'Career Canines': Rescue dogs get a 2nd act onstage

A veteran performer shares his home with his canine co-stars in Reno, Nevada.
3:29 | 10/05/17

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Transcript for 'Career Canines': Rescue dogs get a 2nd act onstage
People. Pulled it. Straight people like watching dogs performed for a couple reasons one is is there exciting. But even better yet that. They still. I'm a problem. Half the time the people don't even see me. I'm just present. It always proud to do so. There's. This case it is viewed there's pickles. Huey. Newton. Killy. Daphne. Ralph. Forget Ralph. And scooters all 30 waffles. And couches and dogs only bid doctor Rupert but there they're pleased to kind of plot were really want. My first performance with the dogs was in 1980 one's. Through my career. I've adopted and rescues. Lately over 78 dollars. And everyone I'm. It'll. Duff go shop. It's just the amount of time you put into the dogs that make him great and how much do we. JR comes and he walks the channels and need. Finds dogs who no one else is really given a chance you and he gives them the time. And training and dedication to become these amazing performing dogs let's go to work. Chilly here. Either he's a great examples. He was a return three different times. Right now you'd never know liberties he gets. Over excited over stimulated and in his answer to that is hiking his leg and everything thinks they have entered. Those are the things that you really have to work through. These amazing off my cute but it took me awhile to find out. How to pull that out. He took about a year. To learn that backs of Purcell. Once he did amazing dozens. Beautiful artfully slowly toward. They both when it comes to training their dogs. I think people. They want a quick fix answer and there's never quite for excellence. Phillies six. And she was actually let them indoors. You build build build until tricks finish. Good girl. Like. Oh. They're my constant companion. We have this many dogs there's no time off vacations. And I don't mind the trade offs do it. Good to view pre flight.

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{"id":50289718,"title":"'Career Canines': Rescue dogs get a 2nd act onstage","duration":"3:29","description":"A veteran performer shares his home with his canine co-stars in Reno, Nevada. ","url":"/US/video/career-canines-rescue-dogs-2nd-act-onstage-50289718","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}