Carnival CEO Gerry Cahill: 'I Want to Apologize'

President and CEO of Carnival Cruise Lines said first priority was to apologize to the passengers.
2:51 | 02/14/13

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Transcript for Carnival CEO Gerry Cahill: 'I Want to Apologize'
Hang up alongside here and knowing that all of our guests and our crew members that made it here safely. I know this is what our guests have been waiting for and I can tell you this is what we -- all a carnival have been working towards. Had -- been a tremendous amount of effort that's -- in. Getting shipped back here and there -- so many people I want to thank. For helping us in this regard. I would like to specifically mention the united states Coast Guard who's done a fantastic job. Having that cutter alongside was tremendously helpful reassuring our -- United States Customs and Border Protection. This expedited the clearing -- takes public health. And the city of mobile and the port of mobile have all been very gracious and helpful to us and I think everyone. But I also like to recognize the tremendous effort made -- -- site teams in Miami and around the country. And mostly from our team I'm -- I know has been very trying for our guests but I can tell you that our crew worked tirelessly. To try and make it as good and experiences they possibly could for our guest I want to thank them very much. What -- nice things that for me is to see. That many of our -- -- online media -- and other types of media have recognize just how hard. Our crew has -- I appreciate. The patients. Bark yes. And their ability to cope with the situation. I like to reiterate the apology I made earlier. I know the conditions on board were very -- I know it is very difficult. And I want to apologize again for subjecting our guest -- that. We pride ourselves and providing our guest with a great vacation experience and clearly we failed in this particular case. Now. There's one other thing Tom. I know we have been making media updates. As we've gone throughout the course the day providing the status of what's going on with a shipment off it's our plan to continue those we will continue those past. The last -- getting off the ship and starting on their way home we know that. We have gotten our -- back to land now we need to get them home and we have. The full resources of horrible are working from here to get them home as quickly as we possibly can. Now the most important thing for me at this point in time is to go on board and to apologize to work yes. Once I finish that I'm gonna work or around hundreds Ryan helped expedite the process of getting them off and getting under way this could -- as I can. So right now that's what I'm gonna do I'm gonna go on board and I'm gonna apologize -- the guests thank you very much.

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{"id":18508336,"title":"Carnival CEO Gerry Cahill: 'I Want to Apologize'","duration":"2:51","description":"President and CEO of Carnival Cruise Lines said first priority was to apologize to the passengers.","url":"/US/video/carnival-ceo-gerry-cahill-apologize-18508336","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}