1 on 1 with the cast and creatives of Hulu's documentary, "Changing the Game"

Trans student athlete Sarah Rose Huckman speaks with ABC News' Juju Chang.
11:25 | 06/11/21

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Transcript for 1 on 1 with the cast and creatives of Hulu's documentary, "Changing the Game"
Welcome back to ride on ABC news live. You know dust out one year ago right here we brought you word of that landmark Supreme Court decision. Confirming the 1964 Civil Rights Act does indeed also protect gay lesbian and transgender employees from discrimination in the workplace it was a soaring as its. Quality. But now we're zeroing in on what it means to be transgender in America and the continued fight for rights and equality nationwide. Transgender young people in particular facing more hurdles. So let's bring in now to death behind a new documentary on this very issue. It's called changing the game and before I introduce you to them let's take a quick look at it. Would. It be fair for air. Needs to be competing on the boys team now. I am a girl that's who I am no matter what. The policy would. Was really discriminatory. And defense policy to be changed. I need to be able to compete on the girls' team. We've. Well integrated. Sarah. I'm afraid for what was right. That's where it started talking with my community the same this is not great need this to change. And joining me now that student athlete from New Hampshire Sarah rose hopman hi Sarah. I and the producer of this film changing the game now out on Hulu Alex Schneider hey Alex. I agree to be with the out. Well thank you both so much for being here I would starts are with you you once told me that you expressed your gender before you could even talk and transition when you're in seventh grade. And since then you've courageously been an activist for transgender athletes. Policies were trans athletes up against while you were in high school and how did you used your time in and as a student to ensure protections for other transgender athletes. I know I don't know how. Pilots do minnows going to high school there was that I had to have gender confirmation surgery in order to compete on the team and I wanted to compete aren't. And that are based it was just not. Doable and not acceptable is very draconian and very old style and buried measurements lets you. A lot of people's like mental health and physical health and so through high school the wall middle school and high school I. Really pushed on through advocating on getting fat policy changed. In hands as of now it's really it just for. It's really gets used superintendent Moreira and principal of the school district on. Allowing and trends athletes compete on their parents tired Plainfield. And Alex you're one of the filmmakers on this and it it's an up close look on an off the field at the lives of the few transgender student athletes you're also the director of trans representation it glad. Why wasn't so important to you to make this film. Campbell it's a great question and you know we do you noted that only about 20% of Americans say they personally know someone strands genders that means the majority of what the American public. Understands about she trans people are is coming from T need film. And news coverage and media. And specifically for trans athletes we see a lot of controversy (%expletive) and to be happening over. And whether there should be in creation have trans athletes without actually talking to use those athletes themselves or who is actually. Most F back in by the policies. Being introduced in state legislators. Across the country. Meant so it's really important for us to spell makers to you actually document. Ally news that he is trans young people live and and you know we see in that clip Sarah is so. Outrageous Lee curry Ijaz. And for speaking out for legislating in advocating for a quality and me. Make the case also you know and they are so brave and courageous Kirby and solace and yet they shouldn't. I'm kids shouldn't have to be courageous to be themselves are laid exports that. A lot of stare we see you throughout the film speaking out nine million found a lot of close friends through sports but. What the hardest part of being a transgender athlete in high school. Only I think for me personally. Lewis just finding acceptance in myself. And doing sport that I loved on those very hard for me defined who I was in high school and thankfully few sports I was able to. Science who I am kind friends and the Stanley that I have now. An Alex we see these young athletes facing so much hate and vitriol during the film. Why wasn't so important for you to showcase allies like Graham on Nancy challenging. That kind of that tree all. Well it's a great pressure and I think there's an assumption then that. Tests. On. Tran these people. And trans used are all by themselves. That we don't have communities of love and support and yet the overwhelming majority actually do so it was important to you really reflects the reality that there is love and support each and then the most annexed back. Did people and places and we see that with the parents their teammates. Or coaches across the country with these young athletes. There is an immense amount of blood and support and those stories simply just need to be old and shared. More widely and spending so much time with these young athletes Alex what gives you hope and watching them find their voice. Oh my gosh these athletes. I mean these young people and know who they are in ways that. I wish as a trans man my south. I had back where with all and solve awareness and top acceptance and it gives me so much hope. To see that they know who they are and they are willing to assert themselves and take up speaks and use their voices. And bringing people. In and for word. So that we create a culture that is more inclusive accepting an equal for everyone cheer live safely and freely as themselves. And so Sarah it's so powerful to hear you find your voice in an as we know seven states have already passed. Legislation to ban transgender student athletes from competing in the gender of their selection. And dozens more of these states have bills in the works what you say to trans athletes. Who now find themselves in and it space where they might not been to compete. I would just say keep being yourself keep pushing forward and just know that and future. You B of what's do what you love. And just keep in the back Mac and you're not in the back of your mind that you're always loved and you are doing amazing regardless. I want to continue with this conversation but first let's watch another clip from this powerful film changing the game now streaming on Hulu. They're meant a lot Millman all these things that you are going on my name an airplane and me and my story animals an annual. Yeah. There. And yeah. Its findings to. Graham and really how little or in any skiing and I'm asking is I mean you're getting new meaning now. Slandering yeah. I mean is there's not attorneys. It's out there you center at they're being transgender is not a choice what do you think the biggest misconception is about transgender athletes. Com. I'd have to say I think. It's really a lot of people focus on the negative a lot of people say that word trying to do it again a competitive edge. Plan in reality only wanna do is compete on the sport in the sports that we loved and do what we love and this. Being ourselves in being human because we are out we all are human yet need. Just want to get I am like we just wants you tune the sport that we love and Alex picked up on that. Issue for me because so much of this discussion centered on fairness and what's fair right what do you say to those parents who say it's not fair to allow. Trans athletes to compete against a standard athletes. You know I think where this conversation gets lost. Is seeing all young people is kids. And the opportunity. Tip fully participate. School we peers. At at cross the board is so important. In the mental emotional social and physical health that young people trans or not. And so I think you know even as a filmmaker when I was coming to changing the game I had a lot of my own. Preconceived notions about inclusion and sport and when we really dig deep into what the media narratives typically are. There is almost. All exclusive focus. On when trans athletes are winning. I'm and so it's no wonder that people have discomfort about. Suppose an unfair and asked but in reality there are hundreds of trans athletes participating across the country. Without issue and it is only an issue. When they're winning and they are not always went sighting we need to get back. To you what really matters which is back for young people it is so important. To be accepted respected and they included in daily life and part of that is forward. And Sarah in the short time we have laughs you are now in college you've become an activist how can others. In the community stand up and and be heard on this issue. I think the most important thing is stopping CB yourself keep pushing harm. But and get out there councils of media talks here peers talk to your Stanley about the things that are going on in your community. Un and vocal beeper rain be yourself and music can be amazing and you certainly are that thank you Alex and stabbed both for joining us. And for being here and of course you can learn more about Sarah story as wells the powerful stories of other trans at pleads. Like her in the award winning documentary changing the game congratulations to you both. It's now streaming on Hulu. And up next right here on pride and visible sign of evolution in the new administration. When it comes to trans rights assistance health secretary doctor Rachel Levine sitting down with the incomparable LV granderson. We will be right.

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{"duration":"11:25","description":"Trans student athlete Sarah Rose Huckman speaks with ABC News' Juju Chang.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"78229716","title":"1 on 1 with the cast and creatives of Hulu's documentary, \"Changing the Game\"","url":"/US/video/cast-creatives-hulus-documentary-changing-game-78229716"}