'Is There a Buzz in Your Bed' Sex Toy Education Criticized

Student stands by decision to organize event focused on sex education.
1:44 | 12/08/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Is There a Buzz in Your Bed' Sex Toy Education Criticized
Stephanie -- stands by the sex toy program she helped organize that you -- said. This FaceBook page shows the invitation to the event called is there -- -- in your bed if it definitely -- grave digging. -- education information about explain for anything. But the and that Toledo is part of the university group called health education -- -- for opportunities to empower students. Better known as heroes. The organization promotes student health through a variety of programs and she says this he -- served that mission. It a lot of good -- of the -- don't know how to explain plus safety measures they should take -- again. And we thought it was really highly import infant and CNN as well as their -- how to communicate properly with their -- -- heroes has a budget of 66000. Dollars for the academic year which comes from student fees. Organizers say the only costs for the sex -- event where the wages of peer health educators who presented the critics claim that's wasteful spending. And it comes to funding it do you -- seems always asked for more. But when money spent on things like this -- sounds like maybe they're not really thinking in their party's -- comes to spending. A spokesman for the student political advocacy group called the leadership institute's campus reform -- the statement saying. At a time when students everywhere are struggling with debt. Members of the UCM community must be audit the perverse and often baffling expenditure of their resources. But Toledo argues that students have a right to choose which programs are important to them. I'm glad that we were able to think hey this is what we want to talk about this is that we want to get our student body back just as any other club or any incidents --

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{"id":17913266,"title":"'Is There a Buzz in Your Bed' Sex Toy Education Criticized","duration":"1:44","description":"Student stands by decision to organize event focused on sex education.","url":"/US/video/buzz-bed-sex-toy-education-criticized-17913266","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}