Bus Crashes Into NY Home, Boy Killed

A 6-year-old boy was killed after a passenger bus crashed into his bedroom.
1:51 | 11/28/12

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Transcript for Bus Crashes Into NY Home, Boy Killed
Bus crash car on Long Island a young boy is killed at least twelve people hurt when a Nassau County bus swerves off the road and smashes into a house. The and seventy Nassau -- -- county express bus was heading west on Fulton avenue when it crashed in Hempstead last night. That's where Eyewitness News reporter -- Gonzales is right now Marcy what are the details. -- and they are now clearing the scene the bus was just total -- did you will look. At the disaster. Left behind in -- home where a six year old boy lost his life. Police say the child whose name has not been released was closing the door to the front bedroom of his house preparing to go to sleep around 930 last night. Outside police say the bus that we -- talking about here swerved to miss a pedestrian was blocking the road and ended up smashing into the home. Pinning that void between the bus and the bedroom wall his seven year old brother who was in bed in this -- room was injured. And we spoke to a woman who was in the house when this all happened. -- -- Me and it -- be -- if I didn't. And -- -- I don't know. What really made me my mom thank -- okay. And we're told that seven year old boy who was injured is recovering in a nearby hospital as you mentioned -- At least a dozen people who -- on the bus. Were treated for minor injuries here at the scene and at a nearby hospital now no charges have been filed but we -- homicide detectives. Did question that pedestrian. That the bus swerved to miss. We're live in Hempstead Long Island -- Gonzales channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":17826618,"title":"Bus Crashes Into NY Home, Boy Killed","duration":"1:51","description":"A 6-year-old boy was killed after a passenger bus crashed into his bedroom.","url":"/US/video/bus-crashes-ny-home-boy-killed-17826618","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}