someone like at public guardian you that's no conflicted and stressed financial or otherwise. Be in charge of their conserve it or should because of this. If this can happen sit Britney Spears they can happen to anyone in this country. And many Americans who live under guardianship or conserve her ship arrangement suffer from severe mental illness or dementia. In his bill is to become a log do you think that there's a risk lent some of these individuals might not have the capacity to make the best decisions for themselves. We'll ask why this is adjudicated in a court of law this system is not perfect that what would this allow the Indians individual to do is to be able to petition the court to get them as someone who is not related to them who doesn't have a financial interest like in the case of Britney Spears someone near her that they her daddy's the individual had ever conserve precious there's a financial ties there. There is a conflict adventurous when you look at this case and so. We want to make you remove those conflicts and trashed is that the court in the public guardian could make the best decisions and that bass says entrance of the individual that conservative ship and elegant Britney Spears on a single mom. And in some things they've done to her forcing hers you have an IUD. On those are things that are done in Communist China should be done in the United States. Of America and that we ought to give her the option petitioning the court. For an individual to be out of in charge of her concern murder shed few his U doesn't have a financial stake. And her work and she's a working every year. That the last thirteen years she's been. In the conservative show. We seen you happier freeing Brittany T shirt on. Which is certain AM is an extreme case it now why are you hearing many abuse allegations like hers. Sense we've come forward with this legislation this is bipartisan legislation I want to thank Charlie Crist of Florida Democrat that we are working together on this we have heard him on number of people in conserving her shifts. And or their family members you've seen abuses within this system should and we drafted this bill in a very narrow way for many people who are involved that its partnership process in the United States building goes far math but this isn't good. First step the were wreaking get the right in the laps of Republicans and Democrats to come together. On this one issue particularly when we are nation divided right now it's scary few and far between we can actually find the opportunity and time to work together in this is one of those unique places you. Every piggyback off of that notion right because as you just mentioned this is of course a bipartisan bill you introduced a Democrat Charlie Crist. Any thoughts as to why you in congressman Chris could come together for the freeing Britney act right but. But lawmakers can't right reach agreement on issues like major infrastructure deal that impacts a lot of people race that lawmakers in both parties say is something that's necessary. Bright and disagree on 80% of that they is that where there's 20% they will reach and a great and and right now it's politics as usual this is not the first time Charlie and I worked together on legislation they've worked together multiple times Alan Embree get cash. Bipartisan legislation because that's what we promised our districts we would jail and it's really hard to find individuals Republican and Democrat that will really come together and do that and so where we can work together that ten or 20% that would -- can we not seen in one would think that roads and bridges -- Republican or Democrat telling up Udell affects every one each but that's not where DC is right now on I'm. Literally willing to work with anyone who's willing willing to work and be regardless. Did add and then our dear red or blue by your name it's important to show leadership right now particularly given the divisions this country's facing. And we're really at a time but do wanted to sketches to those who might can be critical and say look their eviction moratoriums that are about it. Come to an and there are really some pressing issues why take Reyes and waved the free Britney flag. Well let's timing what Britney Spears did last month and June was to bring an enormous attention across the country and across the world. Should be the human rights abuses that are done. And where we can work together we should we actually the American people deserve that and this is an opportunity to lead to lead in that bipartisan manner and we are working hard to do just that. Congresswoman Nancy mace with thank you so much for your time is always appreciate you coming Alicia. And thank you is Alex.

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{"duration":"5:53","description":"ABC News' Linsey Davis speaks with Rep. Nancy Mace, R-Fla., co-sponsor of the \"Free Britney Act,\" about how the bill could impact 1.3 million Americans in conservatorships or guardianships. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"78956237","title":"Britney Spears gets support on Capitol Hill","url":"/US/video/britney-spears-support-capitol-hill-78956237"}