Brothers Reunited at Soup Kitchen

Gary Ulrich found his brother while volunteering at a California rescue mission.
1:43 | 11/29/11

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Transcript for Brothers Reunited at Soup Kitchen
Thanksgiving isn't time to bring family together but Geary and Randy -- never thought it would -- -- down. It's miracle to me. But -- is eleven years ago the two Brothers got into an argument. I guess -- that some things that shouldn't send an inning he left. And over the years I've -- forum and it's kind of hard finding -- in the haystack. Gary says he believed to Randy was wandering around the state but Randy says he was in Bakersfield the whole time -- narrow streets that are Ferraro. And her condition. Say they're working volunteer there. It was that -- urged to volunteer that brought him from his home in Frazier park to the Bakersfield rescue mission Thanksgiving morning. And as he was setting the tables for Thanksgiving. -- people there's my brother sitting there and. Just about had a heart attack. After a moment of stunned silence. As one or start giving me -- -- -- I was so excited. -- I thought I never seem rather you know eleven years as long time that's when you start thinking that's not ever happen again. Gary took Randi with him and instantly started making phone calls -- left there we know that he's okay and. He's alive and looks okay and then took a few -- I think -- the -- Now the Brothers say they're focusing on getting ready -- -- over there. And making up for lost time I don't think -- play more. -- sold short. To certain. Political -- When you lose someone for that many years and you thought you -- for life here. He's you a lot of --

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{"id":15047461,"title":"Brothers Reunited at Soup Kitchen","duration":"1:43","description":"Gary Ulrich found his brother while volunteering at a California rescue mission.","url":"/US/video/brothers-reunited-at-california-soup-kitchen-15047461","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}