Central Park Prepares for Massive Crowds Ahead of Pope Francis' Visit

ABC News' Nikki Battiste reports from New York City's Central Park.
9:23 | 09/24/15

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Transcript for Central Park Prepares for Massive Crowds Ahead of Pope Francis' Visit
The security is unbelievable shortly I'm gonna give you its foreign so you look at what's going on. Possibly one of the most high security visits ever NYPD here is preparing. There will be 80000. People who want a ticket through a lottery to Stiefel Francis. Many many more quiet they're only you know they're the lucky ones but among the 80000 it's still yet. Really difficult it at that spot. I noticed two women out as they came out here sort of waiting checking out the security and I wondered if they want tickets they did indeed win tickets or it's gonna talk to them right now. Just look in my camera around to lucky ones who stand up and so on a talk TO the envy of many many New York residents. Tell me a little bit. About the process how you applied to win a ticket deceitful princess. What happened how the call came. Well it was all done on line. And I see my mind. And at a lottery building your name. Here. Email address and we were notified by email that we had slightly tickets. And what was your reaction he got the call. Asked. Yeah I mean I thought yeah it was exciting they didn't feel like I've. You know. I care what a prize. They didn't really think that. If we didn't think we get tickets on. Done it. 68 Catholic. Yet the F. Pinnacle fantasies is it an. From all the pope's is he one in particular that you wanted to see that your little more excited about yet the people's vote yes yes absolutely and what is it that you love and him. Maybe that's what we do. Life. So I noticed I've I noticed that to you because you're pointing at fencing. It seemed you might be trying to come up with a strategy on how to get a good spot tomorrow do you have a strategy timing coming. The it's coming right CEO and if he does what aid to see him. Race. And people think I'm that. Up. We'll be linked. With what I. What we're. They get a kiss every point Henry is not that seems the most appropriate. Reading. And that's completely. And most importantly would even when her. We aware did need to Steve. Yes I think whatever. How you know and when. You didn't hear apparently. So. Much happens there. Weather forecast is looking tickets are not allowed to bring million into the camera and snacks and water right. Did you you pretty gassed you can request sent into theater either ask you one separately France which is exactly there. There. I and to minutes. I am. We're bringing our quite significant and eggs. Yes yes but they aren't us with whether any sort of flight is among family about who got the second ticket if you keep it a secret. Well. What I'm planning to come I know gates open at eleven. Yup everything you. Where we're still figuring that out it. That's an average night. But he's not you it's not going to. I haven't seen it so. Where what you will be a lot turn around and back to our space. Sounds happily knowing. Via steam once it's gone. Sounds like you're going to be a lot of standing in the lightweight Maria hopefully for good reason quickly and that you get an up close and personal view. I really. I think he's really shown. Here here when it. Thank you so much hate you so much for your time it luck tomorrow. Night by. Just show you a little bit more of a what this setup looks like Pope Francis right hour at 67 on the west side of Central Park. Sheep's meadow is over is over some might right. Pope Francis will answer at 72 street appearance but it. So we learn what we'll. Know what. We'll answer them and we'll hear from an apartment. And we. The the horse and carriage. Do not. End here too much security risk. Too much. Or secure. Grants. Look. Here are nowhere if you notice from the distant. There are bathrooms Cordoba and hit you over here to look at the set up. The security. And interestingly. I haven't seen many enlighten me around and seeing a few men in suits that maybe the secret service of the area and they insert here. Our bodies. People and won tickets are not allowed to bring really anything some water and snacks but as mentioned earlier it can bring if they. And of course no self B sticks Earl out nodes or owns. If you try to come here with one's chances are and let and the NYPD. Is walking along it's it's. Central Park. Security keep the crowds out reminding can't get near. Central Park Smart with how the ticket this ticket in a moment lucky enough to have one so you what the details on our. But over here it's particular backgrounds you can see. Notice that just in the distance. Offense that has been put up to try to improve the crowds. Actually. Try. It runs for and my own. It's just started putting this up about two days ago. In the books the book revealing any problem well block. Along Central Park is going into the work force through. Thousands of it is coming up here. I think. So the ticket these tickets I have one in my hands art old and you can see this is a ticket you need to get in here tomorrow. 80000 people won them great surprise. But the but our problem is that people trying to sell them on Craigslist and eBay for hundreds even a few thousand dollars. Hopes pressed to speak out saying that it's not what the Pope is about once people that gen genuinely want to see him have been lucky enough to win one of these. To be here you can see it as signs you gate to answer you can't just come anywhere you entry gate gates open at 11 AM. Hopes begins at 5 PM we'll go through the park. And I'm sure all of a long lines all the waiting. All the excitement to see him will be worth it. Tomorrow we're back here tomorrow in Central Park please tune in real to get a good shot at conferences ourselves and Nikki fifteenth thanks for watching. Us.

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{"duration":"9:23","description":"ABC News' Nikki Battiste reports from New York City's Central Park.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"34011237","title":"Central Park Prepares for Massive Crowds Ahead of Pope Francis' Visit","url":"/US/video/central-park-prepares-massive-crowds-ahead-pope-francis-34011237"}