Candlelight vigil held for California mudslide victims

Hundreds of people gathered in Santa Barbara to mourn the lives lost in Southern California.
2:18 | 01/15/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Candlelight vigil held for California mudslide victims
An emotional night here in Santa Barber's the community gathers together to mourn the dead and missing you can see a candlelight tribute. Now sits in honor of the lives lost in this horrific tragedy. United in their grief and sorrow hundreds turned out for a candlelight vigil in Santa Barbara to mourn a tragedy has claimed so much. Just feel like it's been disorienting and just felt overwhelmed the last couple days and an event like this really private any together Angel. It's amazing it's it's a little cut Florida care tonight I mean. Everybody. Is just reeling from this everybody's a less than one degree of separation from the tragedy. The death toll now stands at 2030 year old penis hootie tea pot the latest victim found buried in the mud and debris his two year old daughter Lydia among the four are still missing. Has been devastating for our last Sam's trying to embarrass us. Small town so we're really shatter some power would have a friend knowing her for somebody who has been affected you put the loss of their loved ones. Chris continue work around the clock and a desperate search to find the final victims and to clear the overwhelming amount of dirt debris still no word on when the one old one may reopen. For some who turned out tonight he was a chance to grieve and count their blessings. We've been very strong for a very long time as we weren't swept away hate the creek and cheese Dave that we got out and that. There are safe in our home and we stayed there for her a few days until we were rescued. The emotions still so probable loss of so extensive. To cheers and candlelight they have a supported each other a community showing its strength in the face of overwhelming tragedy us. Always amazing how. Loss like this can really bring everybody together and had a real positive way and I think there is a real sense of hope. Look into the future that they came out of the whole thing. And not hope though comes with concern tonight as there's the possibility of rain a later in the week crews rushing to clear the debris basins and creeks in case more mud. Comes down. In Santa Barbara Lee he and Suter ABC seven Eyewitness News.

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{"duration":"2:18","description":"Hundreds of people gathered in Santa Barbara to mourn the lives lost in Southern California.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"52354864","title":"Candlelight vigil held for California mudslide victims","url":"/US/video/candlelight-vigil-held-california-mudslide-victims-52354864"}