Chardon Vigil for the Lost

Students at Ohio's Chardon High School remember those killed by gunman.
1:22 | 02/28/12

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Transcript for Chardon Vigil for the Lost
They prayed together and they cried together they did their best. Comfort each other at a time of indescribable sadness. We can be known as the -- wanting to be known for arsenal we have this is not -- ignition and and -- to me. This church sits right in the heart of started and it's one of many churches that opened its heart and its doors tonight to those who are. Affected the most by the shootings that start -- -- students. I imagine he's -- -- going but that's fine here -- -- -- and I. I can't say I understand that down. I -- -- level what they face today. What's on the scene but you know what time my hands -- asking me that I get some of the students here watch this nightmare unfold right before their eyes. Most know at least some of the victims. I was in a classroom and one of the kids that shot -- drag them. Our teacher was hoping I just heard gunshots and see anything. Ran away needed. State law school ever be the same for you know. Don't think so it's not. Obviously like it's the bills now. Going back to class won't be easy but tonight for some of this vigil he has been -- Cessnas they're there for him -- as soon Ireland there.

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{"id":15805566,"title":"Chardon Vigil for the Lost","duration":"1:22","description":"Students at Ohio's Chardon High School remember those killed by gunman.","url":"/US/video/chardon-vigil-lost-15805566","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}