California Girl Offers Piggy-Bank Money for Stolen Dog

Marissa Mabanag, 10, offers reward for the 5-month-old Shih tzu-yorkie mix.
3:00 | 10/04/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for California Girl Offers Piggy-Bank Money for Stolen Dog
-- -- -- and showed us where the burglars broke into her home on Monday fifteen shattered a double pane sliding glass door and stole thousands of dollars and electronics. But he also took something much more valuable the family's new puppy -- a five month old -- to your -- mix. That's what is just so messed up about this when they go and they're making their -- back. They don't realize how much emotions are tied to this this is just not a -- it's not money it's my daughter's heart. Three Toronto puppy home in June as a surprise after her two daughters made the honor -- in school ten year old Marisa says she's already taught -- had to sit and roll over the callous thieves have her worried sick. I just -- eighteenth. -- can't I actually OK and I. -- -- Two council members joined the family to not only denounced the crime but also recent decisions at City Hall. Ash called -- and Nancy -- -- the mayor and council majorities fiscal policies have guided the police department and opened the door for brazen burglaries to skyrocket. Word is out on the street. And they know it. That we don't have enough officers to patrol our streets. We don't even have a broad -- we don't have the -- the police and fire unions have kicked in a 5000 dollar reward for me eco safe return cash call -- his office brought the reward up to 6000. But it is the queens in Norris is piggy bank and the emotions and her heart. Which may play the biggest role and bringing me go home. -- -- me and Erin didn't -- along the route through containing. It's -- thinking about him up any -- tough.

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{"id":17397958,"title":"California Girl Offers Piggy-Bank Money for Stolen Dog","duration":"3:00","description":"Marissa Mabanag, 10, offers reward for the 5-month-old Shih tzu-yorkie mix.","url":"/US/video/california-girl-offers-offers-piggy-bank-money-for-stolen-dog-17397958","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}