Brother of alleged YouTube shooter speaks out

He called police after she went missing and her car was found in Mountain View, California.
1:34 | 04/04/18

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Transcript for Brother of alleged YouTube shooter speaks out
She's caught up on quiet that seem a dobbs family says this was her passion preaching in favor of begins rallying against animal cruelty. In 2009 she was part of this Peta protest in San Diego. But she failed to reach the most people. Through her YouTube channel relationship with the company made an ugly turn though we changed its filters and she began to lose followers and viewers. We'll Mars very soon innocent Jason Henderson. She never. And your future. Her brother didn't want to show his face on camera and asked us to distort his voice but said his family began worrying about this team over the weekend. She was staying at her grandmother's in San Diego but she stopped answering our phone they reported her missing to law enforcement. Those worries became worse when they located her car in Mountain View. Who moved to won't do you divorced couples who. Quarter. And she homeowners who took. Dakota called. Again and told him that she must visit these issues in order vehicles quote. He says police told the family did keep an eye on her. Twelve dollars later the shooting happened. I didn't she wrong. And television who have these sorts of items owned. Or family doesn't know why she decided to confront YouTube today but says her birthdays tomorrow to return 38. Instead of celebrating. Their now morning. Please see. I'm saying yes. Three.

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{"duration":"1:34","description":"He called police after she went missing and her car was found in Mountain View, California.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"54224595","title":"Brother of alleged YouTube shooter speaks out","url":"/US/video/brother-alleged-youtube-shooter-speaks-54224595"}