Officials Say All But One California Wildfires Have Suspicious Ignition Point

Devin Dwyer reports on the latest reports about eight of the nine confirmed wildfires in southern California.
5:51 | 05/15/14

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Transcript for Officials Say All But One California Wildfires Have Suspicious Ignition Point
This is a special room. Ash and flames the greater San Diego fire covered. In a blaze right now you're looking at live a live shot of San Marcos where the fire is growing. And 21000. Homes have been evacuated a wall of flames threatening new homes in San Marcos California. Where the wildfires have now forced. All those people to evacuate hello everyone I'm Michelle Franzen -- New York's Southern California up in flames and officials say all but one fire has a suspicious ignition point. Nine fires have broken out in the greater -- -- San Diego area the biggest one in San Marcos where the flames are now threatening new homes. ABC's Devin Dwyer has been following the latest on the wildfires in joins us now from the fire in San Marcus -- Hey good afternoon Michelle that's right we're on the cal state university campus here in San Marcos in this. Is the fire of the day this is the biggest priority for firefighters -- sweeping the hills behind me. It is -- big battle all -- firefighters telling us these are radical conditions. -- hills of San Marcos California. It's a major firefight from the air planes and choppers making pass after pass -- about to dump its load. Right there to protect this home. Going off to fill up again the blazes charred more than 800 acres and is still on the move. -- -- cal state campuses staffers used hoses to fight a fast moving flare up. Firefighters here are battling near record heat -- dangerous winds. Our number one priority today is keeping a fire -- -- harmony grove. Now with an emphasis on structure protection structured offense and perimeter control. Thousands of evacuation orders are still in effect after fires across Southern California. Have already destroyed or damaged dozens of homes. The grass out there's nothing that can -- these fires we had wins it. You know it very very high speeds. -- only takes a few hundred degrees to ignite that grass where the fires have subsided some residents are being allowed home. So extreme heat low humidity and high winds have billions of Californians on high alert. This time it's redoubling their efforts that thinking about the spent defensible space and making very apparently ready. Investigators are hunting for clues on what set off so many fires near San Diego at least nine in the last three days. The number of fire spread over a small area has raised suspicions of arson. And here on the cal state campus no buildings have burned but it is a very dangerous situation still the winds have been picking up shoppers have been flying overhead Michelle. About every five minutes dropping their -- behind me but again this is a massive and growing blaze still only 5% containment at last report Michelle. That's a lot of work to go quick question -- give me an idea what as firefighters head into the night about these Santa -- these offshore winds where they stand as -- -- he. Well some good news Michelle we're being told that forecasters say these winds will calm down tonight again he is they have each of the past three nights. -- -- -- even more into the weekend so they're very hopeful for that. Winds gusting to about twenty and thirty about miles per hour right now that's down from yesterday when it was -- -- eighty miles per hour. But again -- -- when they get in east canyon tunnels. And they funneled through there and fanned those flames it is a difficult fight as you can see behind me and of course this fire season is starting early with a vengeance are firefighters prepared what -- we are hearing from. That's right of the forestry. And cal fire here making this argument and helicopters. Behind me they have about 22 of those today just on this one fire alone so. A big presence here they are ready -- anticipated this but they say because it is so dry so hot. It's so -- so early in the season -- in very ominous sign. But what's ahead this summer there are many months ago Michelle. ABC's Devin Dwyer in San -- thank you for that take care there. They -- Cecilia Vega was in Carlsbad California touring the damage where 400 acres went up in flames which is now only 60%. Contained. This house is still smoking still on fire and if you just look at the remnants of this life -- me kids lived in this house you can tell but look let me show you what this -- did that survey there is completely fine. These flames jumped fueled by these high winds and hit some houses and spared others this one obviously totally gone. There's another house right over here. It's also just straight and this one is really interesting because if you look inside. You could see that this used to be the garage right behind that the only thing left standing inside this house. The fire safe it's it's just an amazing sight to see and it take a look at this. Again what this fire did it just eat this hillside all this -- -- down here. -- Consumed by this fire -- this fire comes right up to these property lines of these homes. Like it did over here. -- buildings in some cases there's a huge building down there you can see the fire letters that are still up. They probably just finished spraying that building down that building clearly destroyed. -- claims again come up to these hillsides. And he's done this -- just goes up like timber it been like up in a matter of seconds this house. Had no chance. Cecilia -- reporting you can of course keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news -- And star in this story for exclusive updates on the go for now I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"duration":"5:51","description":"Devin Dwyer reports on the latest reports about eight of the nine confirmed wildfires in southern California.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"23739543","title":"Officials Say All But One California Wildfires Have Suspicious Ignition Point","url":"/US/video/california-wildfires-officials-california-wildfires-suspicious-ignition-point-23739543"}