California Wildfire Rages Near LA Despite Light Winds

Severe drought conditions contribute to the quick spread of flames in the hills near Los Angeles.
3:00 | 01/15/14

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Transcript for California Wildfire Rages Near LA Despite Light Winds
This is a special group. Forget -- for a new -- this ABC news digital special report a massive wildfire burning in the hills. That overlook Los Angeles this is a live shot this is what many are waking up to -- in the area of Glendora. A wall of bright orange flames sending up a huge dark cloud of smoke in the LA skyline and underneath that five dozen -- -- trying to keep it back from reaching homes. Homes on the outskirts of the Angeles National Forest ABC's Alex Stone is monitoring the situation in Los Angeles on his way. To the front lines there he's live with us on the phone Alex -- this obviously this fire really took a turn for the worse. Well edited growing very very quickly that concern buyer potter that because -- -- -- try and so warmly at her condition we normally see during the summertime. I -- -- -- levels in the single digit temperatures. Right now at 8 o'clock in the morning already. Almost seventy degrees and expected to go to the mid eighties possibly even ninety degrees in some areas today. -- -- -- -- This is what we're dealing with we haven't had a raid in Southern California. In -- mark real substantial rain. This is a problem for firefighters. We've had a lot of precipitation on the East Coast and even in the midwest and some of the places as well so it is difficult for a lot of people are real wasn't like that. It is so dry out in the west there what about the number of homes with any idea about what kind of communities this size the scope that's threatened from this. Well they are nice homes and I would say upper middle class home. Holmes maybe even a little bit about that we don't know exactly how many are threatened but we have seen -- have been -- -- a row. And many almost all coming very very close the firefighters who are now on scene have been doing what they -- -- protect those homes. Got there are more fire crews -- out. Big if are right now -- Southern California. Red flag fire conditions are in -- back -- red flag fire warning and win that. And extra fire fighters are broadly and -- help. Those who were already in the area. Knowing that fires could break out to there are extra resources on hand right now but it takes them awhile especially in -- rush hour in LA. They get to the fire -- that's what they're trying to do right now. If you can't tell -- kind of really explain a little bit about that the geographical location of this is as and -- heavily traffic area because your badge in the morning rush hour. Which obviously at this point is a serious factor for any -- prayers that are trying to get there and those that might be trying to get out of that area. Yet it is an area. I would -- north east of downtown Los Angeles neighborhood -- community. Long for folks who know Southern California -- -- and freeway. I eat (%expletive) heavily populated area network that fire is burning is -- up in the -- not quite as populated but still. These suburban area. And the -- buyer has been moving down toward big city Glendora depending on what the winds are doing at any one moment. -- but -- it is quite a populated area it is stopper firefighters -- and those who are already in the Glendora the area now. Because they are having to deal rush hour. And as somebody who commute everyday in -- rush hour I think I got -- state and birthdays are typically the worst or whatever reason. I go to date they are feeling the -- out that. If stock for them to giddy and this is going to be a rock fire fight. But they're heading into at this scene. And it's right in front of -- right now there is -- huge plume of smoke. Over -- section of Southern California. Where the fires burning right now up folks down at LA acts quite a ways away those in surrounding area. Can see -- smoke from this fire burning right now. As they're -- -- to work. And we can see obviously the smoke from some of these live shot that we've been bouncing around as well. That's a serious concern for any air traffic. -- might be in the area right. It says they've been a lot of how to deal at its base stay away and it may go around and it's something that day air traffic controllers have to deal with state here in Southern California quite a bit the biggest concern no from the plume of smoke is what's called spotting -- -- spot. -- that will pop pop. -- -- -- embers come up from the fire itself. And then land somewhere else and create new fires already we've been seeing that this morning. Waved at about fire around to blow out of nowhere. Spot fire will pop up -- -- don't like amber. And we -- -- -- making an aerial attempt on that making a water drop or maybe some kind of like chemical or flame -- that they're dropping from those helicopters going over the area. I have at this point -- firefighters try to controlled burn on the ground is it too early for that because I know sometimes. You have to weigh the benefits and the cost for that for actually potentially making the situation worse. Yeah I guess it's probably too early for auto commanders on the ground are deciding right now typically that's what make it a little more -- control and planning over at. You know here in Southern California reshape fighting fires -- like war without -- they bring in commanders they bring in the match. And they decided on links and other gonna bite -- -- Other helicopters -- -- about their dropping water on top of the blame. Beat claimed that will be coming in at some point -- they are on scene already haven't seen any those it should be arriving any time. Those will be carrying that bright red fire retardant slurry that. We all know so well for pictures of them dropping that the orange pinkish -- -- material. From the belly for those playing. I -- that -- do all our salt on this buyer it's still so early -- only started raging a little over an hour ago but they're trying to get those three sources here right now. And really just -- Elliott kind of understand recap on this Alex it really has been the Santa Ana winds that have kicked up unexpectedly. As the biggest cause for this sort of resurgence. Well Larry -- the red flag fire conditions usually mean that -- -- -- -- and are eager and those are waiting to come out of the desert and look toward the ocean also very warm and buried I. That's what we're dealing with right now. This city and as we knew they were gonna becoming the last couple of days and that's why -- -- warnings went into a back because work actors did he scored -- windy it was going to retry. And that's what we're seeing now that's when they break and the extra resource used to be here on hand in case something breaks out. But we got to remember this -- January right now. Typically would be the rainy season in Southern California we haven't seen -- for a couple of them and any substantial amount of brain. And that's what's creating the situation is Trout -- -- -- up and down California. Gary little snow up -- -- Sierra no rain here in Southern California this is a very very dire water emergency war. Farmers are firefighters anybody who deals with the weather. Alex I know that you're on routes. To the to the fire there and as we're looking at some of these aerial shots and some of the video that we were taking I just a short time ago. Some of it it looks to be rather sort of a residential almost like a suburban area and then -- topography changes to a very mountainous kind of rocky almost difficult to navigate kind of -- -- are you have any difficulty if I have any roads or highways been shut off because of this. Number of roads in the area in the neighborhood are shut down that the people who live -- or anybody who wants to come in and look at the fire you're are always -- about folks who come in and -- they want -- see the blame so police are keeping -- way right now. I look folks who living in the area are being told OK you want -- back up -- here right now they're packing up what a great and but extremely smaller roads or freeways are being expected not that they're closed down but people are looking at this smoke plume -- is now over the area. How -- the cute and -- way. I it's the other freeways in the area as well but that's -- -- folks who were looking at it like what an accident where it slows down on the freeway. Because of curiosity but that none of the freeways are shut down right now. And sadly those mandatory evacuations are unfortunately nothing new. To the folks that live in the area in Los Angeles at that -- for that matter. Southern Californians know wild fires and they -- you know what it means to evacuate. -- you grab which again as quickly -- -- can and you get out that's what some folks are going right now. You grab that the photos everybody has a different -- what they -- we hear over and over again wildfires photos personal documents maybe some batting an NHL but McCargo. This is one of those fires -- the people we get out pretty quickly. Because they came early in the morning Betty were likely still asleep -- getting ready for work there wasn't a fire that they do we're -- their direction for hours or days. This one that they just started. An all this Sutton was in the backyards of all of. ABC's Alex Stone covering in this situation developing -- a Los Angeles. Alex thank you for that we appreciate that of course we'll be checking with you throughout the rest of the day. And of course we will be monitoring those fires as firefighters are trying to battle front lines there in Southern California as the Santa Ana winds have. Whipped up even bigger flames from a fire that -- -- a couple of days ago a complete report and coverage right here on For now on -- -- New York. With his ABC news digital special reports.

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{"id":21562273,"title":"California Wildfire Rages Near LA Despite Light Winds","duration":"3:00","description":"Severe drought conditions contribute to the quick spread of flames in the hills near Los Angeles.","url":"/US/video/california-wildfire-rages-la-light-winds-21562273","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}