'Career Canines': Warrior K-9 helps Army sergeant return home from combat

Wounded warrior K-9 helps Army sergeant after return from Afghanistan.
5:58 | 09/07/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Career Canines': Warrior K-9 helps Army sergeant return home from combat
We made a ski member of our posts and I mask out of oppose. And he comes to means. As he did 300 missions and the he's true hero. When you see that he had lost a leg you know in combat. It really touches your heart. So this is a bite sleeve. I do this he does you know this kind of big fund playtime for him. In the if a focal. From my experience was working as dogs my entire life. They don't really care what they did as long as are well taken care of and they're going to be there for it. You can only hope to be the person that does thinks you're. We went two. Germany to pick out new dog's mind Jane Hansen and argue in this is that bombed this time. They let a lot of the kennel become run rate up to me and excited. Filter on caught him in any Peta. Just from pure excitement and we kind of this header off rates and and there. But he picked up things that fast. The got certified as a canine team we are handpicked to go for President Obama to do a search of his room of his hotel. We've been ten different countries. Small and big. We deployed to Afghanistan. I had always joked. Maybe maybe I'll be the exception that when this deployments Donovan does take its home with me because I'm and we it has had some degree of relationship. And dumb. That kind of Joseph kind of came to reality with the hurt. We got. We call for a small mention. I need is a search the area and this useless when every fifth you know we had shots fired at us. Get behind the vehicle where the steps from down. I'm ever going out there the smoke and it all kind of happened simultaneously. And I'm going up. And has left sudden fall love the stairs is rightly gets stuck in the stairs and it takes it back and snaps. His elbow on the news six difference bounds. And he wouldn't walk these elements Freeman and immediately. Field dramatic we had to get Mitt back over to third. And within 36 hour we're in Germany. Season surgery. They and Clinton is laid back together and they go well we needed more time. They found a nerve to learn on his race side and it would a grown up and is brainy children six months. So in this annual red tape leg you know from this tumor and I me they he's mine. I want favorites are now. It's been over three years now and he is. Worse thing you announced that. Everyone loves them we're only been there if her here to happen. And we feel like we've kind of belong here. Seek care. Hardware and how and why call every year we do hometown hero event so I immediately went to hell on message I got our hometown hero. And it's going to be risky. And she got excited about. Is he really is a true here. This game didn't choose to serve this country he was chosen to serve this country and he did with dignity and honor and valor and he's also com. As you can do anything you. A very well I don't look. When we did the research to try to find out if you could be a member. The American Legion wasn't able to say he wasn't. And we had all the proper. Documentation to show that he was a veteran and he served or wartime. He just needed to be able to pay his annual dues than we picked that up as the post since he is unable to. Obtain funds ozone. I have no idea what it would do it seen. I usually have nightmares. When it comes that type of thing so it's really hard to thing about. Is he can't get along. Went out west and west can't get along you know when if he. I think it's great. When he was retired and west was retired. They're both able to. Stay together. And support each other. There's something that is I'd rather not talk about. There's times I'm just sitting there watching TV and next thing announcers let. You over long lot of thoughts. And you know he kind of recognizes that. And who come over and of this latest atom. And he's is kind of like that grounding. Its you know. We've been through the same stuff together I was there he was there. We've been to a ton a good times few bad times. And discount look at Adam means if I have the same attitude as he does point wallet could be audience. It means. Everything to me you know next tonight. My family. It's this.

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{"id":49660059,"title":"'Career Canines': Warrior K-9 helps Army sergeant return home from combat","duration":"5:58","description":"Wounded warrior K-9 helps Army sergeant after return from Afghanistan.","url":"/US/video/career-canines-isky-american-hero-49660059","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}