The Browns Sure Have Been Bad

Before the Cleveland Browns kick off their 2019 season, we wanted to relive those bad years just for fun.
7:03 | 09/07/19

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This is that history. The Cleveland Browns will. It's not easy to be as bad as the browns have been in their current form the now twenty years later the browns might actually be good. And it's in part thanks to this guy baker mayfield in his rookie season mayfield led the browns to a 78 and one record. Combine that with the offseason addition of this guy O'Dell Benton junior. And now the browns are really starting to look like they have something enter staying for the first time in franchise history. You can't savor the victories that might become without remembering that defeats that preceded it and there are a lot of it's. So with that in mind let's relive the two miserable decades of browns football that it took to get to this moment. Here's to a history of their reborn franchise. Since 1999. According to 538 U. This adoration of the team began as an expansion team. And they lost their first game 43. To nothing against the Pittsburgh Steelers. That was a sign of things to come the team would lose each of its first seven games and finish its return season to the NFL. With the lowly two and fourteen record. That you're their final you'll rating was 1196. Who was actually worse than where they had started out. But it's not that abnormal for an expansion team to play poorly in its first year. Important thing is to show progress. Which until very recently. The bronze. Really had not done in fact starting with that 1999 season the browns have always been a grand total of ten weeks as an above average team according to you low taxes by 38 power rating to determine how good a team is in any point in time. Ten weeks out of a possible 321. It takes real work and a lot of bad luck to be just as bad as the grounds of that. OK let's rewind back to them Nazis Garrity talked about how badly Atlanta. But really the wheels were set in motion from the pronounced him dad before that ever happened. The first ever member of the reborn Cleveland Browns was this guy court wrecked him capped. He's drafted the number one overall pick in the 1999 draft and he ended up being. One of the least successful quarterbacks ever taken first overall draft. Only starting 59 games and playing five seasons before retiring early because of injure its. So the Brad is already didn't get out to a good start. But maybe you can recover that lets look to the 2002 season. Maybe they've made some progress since then here's the team's opening game at home against the Kansas City Chiefs in which they have a leak leak. Certainly things will go well for the brown from here right. In the rats appeared to stop Kansas City to secure the win only to see chiefs lineman yes that's right lineman. John Tait rumbled 28 yards downfield and then get another fifteen yard penalty tacked on to the into the play. Because Cleveland linebacker Dwayne ride ripped off his helmet and didn't play an accidental celebration. The gaps gave Kansas City and and it but the grounds off to what would prove to be a familiar oh and one start to see. But against all odds that 2000 Tutsis and actually prove to be somewhat successful for the grounds. BC they finished the season nine and seven and they actually made the playoffs. And sometime late in the season they even had one of those after mention ten weeks bent at an above average QOT. In the playoffs against the hated rival Pittsburgh Steelers Cleveland actually was leading late in the fourth quarter. Before eventually losing by score 36 a third. And that within the last time we'd see the grounds in the playoffs light at all. Take a look at some of these records in the seasons that followed. 5114. And 126 and ten that actually qualified is a pretty good season four and twelve again ten in six. Wait go back ten and six. What happened in Cleveland in 2007. After eight string a forgettable journeyman including Jeff Garcia. Trent Dilfer the browser actually on the upswing in 2007 thanks to Derek Anderson. As you can see in 2007. The browns had a number of those weeks spent above average below grade and they finish the year with a 106 record which speak only time. That the reborn version of the franchise ever had double digit wins in a season. Unfortunately. That wasn't enough to make the playoffs but hey they finished the season as an above average team according to you up. So surely 2008. Would continue them home. And that they bill. Not so much between Anderson and another Brown's court act. Brady Quinn was a highly touted prospect. The rest expected to get something out of their quarterbacks in 2008. But instead they got just about nothing. The team finished with a four and twelve record and although Anderson and Clinton would battle for the starting quarterback job over the next couple seasons. Neither one could really recapture the magic of 2000. That proved to be an ongoing problem the press inability to find in DC court of look at this chart showing yards of a backup quarterback metric of Korda Greg value for each franchise in the NFL between 1999. And 2017. It's not a surprise to see Tom Brady in the New England Patriots at number one they have 21050. Yards about backup quarterback over that span. Can you guess where the browns rank. There they are at number 32. The browns check in with the worst collection of quarterbacks of any team. Since 1999. With the humility of negative 2805. Yards above backup. Cleveland has sent thirty different quarterbacks under center since 99. This string of poor quarterbacking finally brings instant now. And the reason why this Brownstein could be different mayfield finished his rookie season with a quarterback rating eighteen. NFL averaged. And that is the first time since 1999 the browns finished the season with their starting quarterback above average according to you love. So things might be different this time mayfield is actually good which is something he doesn't have in common with any of these other browns starting quarter Rex. Little did all that last season. Again as a rookie throwing two likes of Jarvis Landry who's a good receiver but he's no Beckham. Now mayfield has even more dangerous targets to throw to and that's why the browns look better on paper than they have at any point since the franchise was reborn twenty seasons ago to make things are finally looking maybe Cleveland fans. Are right for thinking there might end of this on twenty years tunnel where a powerful. Let's see if they can finally get their fans something to cheer about and long.

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{"duration":"7:03","description":"Before the Cleveland Browns kick off their 2019 season, we wanted to relive those bad years just for fun.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65442800","title":"The Browns Sure Have Been Bad","url":"/US/video/browns-bad-65442800"}