Wines Made With Honor, Courage and Bravery

Valor Winery is run by a 27-year-old former Marine who puts out about 3,000 cases a year.
3:00 | 10/06/12

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Transcript for Wines Made With Honor, Courage and Bravery
The Livermore valley is home to huge wineries with grounds and facilities meant to be tourist attractions as well. That's not exactly the description for valor winery. -- is run by a 27 year old former marine puts out about 3000 cases a year. This will become a Chianti. I just fell in love with wine making and great pruning and driving tractors and all fund dirty work out there in the fields. But Josh -- is just satisfying -- love in five years he's also put 53 other veterans to work here full time and part time. Because he knows those men need work and needs someone who understands. The lingering effects of war. Josh himself was shot stabbed had suffered hearing loss after a roadside bomb damaged as -- I've had -- email me and come -- -- say thank you for in doing my husband or boyfriend comes home and nineties. He's tired he's not angry anymore. He sleeps at -- -- -- when I hear that in that tells me I'm doing my job. -- PRD was in the army in the mid eighties but had his struggles as well. With -- Smartphone foreclose on home and had to move on a tremor -- Livermore. -- -- to us. The winery lobby contains metals and photos from Iraq. The history of the Marine Corps sits alongside a book on making wine fear -- not only puts -- to work he urges them to drop in -- asked for help. I'm getting benefits issue is settled. He corrects me -- I refer to him as an ex marine I'm Sargent -- in the United States Marine Corps. Just serving in a different uniform. In -- -- daily news.

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{"id":17414470,"title":"Wines Made With Honor, Courage and Bravery","duration":"3:00","description":"Valor Winery is run by a 27-year-old former Marine who puts out about 3,000 cases a year.","url":"/US/video/california-valor-wine-winery-marine-alcohol-us-17414470","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}