Have Car Thieves Cracked the Code?

Chicago police believe thieves have learned how to exploit the dated technology on some cars.
3:00 | 10/01/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Have Car Thieves Cracked the Code?
I know positively a very good about -- in the car -- must be. Those in my mind -- -- homeowner Michael Sheehan parked on the street in says he always make sure his doors are locked so when someone broke into his car last month without any signs of damage. Sheehan was dumb found. I kept thinking like you know how they gain access -- my car it. Nothing was broken but take a look at dias sheen's new security system captured the crime just after 1 AM the camera snaps on. As someone walks into the -- -- walks. Past my -- the dome light comes on and he kind of stops in his tracks -- right into the car mind boggling how. Quickly how Smart they acted build some sort of device or an -- or something that just allows -- Steele easily. You put pictures of the crime in progress up online ensued neighbors started reporting the same problem. Finding their cars unlocked belongings stolen. But no damage honestly I've never seen anything like that Waxman's bill plasticky specializes in -- current -- technology he says most car thieves used brute force rather than just hoping. They can crack. Cocoon maybe there's someone out there that just wants to get beyond this technology because so many people think oh it's secure. -- way around it it's quite possible that they already eighteen -- to the cold they actually have the -- of car to that account when it happened they want. Wireless signal experts say it is possible for someone to mimic the unlocked -- -- transmitters send. Particularly in older cars and trick the car's computer and opening the -- worse. We believe that this -- grabbing technology was utilized and we are looking into and investigate this kind of an elusive crime. To report and stopped for -- -- take -- -- in the first place Chicago police say most people who may have had their cars broken into this weight just assumed they forgot to lock their doors. As for this -- caught on camera. Police are still searching for an. I just don't feel safe -- -- you know car in the paint and in some could be in there they can. Go -- there take you know anything out of the car.

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{"id":17365592,"title":"Have Car Thieves Cracked the Code?","duration":"3:00","description":"Chicago police believe thieves have learned how to exploit the dated technology on some cars.","url":"/US/video/car-thieves-cracked-code-17365592","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}