Daycare Homicide

A Man was charged in the death of a child at a daycare in San Diego, CA
3:00 | 08/18/12

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Transcript for Daycare Homicide
Louis Oliver died just a few hours after he sustained traumatic injuries inside this house back in May which -- the time was being uses a daycare center tonight -- the house is vacant. A -- on the door neighbors tell us the guy who ran the day care. No -- just a few weeks ago. Ten news caught up with 37 year old James -- back in July shortly before removed out of this renal that -- San Diego -- -- before was suspended by the state. Following the traumatic death of Louis Michael -- for days before -- first birthday. He -- remained tight lipped when we showed up at his door. Yes let's argue about the dictator in Italy in room Chris records and it's -- I'm just -- paralyzed. That same day Michael -- of the baby's father invited ten -- -- his home just around the corner from the date here. -- share with us pictures of his son and also voiced his frustration with the investigation into his son's death. It's been very frustrating for us as a family. Not hearing anything about what's happened -- -- boy. But just this afternoon his son's death was ruled a homicide Oliver though was too upset to talk about an on camera tonight. His wife told ten news is that a police notifying them of the update before became public information a medical Examiner's web site. They were notified by neighbors the -- report on the news tonight. Since Lewis died in May 24 police have been investigating -- -- police though aren't commenting on today's ruling. For saying -- name -- will be charged in connection with the baby's death. Preston -- ten news.

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{"id":17035789,"title":"Daycare Homicide","duration":"3:00","description":"A Man was charged in the death of a child at a daycare in San Diego, CA","url":"/US/video/california-san-diego-child-daycare-homicide-murder-baby-parents-family-us-17035789","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}