California War Vet Kills Sister, Himself: Police

Abel Gutierrez allegedly shot his 11-year-old sister before killing himself.
1:32 | 03/16/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for California War Vet Kills Sister, Himself: Police
Kaplan's with the Gilroy police department -- a candlelight vigil to help those who knew that -- appearances agree. Tragedy struck the family Wednesday night when 27 year old -- -- here as an Iraq War veteran shot and killed his sister and shot and killed himself. Police say the sisters -- -- was only eleven years old she attended -- -- middle school that's where students signed a banner to honor her. Counselors came in each classroom first thing in the morning to break the news. -- eloquent that -- was his terrorist friends. A lot of people were crying and they were just talking about how she is how old she was -- -- how. Around everyone. And everyone was just crying because everyone knew her well. Police believe Gutierrez shot his mother -- -- based on forensic evidence at the scene but her whereabouts are unknown. Investigators are desperately tried to find her. We believe that she's in critically wounded or. She's deceased. And that's why were asking for the public's help because we need to find find her to see if she needs medical attention. Police say Gutierrez suffered from post traumatic stress disorder in fact the family was so worried about -- behavior they called police last month. Officers began working with them to help him get services those who interacted with that here is say it was clear something was off. They want to be around him because -- get some of the kids. Some of the music he would carry a gun. I come back -- his pocket because it's.

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{"id":15935632,"title":"California War Vet Kills Sister, Himself: Police","duration":"1:32","description":"Abel Gutierrez allegedly shot his 11-year-old sister before killing himself.","url":"/US/video/california-war-vet-kills-sister-and-himself-15935632","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}