Celebrating 2019 Pride at ABC News

As the country celebrates 50 years since the historic Stonewall riots, trailblazers reflect on key moments that paved the way for LGBTQ+ milestones today.
3:45 | 06/26/19

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Transcript for Celebrating 2019 Pride at ABC News
I'm trying. A time to honor and amplifying LG BTQ plus Melissa. Okay. Not just gay pride based on who you I think you're history. This self. The way behind a symbol. It stands for. Light and most of all positive. Reflecting on how far this world has come in game with computers psychological disorder we were mentally history. Commemorating those who fought not. Another who came out and says something to one of the queen. One of the queen's reading something back at him. It where it all began. Paving the way for LG BTQ plus miles to us today at a store decision from the Supreme Court saying same sex marriage. But will now be legal in every state in this country House of Representatives today passing the equality act and Taipei Taiwan where lawmakers. Voted to meet high same sex marriage. This year's historic representational elected in our political offices. We couldn't see the staircase that we started its journey no barrier should stand in the way. Of pursuing our dreams using this country is ready for gay present ball is only one way to find out you know. Okay. Oh. Trailblazers. Speaking out. Charge and over the first same sex marriage in in the NFL one of the things that's been really gratifying about playing tailored is young people saying outlets. From the time I was six years old I think sharing my story and more and more I realize that I was given a lot marked her reason. Finding for LG BTQ plus right. Integrity and lives. Found that when people bring in about discrimination against trans people there's often ignorant you don't just not understanding not knowing trans people what I found is a motion mortgages. Telling your story. LG BTQ plus stories represented on our own shows as well all. Kind of peace between your prayers your honor she holds a lot of ABC's modern family. And homes on FS. Teaching us that no matter how you define your family wanting acceptance and love is universal. Then there's can profit from sings pop hits like. Why adults. A decade ago she became one of the first high profile transgender teens to undergo gender confirmation surgery. At sixteen. And Troy some bond behind the hit blue. Continuing to be examples of the importance of LG BTQ representation and inclusion. I consider myself so unbelievably lucky that I get to go back to my like seeing daylight and it was like Galveston. Out crowns in every home. Wall it dried in a robbery for the rest. There were all dressed up that something whether dressed as a glittery Elton John from rocket and or electrifying crowds like Freddie Mercury in bohemian rhapsody. We've seen how being your authentic self and. Nation say this is our faith that until we ought to so. You are loved.

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{"duration":"3:45","description":"As the country celebrates 50 years since the historic Stonewall riots, trailblazers reflect on key moments that paved the way for LGBTQ+ milestones today.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63974276","title":"Celebrating 2019 Pride at ABC News","url":"/US/video/celebrating-2019-pride-abc-news-63974276"}