Central Park Rape Suspect Arrested

David Albert Mitchell, 42, was picked out of a lineup by his 73-year-old victim.
3:00 | 09/13/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Central Park Rape Suspect Arrested
An arrest. In the rape and 73 year old woman in Central Park 42 year old in the -- -- was walked down in the police precinct. About a half. Our battle cursing and spitting meanwhile I was yesterday talking exclusively. To the -- normal -- -- -- -- special you can do. Harlem without breaking news and our lead story dark. Well bill I was the only television news report just sit down and speak with a 73 year old victim. And her -- And resilience is amazing despite having two black eyes aside the plot is an actor having been violated in the worst possible way. He put pressure. On the -- so I couldn't scream I thought that's when I thought I was gonna die. This 73 year old woman plans to live to see the prosecution -- 42 year old David Mitchell. He's big at reporters after being arrested or in -- mainly attacking. The veteran photographer near strawberry fields in broad daylight Wednesday afternoon. In -- flipped me over. And he -- me. -- -- -- was held overnight at Manhattan as EU and charged Thursday afternoon. Sources say he's homeless and has -- a lengthy criminal history in Virginia. Were you able to scream or anything -- were you just silent. -- he finished. Beating anatomy. He said he pushed me into the dirt on my face and he -- you stay there you count to 100. Police say Mitchell went after the 73 year old bird watcher we're taking a picture of him committing a lewd act in Central Park two weeks ago. She has bruises all over her arms and legs. I hit on long pants and he managed. Look at this he mentioning -- retired. Like meeting -- A broken finger and two black eyes but not a broken spirit. How are you able -- Kind of smiled. And land in -- still alive. Period and my -- work. Think of the opposite. Now Mitchell is headed to central booking where he will be arraigned on these formal charges of predatory sexual assault. Rape criminal sex act robbery and assault as for this 73 year old rape victim she says. When her bruises -- she will go back to bird watching at Central Park reporting live in Harlem -- -- channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":17230820,"title":"Central Park Rape Suspect Arrested","duration":"3:00","description":"David Albert Mitchell, 42, was picked out of a lineup by his 73-year-old victim.","url":"/US/video/central-park-rape-suspect-arrested-17230820","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}