Calif. Homeless Man Accused of Posing As Woman

Authorities allege 51-year-old Perla Serrano stole the identity of a woman.
1:42 | 03/16/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Calif. Homeless Man Accused of Posing As Woman
-- Serrano may not look at but she is actually a 51 year old man. It looks like we'll have the hair and everything the Lipton everything the Al I can never tell and then to the elections -- awake or -- -- So -- -- very convincing. Authorities allege Serrano stole the identity and Orange County woman and for the past thirteen years has pretended to be her. Serrano who is homeless was arrested after a deputy allegedly found him sleeping -- a grassy area and -- Clemente. Violating a city ordinance he identified himself as -- -- Serrano. The deputy noticed they had this person had a hospital wrist band -- with yet another name. The deputy contacted -- -- hospital. Was told by saying -- many personnel that the person was not a female but was actually in May and. So -- -- so convincing as a woman authorities allege he managed to use the victim's personal information. To get a health -- under the victim's name. The suspect has been charged in medical services at several hospitals in south orange coming to the tune of well over a 100000 dollars but so let him money next. She has -- -- -- dollar a lot of money. Serrano now facing numerous charges including false impersonation. Burglary and grand -- he has pleaded guilty in the past being drunk in public authorities allege she's also failed to make some past court appearances. Leaving the real victim to face arrest warrants. -- can imagine who has been a nightmare for the victim and big -- for approximately thirteen years but I'm sure she's very relieved. This is Eileen for error reporting.

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{"id":15935848,"title":"Calif. Homeless Man Accused of Posing As Woman","duration":"1:42","description":"Authorities allege 51-year-old Perla Serrano stole the identity of a woman.","url":"/US/video/california-homeless-man-accused-of-posing-as-a-woman-15935848","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}