Catching Up With Psychic and Medium, John Edward

Edward talks about his new novel and life lessons.
3:00 | 10/11/12

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Transcript for Catching Up With Psychic and Medium, John Edward
And John Edward is a world renowned psychic and medium helping people connect with those who have passed on his show crossing over. With a massive international -- and continues to be syndicated worldwide. Edward is also -- off that and his latest work a novel called fallen masters. Is on shelves now and John joins us live to talk about a -- great to see you thanks for being -- for having me tell pollen masters but before you get into that I think a lot of people may not notice about you that you have written eight books yes. Three works of fiction so you're an accomplished author. Yes I'm very happy to have had the opportunity to. Take my work and get it out there and people have received a while and I just found out on the way here that this is a official here comes the -- announcement of a delay and and it's really really cool and what's it about. -- -- is a you know -- story of good vs evil. But it approaches it from a scientific dangled from a metaphysical angle from -- faith based angle. But when you boil it down -- following the lives of seven rate families and -- will all be propelled towards this apocalyptic end of days. And how individual choices can actually save the world. And does your work as a psychic and medium informed story at all. It really does it does a lot of folks when their late finished they go to my at a very active faced occasionally go to MySpace the occasionally -- -- so here's the deal like this is fiction and -- cash and or auto makers like nonfiction India I'm they're not real clear. There's a lot of nonfiction it's in there but I'm fictionalized the unit -- -- teach. You know you obviously are so well known as a psychic and medium to get people all the time talking unit talking to you and asking you to. Speak to someone in their past. I think we until it's really funny like I I think I don't put out and I'm like I'm gonna do it -- I don't really get that back to -- -- people stopping me and thanking me for. The show for the book from my FaceBook page -- you know five like they'll stop me and say. I appreciate what you're doing you know keep up the good work or Milwaukee's -- -- -- -- truck driver like hunt is going to be like did you two that the things. That's the that's the kind of interchange you have with your -- more than appreciation business school I don't know the people are so. -- that by the world -- the psychic in the medium when you realize you had these gifts and having developed. For the fifth -- says that like these were gifts because when we say the word yet that makes it seem like I'm respect for the -- people watching and I think it's really ability that I have and I had a another psychic. Tell me that I had this ability and then tell me that I would be using this ability. And I asked of he would train me and -- Clark she's in identifying you know why because that's in his government you're how old were you -- -- -- I was fifteen. And it is of twenty years of turning 43 so it's like it's been a long time but everything -- told us that -- Has happened is ever to watch case and I'm so he would funeral didn't have a civility and I can't I can't ever say that I wish I did and -- anymore. Early on -- at a couple moments about but I. It's such a privilege and such an to have the ability to. Touch people's lives in this and in this kind of capacity that I will take on all the negativity the attacks all the other kind of stuff for the founding -- that I can make a difference and. It -- you talk about people having -- -- that give us sort of instinctual advice about our lives when it's time to move on changed patents. Can you elaborate a little bit. I think in life we all have teachers and you know we have her parents that are teachers -- we have our teachers and school who become our teachers in the we have guidance counselors that are teachers -- -- -- different levels of people who teach. -- we have a friends who sometimes -- -- give us advice and insights. Fighting for the -- -- -- that we have invisible teachers we have a team of energy is that work with us while we're here. Could be far apart you know family -- friends usually not and -- -- that -- give us that guidance Blackwater team. And do you feel like sometimes people aren't listening have you open up so you can listen to these got it. Meditation and prayer is probably the number one thing collectively as a team that I would suggest people do to be able to. Connect listening learning I think you really have to be explorer because -- you explored at least discovery and I think that's the cool part about life as I say you're an. Advocate of getting up and trying new things and stretching your comfort zone I. -- to degrade and yum consulate official -- and I finally left him because I just isn't in Ireland and I was with my cousin and we were on -- and what's the the -- -- Castle and you know -- -- Clinton's council and -- -- limestone -- like you know you do the united do it. I was -- when it did you hear a lot of I don't yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Your FaceBook -- it's very active -- got a lot of people weighing in what are some of the strangest requests and gotten. -- my house yeah. -- -- -- you -- cannot too strange to me decade etc. I am a little you know traders really nice how we have. I say we say say it as an office. I openly say I'm not a huge fan of social networking because they feel like it brings out the negativity where people can hide behind their continuance and and they want. And I was -- an advocate for it and my cousin who works very closely with me. She's like did you need to get -- -- -- -- century and who you we need to do this because I'm gonna be your medium for that right and collectively we built this into. The others like over a 190000 people and -- over -- -- those people that are actively talking. We do positive message of the day we do Brandon -- days that pop up on announced. What's on at a congratulating you on fallen heroes from -- -- masters thank you so much and -- Run out and credit banks -- achieving here.

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{"id":17449225,"title":"Catching Up With Psychic and Medium, John Edward","duration":"3:00","description":"Edward talks about his new novel and life lessons. ","url":"/US/video/catching-psychic-medium-john-edward-17449225","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}