Bullying Suspected in N.Y. Teen's Suicide

Amanda Cummings, 15, threw herself in front of a city bus on Staten Island.
1:52 | 01/04/12

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Transcript for Bullying Suspected in N.Y. Teen's Suicide
Questions tonight about the suicide of a young girl on Staten Island and whether bullying was the cause some family members say she was harassed but. Was it a failed romance or just the stress of being a teenager that led to what. Eyewitness News reporter Sandra book -- spoke with the -- heart broken fan like. Keep Cummings can't hold back the tears as he remembers his fifteen year old niece. We lost -- life over this and it's really not necessary. It's totally not necessary for this to happen. Two days after Christmas Amanda Cummings took her own life by throwing herself into the path of the oncoming city bus. On Staten Island highland boulevard her uncle now says bullying was a factor in her suicide. -- debate not -- -- not say anything. For the simple fact that she'd be picked on more we'll -- front of a more. Cummings says even as a Mandalay on life support at Staten island university hospital inappropriate comments were posted on her FaceBook profile. He claims the bullies are other female classmates at -- -- high where Amanda was a sophomore. The bullying was apparently never reported to -- school her cousin Brandon is a freshman there. We -- -- that people were bullying her Buena. I don't know when did you find out just recently in the past week. Amanda reportedly left a suicide note referring to recent breakup with an older boyfriend and her family believes that. Coupled with the bullying may have simply been too much for the sensitive teen. Grief stricken relatives have set up a memorial blog for the young woman described as gentle and artistic. While her uncle fights to keep others from being bullied somebody's got to do something about it in the New York section of Staten Island several book. Channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":15287850,"title":"Bullying Suspected in N.Y. Teen's Suicide","duration":"1:52","description":"Amanda Cummings, 15, threw herself in front of a city bus on Staten Island.","url":"/US/video/bullying-suspected-ny-teens-suicide-15287850","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}