California Teen's 911 Call Helped End Burglary

The 14-year-old is fine and two suspects were arrested thanks to quick thinking.
1:58 | 07/29/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for California Teen's 911 Call Helped End Burglary
It where you right now. -- -- Making night on the way to you and I. Look around your hands trying to bring somebody obtained. Until we don't want you going you know. A fourteen year old girl calls 911. As burglars try to break into or -- more home she's very alone waiting for help. -- rise please don't. Expect okay. If you couldn't hall. -- And -- -- What is -- that he is walking around your house. Trying to claimed -- lady getting in the that he can get you out there and -- -- You know she handled like like a champion. The teen's father says his daughter sent -- text that somebody was out the front door and -- to him was an immediate red flag. It should not be happening no legitimate business it's coming to the door. She did exactly what we discussed again level head. Alert the authorities and can go into hiding. The teen did exactly what dispatcher -- -- needed her to do stay calm and provide information while deputies are in route. It feels like a long time on my until. It could be a few minutes but trying to tell somebody like that. It seems like forever deputies arrested two male juveniles who had jumped over fences into a neighbor's yard -- -- and escalates it. And I was able to keep your comments she was calm and that we were able to get there fast yeah. Arrest the people. The teen's father says his two daughters had been told how to handle stressful situations. He's relieved his fourteen year old did not panic and let fear take over in the event there's any kind of an emergency whether -- an earthquake fire or. Or something like this that they have to remain calm in and use their brain and that she did a great job of -- of showing.

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{"id":24761932,"title":"California Teen's 911 Call Helped End Burglary","duration":"1:58","description":"The 14-year-old is fine and two suspects were arrested thanks to quick thinking.","url":"/US/video/california-teens-911-call-helped-end-burglary-24761932","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}